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  1. pin1056

    Tiger Toys House

    I have bought this fabulous house here in Sydney and cant find anything at all about it...one other lady has one for sale in England but she has no info either...they are both the same flooring and wallpaper so I'm thinking prefab....she thinks 1970's...the maker Tiger Toys possibly is only the shop they were sold in....Its not wood more like a lightweight resin/plastic...like Bakelite but not...the doors seem Lundby like and it has had electrification Lundby like too although I haven't any lights or transformer...the front and sides are stucco brick painted ....the back has brick wallpaper...
  2. what a fun project! Linda xx
  3. Droolll with a capital D x
  4. pin1056


    Steampunk things i've made and my dilemas with my dodgey camera work :P...getting better :)
  5. pin1056

    Attic Bunk Room

    great idea Linda xx
  6. omg woman this whole build is fabulous!!! fabulous!!!!!!!!!! Linda xxx
  7. pin1056


    this is fabulous... love it Linda x
  8. pin1056

    kitchen ceiling

    well you know I love it all ...no need to say really lol xx
  9. pin1056

    witch weathervane

    Love it I have one atop my Witchy/spooky/steampunk/weird/strange Beacon Hill which as you can tell has a personality problem lol (possibly due to too many ideas and no room for multiple houses) Linda xx
  10. My Loganberry Mill done with a twist :P Wallpapered the outside floral lol Thanks to Gina (Butterflyex) for inspiration for this one :) Now its onto the furnishings :)
  11. pin1056

    Beacon Hill Extravaganza

    The back to back Beacon Hill Extravaganza build......i'm blogging the whole of this build but its a bit lonely there in blogland...ya dont get any feed back :P .....so i'll put a few pics in here too :)
  12. well...the WWII house was sitting forlorn and empty in the craft room....unseen and unloved ...nowhere to put it :( soooooooooo....i'm rehabbing it into an old and jaded vintage shabby house and it will sit in my RL shabby chic dining room :)
  13. Well well well i finally did something on the half scale house ;) I stuck the roof on...put on the battons and did the first coat of paint.....yay me Linda
  14. pin1056

    A witchy cottage

    long story short...Debra (who passed in July ) sent me a scratch cottage she lost interest in over 18 months ago.....i finished it...it NEVER spoke to me...doing a witchy shop under the beacons which wasnt working for me...decided i need a witch HOUSE...had savaged the debra cottage ages ago and pulled it all apart...sat up till 3am this morning putting it back together and adding 2'' to the middle as it was never big enough to do anything with the upstairs....voila a witch house! BUT it needs lots of work due to my adding and savaging lol ooooo well another project :D
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