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craigslist find...what is it?


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My hubby brought this house home yesterday. He got it off craigslist. The "shingles" and "siding" and "brick" and even the floors have printed patterns on them. It is wood, tab and slot construction, so obviously a kit. It needs a lot of TLC. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do to it or with it yet. Anybody know what it is called and who made it? Thanks.




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Looks like one of those old Arrow dollhouse kits that come up on e-bay sometimes....maybe its the colonial....I dunno but that what it looks like to me.

I like it alot!

cant wait to see what you do with it! and how lucky to have a hubby to buy one for you!

he's a keeper!

nutti :wave:

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I find the arrow houses hard to build. The ply is hard to handle because it is very light weight like bass or balsa and also very splintery.

It is a great looking house, so that part is done and now it will be fun for you to decorate.

I :whistle: craigslist. I got a RGT Williamsburg for $50.00 a couple of days ago. Yes, right before I was inspired to pare down! :wave: It is for a fund raising auction in April so I am getting started on it next week. RGT houses are easy builds but I am going to decorate and furnish it to make up for donating a kit house.

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Thanks, Nutti! I think this is it.

I think you are right, and you will defintiley had a lot of fun pampering this beauty in hiding. Hug DH from the rest of us enablers LOL

Perhaps a great mansion of a lovley country B&B or... The possilities are endless!


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I think I have that one also, or a similar one from the same company. I think it was a cheap yard sale find that I didn't know what it was until I got it home ! It's up in my storage loft & I'm sure I'll never put it together !

Steve in PA

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