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  1. Great tips. I have a box full of dried brushes that I didn't have the heart to throw away !!
  2. I don't think I'll do this one. I never have any luck working with MDF. I'm hooked on plywood. Anyway, I have too many projects going on right now. Steve in PA
  3. I have started on the lighthouse kit. Nothing to show yet & I can't decide what theme I want to go with, but I have started it. RL keeps getting in the way of my mini making ! Steve in PA
  4. I like the variable speed rotary tools. I notice that people who are not familiar with rotary tools will put them on high speed & it will get away from them & ruin what you are working on. Another thing to remember is that Dremel attachments will not work on all brands of rotary tools. Steve in PA
  5. You can get cardboard cement forms (tubes) at any building supply place in 12" diameter & 4' long. This is what I used for my castle. You can even use a large plastic funnel for the top. The ideas are endless. Steve in PA
  6. I have gotten some at yard sales, flea markets & even the Dollar Store. They may be in need of paint or repair, but you can fix up almost any vehicle that is almost the right scale. The enclosed pic is a vehicle & trailer that I got at the Dollar Store. I painted it, added the stick on letters & enclosed the trailer with scrap pieces of siding. Steve in PA
  7. I think I may have posted this before. http://www.youtube.com/user/smb900#p/a/u/1/eFV4qfK0ULY Steve in PA
  8. Hey...I missed it, but Happy Belated Gina. Hope you had a great day. :lol: Steve in PA
  9. I tried it once & won't again ! :lol: I could post a long list of reasons why I don't like it. Stick to wipe on for best results. Steve in PA
  10. Jeffrey....Looking good ! Keep us informed on your progress. Steve in PA
  11. Steve_in_PA

    I quit!

    Way to go girl ! I started the Chantix last week. I'm hoping. Steve in PA
  12. Here you can see how I built mine in my castle. Steve in PA http://www.flickr.com/photos/smb900/sets/72157622545609097/
  13. This is the link to a site that will help you decide what type of glue to use for what type of material. I often go here for advise. Steve in PA http://www.thistothat.com/
  14. You see....Some of us guys are nice to have around !! :lol: Steve in PA
  15. I received the email today. Steve in PA
  16. It is definately not wise to put MDF in the oven. Just a quick thought, you could carve a slide out of builder's foam or other foam & then paint it or even cover the slide surface with aluminum foil. Steve in PA
  17. I just finished a little project for a contest on another forum. It was called the Trash to Treasure contest. You had to make a mini 'something' from trash or junk that you have around the house or where ever. I made a mini A Frame tree house using a coffee can, a piece of a Christmas tree & all kinds of scrap pieces that I had around the house. You can see how I built it in my Flickr album. http://www.flickr.com/photos/smb900/ Steve in PA
  18. I did a scratch build log cabin a few years ago. I have some pics of the construction in my Flickr album. On the right side are my sets of pics. scroll down to log cabin. http://www.flickr.com/photos/smb900/ Steve in PA
  19. Hey ! I hope you had a great day. Steve in PA
  20. I glued the stones on first & then just used the mortar mix that you can get at GL or HBS, etc. It's not necessary, but when done I usually give everything a quick shot of clear spray sealer. Steve in PA
  21. Jackie....I am near Hershey also. Last summer I took the grandkids to Chocolate World. When we left there it cost me a fortune at the store !!! Steve in PA
  22. Everyone who builds scratch houses has their own preference. Some will say MDF, some foamcore, etc., etc. Personally, I like to use 1/8" Luan plywood. For the rafters, molding, etc., I use pine. Some people say about Luan will warp or splinter & that balsa or basswood is best for rafters, etc. SO...It all depends on what you feel is best for you to use & the easiest to work with. Steve in PA
  23. I usually use a sealer...or often called fixative by artists, to seal wallpaper that I have printed out. I have seen that in areas with high humidity, the wallpaper sort of got blurry over time & have even seen some running. I only spray the printed side with the matte finish. As far as glue...I usually used regular wallpaper paste in the roller bottle. Sometimes when I do a house from scratch, I use a spray adhesive outside. I cut the paper to size & give the walls a spray of adhesive. This can be hard to do if you don't get it placed correctly. The roll on paste is a lot easier. Steve in PA
  24. That is really great, Pat. My favorite period of time ! Steve in PA
  25. Hey Kathie....Hope you had a great mini birthday ! Save us some cake ! Steve in PA
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