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  1. pastalinda


    Homewrecker???? Kitties rule!
  2. pastalinda

    Christmas House

    Hi, Even though I have been lurking from both groups I belong to -- MSAT and Greenleaf -- I have been working on my Santa House. Lots more to do. House needs to be completed. I did the floor and one wall. Needs completion inside and out. The tree needs decorating, as does the entire house. The little girl is Clara, made by Morena Ciambra and the inspiration for the rest. The Santa Doll is from Sandra Calderon, but I dressed and wigged him. I am thinking of curling his hair and beard ???? Anyway, I am going to continue working on this -- my project for early 2011. Wanted to have it a
  3. pastalinda

    A new project

    Pictures of my creations - dolls etc.
  4. I love it. Will you be making more to sell?????
  5. She was called the lady in pink. She came from evil-bay.
  6. pastalinda


    No, Jacob is a gentle lion.
  7. pastalinda

    Emma's Travels

    Emma is enjoying being in Massachusetts.
  8. pastalinda

    Wicker, I love wicker

    Carriage I bought from smallhouset. Don't you just love it????
  9. pastalinda

    Trailer Park

    My doll and trailer etc.
  10. pastalinda


    Your flowers are beautiful.
  11. pastalinda

    My First Doll

    Madeline Parson is a resident of the "Good Times Trailer Park"
  12. I was praying for the rain to clean all the green pollen off my car and house. It is all clean now so it can stop raining anytime it wants. But if it is going to rain though to Wed. I will work on my trailer for Madaline to live in.
  13. pastalinda


    I love your front door.
  14. pastalinda

    Cottage 1.jpg

    That is exquisite. Such a beautiful, detailed, artistic job!!!! :jumping:
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