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  1. I got one of these through something i was selling on eBAY a couple of years ago. All the same things, fed ex, threatening me cos I didn't cash the check, told FBI, who didn't even contact me back. The only difference is I never replied back to her threats, etc. just ignored the rest of her messages. I'm sorry but I can't believe that some people are gullible enough to cash these checks. Julie
  2. Me too! I want the one on Charmed. I have even tried to find one but couldn't. I think I did find a drawing of the floor plan, will have to look next time I have 5 minutes. Julie
  3. Oh No! That would never work for me, I can't even remember my own age! I was kind of hoping someone knew a group of tiny elves that could come crawl in my computer and organize everything for me for a small fee.
  4. How sweet of your Mom to get them for you. Maybe you could say they are those little tiny bottles of liquor you can buy in convenience stores in some states. Would be so nice to build a dollhouse with your Mom. Julie
  5. Wow, some good ideas. I have a favorites folders for mini's but there are so many it's still hard to find them. Guess I need to go through and sort them into smaller categories somehow. I don't know why I didn't think of the notebook idea, I have one for quilting. I think I kind of slowed down on printing things out cause printer ink is so high. I also copy some things into Word, some into email, and then save gobs of pictures. I know I need to go through and sort them all but it would take me days and gets tedious so have only done a little. I also write lots of notes but most of them get written on something that gets lost. It's hard to believe I used to be organized. No easy way out of it, I am just going to have to take time to use a notebook for all my notes to be in one place, take the time to organize all my pictures and favorites into manageable categories. When you cut out ideas and things of magazines do you just throw the rest of it away. I find that kind of hard to do with the cost of them. It just came to me I could use sticky tabs and mark pages, organizing by category. Then I can keep my mags in case my tastes change and there is something else in them I need later. Thanks for all the great ideas! Keep em coming! Julie
  6. I find 100's of ideas of mini's I would like to try to make by hand on this forum, on the net, eBay, you name it. There are so many it is hard to keep up with them. I was wondering how everyone keeps track of all the ideas and pictures they find, how do you organize them so you can find them when you are ready to try it out? Julie
  7. These are great, can't wait to try it out.
  8. Wow, that really is a bummer! The baseboard or wainscotting sounds like a good idea. Or even a second wallpaper with a chair rail. Take a break and I am sure you will find the right solution. Julie
  9. Mine would have to be a scratch built, done exactly how I want, down to the minutest detail.
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