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  1. I have several dollhouses that have been handled by my GK ranging in age from the time they were 4 to 17 and all are GL brands and although I have had to reglue some trim the houses themselves have stayed firmed. They have also been picked up and moved around to various places in the house.
  2. When I first started, my older brother thought I was nuts LOL but after he understood I enjoyed it and was learning things when he would call the first thing he would ask would be what you working on now. He thought it was hilarious that I would talk about the darn roof is warped or I making wood floors out of popsicle sticks. So no, I've never been embarrassed, but I am the type that doesn't embarrass easily or care to much about what other people think as long as I know enjoy something.
  3. a dog or cat would fit in the scene dumping the trash can. cut a piece of cardboard to size and wrap strips of cloth around it for bolts of cloth for a sewing accessory. Could you possibly make a mannequin from a small doll and take the head, arms and legs off. You know the little dolls that you can get at the dollar store? For tiny thimbles look closely at tops and spray paint with silver if necessary. wrap thread around a cotton ball to make a pin cushion. You could easily make an old fashion square looking tv with scrap wood and staining leaving a place to put in clear plastic and gluing in a scene, for the speaker section stain in a lighter color and scribe lines in it to give a different texture look.
  4. I have the same problem, so if it really needs to be squared, I let DH do it . (I know I know this is not helpful but it is the only way I can get anything straight) I can't even draw a straight line with a ruler. But I do have a mitre box with the magnets.
  5. Deb, the xacto blade is good, but did anybody think of the shaving cream....everything left behind shouldn't be useful hahahahaha
  6. Selkie, I like to say, you have one of the best attitudes of anyone I know to be able to look at and enjoy life no matter the adversity, Deb has this ability also. In fact a lot of the community here does. You just worded it so well. Jeremy, my heart goes out to you and your wife, it really sounds as if you are trying so hard to keep you two balanced through this trying time. I too suffered a miscarriage once and although it affected my DH, it was different, he did not want to talk about it and was just grateful I survived...happened during a rare ice storm and I almost hemorraged to death right after getting to the hospital (took 2 hours for a normal 30 minute ride) But we came out stronger in our relationship and learned our different ways of handling grief. Hopefully things will get better sooner than later. I agree with Deb, a counselor may help
  7. <whispering to Deb, Selkie and Chris> we will leave a sharp tool hanging on the outside so when she can't get in she can pop the balloons, tie a ribbon around it with a note that she has a surprise inside. You know though only Holly will be able to take those busted balloons and newspaper crumples and repurpose it for siding or roofs....so see we are being helpful. Now how long did she say she was going to be gone, we may need to "restock" to fill all those lovely places.
  8. :bouncesmile:Holly, that is not toilet paper the workshop, they meant tool partitioning
  9. Roxy I didn't spray my moss with anything. It hasn't shed much but I think my moss is a different kind than yours from looking at the pictures. Or it could just be that the house is not moved around much. I put it up high when the GKs came to live because they were always wanting to touch it and although it didn't shed it would stretched by their little hands or pulled off. Your fairly house is fantastic I love it. Great job.
  10. All I can say is Thanks God it is Friday!!!! Expecting a visit from my oldest DD and Great grandson for the weekend. I know he has grown a ton, it has been about a month since we last saw him. I, too find comfort in nature. Below me is a small creek and when things get really bad I go there and meditate on the rocks and just listen to the water flowing, brings peace to the soul. Just finding a way to sneak away without company lately is a problem LOL. Hope you all have a peaceful weekend.
  11. Adding my thoughts and prayers to you and your family during this difficult time.
  12. Oh Deb did you have to mention taxes (groan), I've done mine but since it looks like I will have to send them a check I am waiting until this weekend to review and finish. (shaking head in despair) But on the bright side it will be done for another year. Our business accounting software support is in Utah and I get a kick out of asking them how the weather is there and then after hearing about snow on the ground telling them we are hitting the high 70's and low 80's here already. I think they like my southern drawl They always ask what part of GA I'm from. Yep, DH may finally lose his mind this week trying to keep these two in line. Braydon has been building traps for birds and trying to find something to hunt with his bow and arrow. As long as it is not his sister we shall survive . Do admire his patience and "thinking outside the box" though even if it leads him into trouble sometimes.
  13. My corners are not as smooth as I would have liked but this is what I've done in leather
  14. Nutti glad to hear Ms. Pixie has conquered her fear and can now ride her bike. I bet watching her Jaxon will soon take off just to show her that he can do it. At least that is the way it is around here with our two. We got them pogo sticks last summer took some practice but now both can balance and bounce all over the place. Braydon scares us by wanting to jump over things with his bike swears he is going to become Evel Knieval and if he can manage not to break as many bones I will feel lucky. The kids are on spring break, but I'm having to work so DH has his hands full keeping up with them. After the rain yesterday the temps here have cooled back down to a more spring like 50 - 70. Feels good. hope it stays this way for a while.
  15. Holly, using wrong browser right now to quote, but did a search in the Current Miniature section and found where Anne made the T-shirts and Tracy made the aprons that they wore to a Rik Pierce class in 2006.
  16. :fishing1:No, what we need is carpenters aprons, the kind that tie behind your necks and had lots of pockets, so we can keep our tools and bits and pieces together and a fishing hat that we can hang our needles, pins and wires from..
  17. Holly, I'm glad you did, cause I sure didn't haha
  18. Holly , I mixed paint with the GL stucco successfully on the Magnolia build. Although I used joint compound also on the house I can't remember if I mixed paint with it or painted afterwards, I think afterwards. Without my blog on this house I wouldn't have remembered the stucco mix.
  19. If memory serves me right, we had one member who used the red aluminum foil from Hershey's kisses to also make believable flames. Anyone else remember this and if so remember who it was?
  20. Oh Nutti: The silence is what I miss the most since the GK has come to live with us. DH and I had taken to the empty nest syndrome so well, enjoyed quiet evenings, but not anymore. Our 8 yr GD just does not know the meaning of "inside voice" and she can be so dramatic...funny at times but at others just plain annoying LOL. Holly I love you too and am glad to know your are not disappointed. Sorry your jazz festival got rained out.
  21. Oh Deb I love you too!! The internet is wonderful, I pay most of my bills on line and those that can't be paid that way gets late payments cause I forget to buy stamps or just plain don't like writing a check I can do the quote but really don't know why it showed 3 times.
  22. Dang I've got change browsers so I can use the quote feature!!!!!!!! Thanks Deb, although I ordered all with nicotine, I have several flavors..coffee, methol, regular but I think my favorite is peppermint. I was on my way to quitting a couple of years ago with this method, was doing fairly well when BAM, life around here turn upside down and the weak in me gave in. It did save a few lives cause some people were just asking to be put down and put me out of my misery. Some folks may not know what that last sentence means but a few will know what I'm talking about. Thank you Sandy for your encouragement, I'm sure in the days to come I will refer back to your post, because if I don't stop now I will be where you are today healthwise and for not only my sake but my GK sake I got to get a grip and the courage to quit. My brain knows this, but the body doesn't want to accept it. Poor Holly has been trying to encourage me for years and I know has to be disappointed in me that I still have not conquer this particular devil.
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