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  1. I could do something with it, but i would rather do other things. Plus I have enough trouble putting stuff away, i would build it if it was the thank you gift but i would rather build something else.
  2. They are amazing! At first i thought the title was Five Million Miniature throw pillows, Either way looks great.
  3. Tis ok. I find that on esty, 90 percent of people don't ship international, or don't take PayPal, so that's why I like eBay better.
  4. Thats the esty link I wanted to see what she had on ebay. Darn duplicate post. . .
  5. Thats the esty link I wanted to see what she had on ebay.
  6. I love our stuff on esty but I can't find your ebay sellers ID. Sadly I don't do esty.
  7. Some nice ones the Grey one by lawbre is more or less what I m after, I just don't like the stone block on ti though. Hmmm. . . Anyway my blogs been updated with shots of what I have done lately, here is a teaser. Confesions of a mini addict THATS the room I need it for!
  8. Actulalty I want both to b all and all 10 -12 inches tall.
  9. I am soo glad to hear you are gona get fixed now please get better! Corwin
  10. How about Rising Sun Candle Emporium or Rising Sun Candle Shoppe or Rising Sun Wax & Wix Emporium or Rising Sun Wax & Wix Shoppe Or Rising Moon Candle Emporium or Rising Moon Candle Shoppe or Rising Moon Wax & Wix Emporium or Rising Moon Wax & Wix Shoppe
  11. I have a 17 inch ceiling so I need a tall heavily carved (plaster would be ok) fire place. Something 6 inches or taller. I cant find one, i could make one but I need it to look carved. either way in the end it will look like wood hopefully afterwords.
  12. Thanks every one I did have fun! She is making me clean clean clean, when thats done I can work she says sheesh.
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