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  1. Well hello everyone..haven't looked at this thread or this site for that matter for eons..... A question.....did anyone ever work out how to make their Beacon Hill front opening yet? I'm pondering it...roof is the problem I think...I'm bored with my 2 again need another challenge and revamp Linda xx
  2. pin1056

    Tiger Toys House

    I have bought this fabulous house here in Sydney and cant find anything at all about it...one other lady has one for sale in England but she has no info either...they are both the same flooring and wallpaper so I'm thinking prefab....she thinks 1970's...the maker Tiger Toys possibly is only the shop they were sold in....Its not wood more like a lightweight resin/plastic...like Bakelite but not...the doors seem Lundby like and it has had electrification Lundby like too although I haven't any lights or transformer...the front and sides are stucco brick painted ....the back has brick wallpaper...probably not original I do hope someone knows something about it...I've scoured the internet and found nothing...either for the house or possible maker any help would be appreciated...I love to know the history of my houses but this one has me stumped ....thank you for your time Anyone seen one before? :) xx wowsers mystery solved already...2 extra pics added...its a great house I plan to leave as is and fill it with antique things :D x
  3. what a fun project! Linda xx
  4. congratulations she is a beautiful house tis a while since I built mine but here to help if needed....the first rule is...dont panic!!! read and re read all the destructions then....forget them start at the beginning and cross off as you do stuff...its not a bad build it just looks overwhelming save your angst for the dormer windows lol how excitement!!! a new beacon Hill!!! woohoooooo Linda xxx
  5. Droolll with a capital D x
  6. pin1056


    Steampunk things i've made and my dilemas with my dodgey camera work :P...getting better :)
  7. geeze sorry about the size of that pic hahahahhaa oops and this...I need to research how to make em smaller on this new system :/
  8. oooo Steampunk! yes I've done a bit of it its so much fun My latest creation is ....The Steam O'Lantern....still not finished but you know how it is once the creative mojo leaves a project lol
  9. Susanne!!! It's been years!! And Muriel!!! I cannot believe Natasha is 3!!! No way!! Is anyone doing a head count? Lol. Sings....Happy days are here again xxx
  10. Spring Fling!!! maybe a special 'lost sheep' category lol xxx
  11. pin1056

    Attic Bunk Room

    great idea Linda xx
  12. more and more flocking in woohooooo * waves madly at everyone
  13. ahhhh Irene!!! who's garfield inspiration got me started on this whole journey ...isnt this exciting!!!
  14. oooo just noticed too this is my 7300th post!!! geeze I must of been quite a chatter box...ooops still am it seems creative energy is peaking I can feel it!!
  15. I'm so excited!! with all the friends that are returning and the new ones yet to meet I hope we dont crash the forum lol xxx
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