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  1. Anna


    Thank you, had a lovley time working with the colours on this one
  2. A friend sent me some lovley Italian crepe paper, but I just can't get it to work with the punches I use. It is tearing unevenly despite using a thin copying paper as one layer. Hmmm, have not given up just yet, but.....
  3. Thank you! Have had so much fun pondering and Trying things put with these. The Dutch tulip work shop really opened My eyes on how to achieve that shaped petal forms using the ball stylus.
  4. Anna


    Thank you! Love making these orchids
  5. Thank you Holly, been a bit though with the whole Covid situation , being that Imwork in the eductional sector as well, LOTs and LOTs of solvinden issue as we go along so to speak, going with digital so,unions, building website replacing happening etc etc, so the mini flowers have been My re-energizer in all of this... hugs and it is great being home here again as well
  6. Thank you Kathie, it is great being here again. Been a bit of a challenge in life latley so making flowers have been My "to go to" to sort My head and re-chargé so to speak. I have discovered that I LOVE making flowers and find the painting process as rewarding as shingling, really a zone out mode so to speak. Hugs
  7. Last year or so I have been venturing into flower making after a lovley work shop in January -19 as the kick off point. .. have shared a few of them in My album a little bit of everything here.
  8. Anna

    A little bit of everything

    Sometimes the items just needs to be made or bought for no apparent reason at the moment...
  9. Oh Mike, Somhappy to see you around again, you have been missed And Nope one just can't go away from the minis just like that, for a while and a hiatus for a while Yep, but somehow the minis tend to nestle their way back in there again sometime... so looking forward to see whatever you might start to build as I know that it Will be eye candy deluxe hugs
  10. BIG hugs coming right back to you too! Cautious optimism yet on guard one might say over here, yes we are still in the midst of it all, but working through it and it is devastating for anyone and everyone losing loved to this virus so not trying to diminish anything but people are really (mostly atleast) trying their best with social distancing and keeping a as calm as possible mind set in it all. Hugs
  11. Indeed it does, yes there were initial shock waves of people "stocking" up on necessities, but not at all as awful as described and also not just because of the hoarding as suh, but because it does indeed take more of the disposable items at home if one spends more time more home instead of at work and for the higher ed students... It took a couple of weeks for the delivieries to re-plenish toiletpapers and such items. Then we have not had lock in but we have had very strict rules in regards of visiting our elders and old folks home/assisted living (hmm, now is there a better word for th
  12. Soo happy that the Forum is back again and to see the "family" again as well. Thank you for the upgrade work that I can imagine has been a lot of work to get everything in order. t sure has been missed during the hiatus but as I said in the toher thread we have had out time well filled with dealings connected to my FIL's health, not due to Covid but to his nelwy diagnoses osteoporosis with all that that has entailed and then my bonus Grandma (who lives just a few houses away from us on the same street) broke her femur a couple of months ago and has been through the wringer while healing,
  13. Soooo happy to see the forum back up again, missed my home away from home so to speak. But then again with the health situation (not realted to Covid -19) for my FIL and my bonus Grandma we have been on hiatus from most things for a while as we have been preparing Grandma's house for her so that it is more easy for her to live there while still recovering. But as the Covid situation has deleoped as well we have had some more "Home" time too, gaining the time otherwised used in commuting to work so I have been having fun mini-ing, weaving and making flowers, things that also has been geat
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