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  1. Anna


    Thank you! Have been such fun process making these
  2. Anna


    We'll test both colours and you can choose which ever works best.
  3. Anna


    You want a pink one or Any other colour? i have made them in Dark Brown as well as beige
  4. Anna


    Thank you, I am still debating whther to add the "hood" or not, we'll see. I got the wheel set from a friend of mine who has a shop in Germany, they are wooden ones and worked great for this I think
  5. Anna


    Well, I could easily do the basket in half scale, the trouble would be for the tools in it though....
  6. Hmmm, well over here we have kept the schools mostly open for the ones in kindergarten up to year 9, apart from a couple of weeks around Christmas time where the year 7-9 also got their lessons through digital plattforms. The older ones in hugger education have had most of their leassons online since last year about Now, but that also has meant that students have been able take turns in attending in school for some parts of their courses that they needed to be in school to be able to do. So a very tough period of time to get to the best possible solution at all Times, not an easy task and LOT
  7. Feels great being home as well, and I keep visiting Now and again as well, but Sometimes one really do get caught up,by the whirlwind of things. Sounds perfect with both diesel Done, so far both My parents got their second does this week, FIL gots his second one last week and MIL got her first as well and Will have her second one in July. We are still awaiting "next phase" to be able to get ours and Hoping that that Will come in the next couple of weeks...
  8. All over and no where due to family "stuff".. January last year My bonus grandma (who just turned 97j fell and brooke her femure really bad - operation and got a couple of screws installe, one screw didn't settle in well somfirst schedule for a second op to correct that, in comes pneumonia round one, stay in hospital, followed with Covid scale all over, followed by some heart murmur and galloping blod pressure, another round of hospital,stay, repeat a few more Times in and out of hospital and then getting back home to her hours, deciding to sell that as She got an offer to move into one of th
  9. Here I am and it is indeed something from the Lundby series (usually 4,5V) not sure from when though but I can check with a friend of mine who is a treasure trove when it co se to Lundby "stuff"
  10. Anna


    Thank you, had a lovley time working with the colours on this one
  11. A friend sent me some lovley Italian crepe paper, but I just can't get it to work with the punches I use. It is tearing unevenly despite using a thin copying paper as one layer. Hmmm, have not given up just yet, but.....
  12. Thank you! Have had so much fun pondering and Trying things put with these. The Dutch tulip work shop really opened My eyes on how to achieve that shaped petal forms using the ball stylus.
  13. Anna


    Thank you! Love making these orchids
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