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  2. Chandelier's and sconces I have made
  3. I'm working on taxes today and watching Oh Brother Where art Thou for about the 5th time. I get a kick out of that movie. I used to use the table saw all the time, had one of my own, till it kicked a board out on me and scared the pee waddlin out of me! Lol! I haven't used one since, however, it quit working very soon after that when my DH was using it, so would probably use one if I had one. I have a miter saw I love and a scroll saw I havent even got out of the box yet, but I will this summer. Back to the taxes! Yuck! Julie
  4. Ahhh! I didn't even think of marble! I knew there was a better idea! Thanks! Julie
  5. I was looking through everyone's great new finds and it reminded me that I have a new find. It is a Baroque fireplace that I fell in love with and had to have. I was thinking of gold leafing it. I have some gold leaf that I have held onto for years for just the right project. I was looking online at pictures of similar RL items and some have only gold leafed the accents, am not sure how I would do that on this, or if it would be better to just gold leaf the whole thing. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for something that might look good? Would love to hear your ideas. Julie
  6. avidcrazyquilter

    Mini furnishings

    Mini's I have made
  7. avidcrazyquilter

    My Harrison Progress

    Updates of my progress on my Harrison
  8. I found it much easier to paper the ceiling and walls of the first floor while the dollhouse was upside down, and Lucky, my daughter's cat decided it made a great cubby to nap in.
  9. And I thought using the skinny sticks was an original idea! I also used the wider tongue depressers for the porch and deck. I like the look of the skinny sticks on your floor. Julie C. a newbie perusing the blogs and posts learning all kinds of things.
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