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  1. Me too Hes fine it was just the other side of my work room,i t could have been worse. It was the humidifier we figured it out. Sigh, didn't know we had one.. . . Just getting ready for the show in two weeks. So much to do.. . .
  2. Just popping in, I am ok, but I have been dealing with a small flood of well unknown origins in my workroom, (oh the mold) I have had to toss a couple things, and I am trying to get two projects ready for a show in September. So I have been really busy.
  3. Just an idea, so i will duck after I suggest that when they point and click, can they have a veiw of the street, like your looking at it. rom across the street? Some genus could photo shop our house together,on a background, when you see one you like you can click on it and be taken to see more, it might be more effective than a birds eye view. . . i am gona duck now.
  4. No, but thanks, i will be filling up the western area.
  5. Well Ihave my spring fling I can throw in, its a merchatile/feed and a Dentist and under taker, all wild west style.
  6. This sounds fun! if i ever finish garf he will be nestled in the mountains. Eventually I want a 1:12th scale wild west town, it will be called Mystic Mountain With the owner of the garf being the wealthy owner of the gold mine. sigh one day.
  7. Corwin


    He is an amazing dog!
  8. Corwin

    How I resize my pictures

    A lame attempt at a tutorial
  9. Corwin

    liz's set up Left

    Yeah she likes it I made it from scratch.
  10. Thanks, they are spoiled.
  11. Corwin

    My Pets

  12. Thanks! It is turning out well.
  13. I do indeed! I try to make it so no matter where you look there is something interesting.
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