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  1. I could do something with it, but i would rather do other things. Plus I have enough trouble putting stuff away, i would build it if it was the thank you gift but i would rather build something else.
  2. They are amazing! At first i thought the title was Five Million Miniature throw pillows, Either way looks great.
  3. Tis ok. I find that on esty, 90 percent of people don't ship international, or don't take PayPal, so that's why I like eBay better.
  4. Thats the esty link I wanted to see what she had on ebay. Darn duplicate post. . .
  5. Thats the esty link I wanted to see what she had on ebay.
  6. I love our stuff on esty but I can't find your ebay sellers ID. Sadly I don't do esty.
  7. Some nice ones the Grey one by lawbre is more or less what I m after, I just don't like the stone block on ti though. Hmmm. . . Anyway my blogs been updated with shots of what I have done lately, here is a teaser. Confesions of a mini addict THATS the room I need it for!
  8. Actulalty I want both to b all and all 10 -12 inches tall.
  9. I am soo glad to hear you are gona get fixed now please get better! Corwin
  10. How about Rising Sun Candle Emporium or Rising Sun Candle Shoppe or Rising Sun Wax & Wix Emporium or Rising Sun Wax & Wix Shoppe Or Rising Moon Candle Emporium or Rising Moon Candle Shoppe or Rising Moon Wax & Wix Emporium or Rising Moon Wax & Wix Shoppe
  11. I have a 17 inch ceiling so I need a tall heavily carved (plaster would be ok) fire place. Something 6 inches or taller. I cant find one, i could make one but I need it to look carved. either way in the end it will look like wood hopefully afterwords.
  12. Thanks every one I did have fun! She is making me clean clean clean, when thats done I can work she says sheesh.
  13. No net yet,he still has to be created. . .
  14. Here is a link for you Margot its Darell's Electrical tutorial. The only two things I have to add are fold the tape wire whenever possible and eyelets as opsed to brads are a good attentive, either way seal them be it with sodder or a dab of silicone, but keep in mind that silicone adds ads bulk a touch more.
  15. No more Nail, its a construction adhesive, looks perfect when its done. Or old lumpy acyclic paint.Just use a foam brush and stipple on.
  16. I posted a tutorial for Merry, but i thought i would post it in a new topic. It shows you how to replace the light in a lamp but it would work on any single light. it also shows you how to reattach a plug. Any way check out my blog its in my ziggie, but in-case you don't see it here is a link. oh the replaceable light socket/plug can either be bough or can be taken from anther light.
  17. Well after Many problems with my computer and camera its up, check out my blog its in my ziggie, but in-case you don't see it here is a link.
  18. I went on Sunday and while i got some awesome things Cathrine Is my favorite she a touch bossy (See my blog). I had fun entered a couple displays didn't win anything from them but I did win a door prize. Corwin
  19. This may seem odd, but got to a pet store get a liter box oder destroyer, we have one with baking soda and Zeolite, make sure it has zeolite baking soda is a plus.
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