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  1. This is what I'm working on right now. Got it on eBay. The next one I'll get is one that looks like the UP house.
  2. Kelly, hopefully we'll see you again sometime in the future. Good luck with your construction stuff.
  3. I'm so sorry to hear this...I knew she wasn't doing well.
  4. Esther


    I'm really sorry to hear this. I'm praying for her family.
  5. Esther

    San Franciscan Outside

    This house (that I'd given to a family with six girls) was recently loaned to a home school theater group. They used it in their production of Peter Pan. Tinkerbell flew in and out of this dollhouse. I was honored to have built it.
  6. Thanks, everybody, it was fun!
  7. Esther

    Grace's rehab house

    This house belongs to ten year old Grace. Her great aunt left it to her in her will. Her parents were going to take it to goodwill, when I offered to "fix it up" for her.
  8. From the album: Grace's rehab house

    after first coat of paint. (window frames are still taped)
  9. Yes, the side walls and floors are about 5/8" thick and the front wall and roof is 1/4" thick.
  10. Most of it wasn't too bad...except the woodgrain stuff...that was awful!
  11. Esther


    Her only request was "pink".
  12. From the album: Grace's rehab house

    The "wallpaper and "flooring is all contact paper. Didn't take much time at all to remove.
  13. Esther


    This is what the house looked like when it was brought to me. Nothing had been done to the outside. The house is very sturdy, but very plain.
  14. Yes, Romeo is the most handsome cat I've ever had, his white is so pristine! Plus, he's the sweetest most affectionate cat, too! He's sitting on my lap as I write this. He loves to lay on my lap while I'm sitting in a recliner too.
  15. Esther


    Even though the kit mix was white, I didn't want white stones, so I mixed a dab of black paint in with the mix to make dark gray stones. I have lighter gray "mortar lines".
  16. Esther

    Nathan's Cowboy Cabin

    Oregon Trail Cabin. Made for my great-nephew, Nathan. His dad wouldn't let him have a dollhouse (even though he loves mine), so I call this a Cowboy Cabin.
  17. Esther


    Her mama took this picture. I thought it was pretty clever too!
  18. Esther


    It's really beautiful!
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