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  1. Steve_in_PA

    2010 HBS Contest

    My Ranger Station.
  2. Steve_in_PA

    Bailey Castle

    My progress so far on my castle project.
  3. Steve_in_PA

    2009 HBS Creatin' Contest

    From the Garden Gazebo kit I created the workshop from the 1960 movie "The Time Machine."
  4. Steve_in_PA

    Ernie's Bus

    The HBS school bus kit converted into an emergency command bus.
  5. Steve_in_PA

    The Adams Contest Entry

    "Murder in the Baker Street Pub" Holmes & Watson investigate a murder in the pub located below their rooms. Although hard to see in the photos, there are clues to tell Holmes 'Whodunit'!
  6. Steve_in_PA

    Diagon Alley Magic Shoppe

    Harry Potter inspired magic shoppe
  7. Steve_in_PA

    Houseboat Entry

    My entry in the HBS houseboat contest. I turned it into a fireboat.
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