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Happy Birthday


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Happy Birthday! Many happy returns!

Remember that birthdays are like pearls in the necklace of life! It will become more and more valuable the more you have!

Have a great day!

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Guest Nathaniel
Nathaniel .......... you should celebrate with the lady you got all the fantastic furniture from. Have a happy birthday all of you. :blink:

Thanks Everyone! I had a wonderful day and ate ENTIRELY too much. I took of Thur. and Friday from work so I could have a long 4 day weekend to celebrate being 24. PARTY TIME!!!

The lady I got all that fantastic furniture from called me actually to wish me happy bday. She told me she had a few miniature presents for me too! So, we are going to hang out next Friday afternoon. We are going to have dinner together, talk minis and stuff, and I might buy a few more things off of her (like the Newport or McKinley d.house) and she has some presents for me. I cant wait!

Tomorrow my parents are coming to visit me for my bday and my mom told me she has a little bag of miniature treasures going for me! I cant wait for that as well!!!

Also, I think I may have found a lady selling Bespaq d.house furniture for dirt cheap, but she hasnt gotten back to me. Thats pretty exciting as well though....

I will be sure to post pics of any cool miniatures I get for my bday and whenever!!!

Ok, i gotta go eat some more cake and gain some more weight!!!


-Nathaniel :unsure:

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