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  1. I like the windows from hobby lobby. They go on sale for 40% off a few times a year. Miniatures.com has everything you can imagine and the Greenleaf store here also has fabulous items. Frankenmuth has a mini store in the basement of Raus. There is a store on little mack and 10 mile. Take your time, read the tutorials, look at the pictures. It's fun and addicting.
  2. I am so sorry to hear this. Take care, I wish there was something I could do.
  3. Hi Gloria! I live to the east of you. Let me know if you need to know where to find stuff.
  4. Today is the big day! I can't wait for everyone to see what they got. I will explain it when you open the boxes.
  5. Well now. Here's a situation. Something unexpected has come up and I will be remaking my item. I can't wait for everyone to see the items that have been made - they are awesome!!!
  6. Just popping in for a quick update! All is well, I have all the items now, but Halloween is a big production here (I thought it would all be in and out sooner) and my time is booked. There were a couple of delays with family and long distance shipping. I will get everything out as soon as I catch a breath.
  7. I'm very excited for anything Halloween this year. I've been hustling to put away all things fairy so I can bring out all things scary! Skeletons are big this year and I greatly expanded my collection this year including the horse from home depot.
  8. I read everything from my email. I forget it doesn't show up here I've read it. Lol. I got all my stuff, just need to assemble it now.
  9. Ok, it's a GO! I won't start a new thread, we will just continue here. So far we have Anna, Kathie B, Katluck125, and Me. 4 people. Should be easy. I don't think I need to post rules or a time frame. Just knock them out and send them to me. Make anything you want. Scale is 1:12.
  10. It will be 1:12 scale. Unless everyone wanting to join wants 1:24....
  11. I wasn't watching the time. Who is in for a Halloween swap? I will wait until Monday the 19th for people to sign up. Then it will only be 3 weeks to get your item to me (October 10) - not the usual longer time. Anything goes as long as it's Halloween or haunted or scary.
  12. Yes, that is one of the kitties. They were very interested in all the things I had kept hidden from them.
  13. chesterfieldzoo


    I have this identical urn. I still use mine.
  14. Nutti, I had my catalog and what I wanted picked out friday night and fell asleep with the catalog in my lap. I was very surprised saturday when I checked my email and found they extended it to saturday night! Sorry you missed it. :(
  15. If anyone wants to do a swap in a couple of months, send me a message. If not, I would like to do one in August with an end of September due date for either Halloween or Christmas items. Keep it in mind.
  16. I have my catalog. I am pulling out my markers later on to circle what I can't live without and narrow it down from there.
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