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    Gardening, Pets, Reading, and of course the miniatures. I am so addicted to miniatures that I will read catalogs (HBS, ect) from front to back over and over again. Tea sets and dinnerware have become my newest passion.

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  1. THmini2

    Greenleaf Spring Fling 2012

    This is my entry. TJ's Gardens And Gifts
  2. THmini2

    Bellingham Farmhouse

    This is a dollhouse that a friend gave me. She painted it and the inside is a clean slate.
  3. Auntie Gertie is going to live in the bellingham dollhouse. she is living by my computer right now. She is suppose to help me decide what she wants in there. Is she unmarried and inherited the house from her parents, taking in boarders, married, then I need to find her a husband. Just haven't decided yet.
  4. THmini2

    HBS 2009 contest

    Queen Nefertit's room Ancient Rome I had alot of fun learning about this time period and building this room. Frustrating at times though. LOL
  5. OMG! I can't believe what you have gotten done in so shot of time. Fantastic!
  6. THmini2

    Picture of me

    Picture of me and the boys. Tanner and Murphy. DH took the picture.
  7. THmini2

    Greenleaf contest 2009

    This is my contest entry for 2009. The owner of TJ's jukebox diner loves everything about living in the 50's. He collects all new products that come on the market in hope that they will become valuable in the future.
  8. ;) Molly has been in Australia, Scotland, Sweden, Delta BC Canada, Edmonton Alberta Canada, Bratford Onterio Canada, California, Texas, Ohio, Mass (2)., Maine (2), New York, New Jersey, Maryland, South Carolina, and was lost on her way to Arkansa. Molly had many adventures and they are not all recorded here in this journal, most are though. I was waiting for her to get back with her journal to see what else she had done. She has done way more traveling then I'll ever do in my life time. LOL
  9. Molly has been gone for so long now that I think that she is gone for good. I saw a Molly at Hobby Lobby the other day and it was so sad. But Lynnae and Bookmarm have done all that anyone can do to try to find her. I want to thank them for all the effort they put into finding our little moose. MOLLY WHERE ARE YOU???? I feel so sad that everyone has spent so much time, money and effort in hosting her. I am glad that I have pictures and this blog to remember her travels. Thank you everyone.
  10. Molly has now been missing for about 15 days. I am really starting to feel that she will never be found. ;) The post office said that she was delivered. But she isn't at the address she was suppose to be at. Lynnae said that she looked everywhere. Any address that is simular to hers. Been back to the post office, ect. I was hoping that someone recieved her and sent her back to bookmarm. (her previous stop). I feel really bad for everyone as they all put so much heart and soul into this project. Wouldn't you know it all around the world and she gets lost on her second to last host home. Poor li
  11. THmini2

    Mollies big adventure

    Mollie is traveling from my home in Wisconsin to Australia, Scotland, Sweden, 3 homes in Canada, and 15 homes in 12 USA states.
  12. Poor Molly! She arrived in the middle of an attack of a horrible stomach virus. The whole house was out for the count for over a week. I just ha energy to unpack Molly and make her comfortable while we wallowed in germs. She got to christen Deb's bed that I got. Luckily it wa very comfortable and she was such a kind guest while we were sick. Once we were among the living, we got to take Molly out and about. Connor (my 23 month old) refused to sit still for a picture with Molly. (I think he may have been jealous!) but my niece Sophia was more than happy to have dinner
  13. This will be the Hobby builders Supply contest for 2009. of course it will be bare bones for you to design the way you want it to look.
  14. THmini2

    Newburg Farmhouse

    The Newburg that we started last jan 2007.
  15. This is my entrie into the hobby Builders Supply contest 2008. Most items were made by me. A few items were sent to me from a friend. I loved the aged look of the building. The roof looks like a bird seed store we have here. Around here alot of shops are in older buildings. I loved doing this contest.
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