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  1. Thanks Mary- I passed this on to a lot of people I know with kids!!
  2. Ok, get this one- we were in the car, and my husband was talking louder and louder. So I reached over and turned the volume knob down on the radio...not bc it was on, but bc I was trying to turn him down!!! LOL
  3. Thanks, I wondered if that was the one you were talking about. Definitely close by for me, and will be for you very soon!
  4. Sending thoughts and prayers for healing
  5. Where is the smaller dollhouse museum? I live in Indy, so am curious since that might be in traveling distance for me!!
  6. Woo hoo!!! Bet you've got to be jumping up and down with excitement!!
  7. Awesome!!! Sounds like you've been working incredibly hard and wow has it paid off - that's great!!
  8. Well... one good reason to enter it is that you'll get the kit for next year free as an entry gift, and maybe you'll love it!
  9. Those bricks look great! I think I'll give them a try on my next house
  10. Yummmmmm.... that sounds delicious!!! Pam- my smaller pan is made by Wagner. I'm very happy with it and bet you will be with yours as well!!
  11. Good tips Doogster, thank you much. I did learn to stove top cook using coated pans. Guess I'll have to entirely adjust my way of thinking now that I'm using cast iron. My stainless steel pans seem to work best on medium heat (for pancakes). Hot just tends to burn the outsides quickly and leave a gooey interior. I did find a nice metal spatula at the Goodwill today. A bit more tapered toward the end and nicely rounded at the corners. Think it will do nicely for cast iron, as my other spatula seemed to be scraping the pan corners with its sharper corners and square shape.
  12. From what I read on one site, they all start out with the bumps. Then some are machined down to a smooth surface and others are sold "as is" with the bumps. The couple pans I got are from the Goodwill for a few dollars, very smooth. One has some minor pits inside but from what I understand they'll fill in with oil over time as you cook. LOL I like the idea of "cast iron reasoning!" Calls to mind some of the old cartoons where someone is always getting whacked over the noggin with a pan
  13. Prayers and healing vibes coming your way. Hope she heals very very soon!!!
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