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  1. It is about 9 degrees F here now. But the windchills really keep you inside. I was out taking pictures of some eagles this morning and couldn't stay out long! We have had windchills to -30 lately. We are suppose to get a couple more inches of snow today and tonight. I am so sick of winter already!!!
  2. Congratuations to the winners! The judges must have had a hard time picking 3! They are all fantastic.
  3. Love all the ones I have seen so far! Great works of art everyone!
  4. THmini2

    finished exterior

    So pretty. I love it!
  5. How about if someone started a new page where everyone who put there albumns up can let us know! That way we can just go down the page and click on names to see the albumns. I don't want to miss any. This way your advatar, etc will show up and we can click on your name above to go to your albumns. Name it Spring Fling 2013 alumns or something. That would be so cool!
  6. Selkie. Twinkle did a fantastic job. There is so much detail!
  7. WOW! Wonderful! I can tell that there was a lot of thought put into this. There is so much detail. I love the picture of the lit up interior. So pretty. I will have to look again as I know that I have missed seeing everything.
  8. THmini2

    Spring Fling 2013

    Love your build! That ceiling is fantastic! I laso love the landscaping! Your whole build is so pretty!
  9. Very pretty! So much detail! I could imagine a vacation there.
  10. Good luck everyone. I REALLY can't wait to see pictures! You are all winners in my book.
  11. Sending good mojo to those who need it. I am keeping you all in mind as you go through the stress of seeing the finish line. Been there, done that! Good luck everyone. I can't wait to see your masterpieces. Yes they are masterpieces as you took an idea and ran with it. Finished or not you are at least trying. :thumbup: More then I did. I can not wait to see pictures. I have been in touch with one person throughout her build and she is doing great! Yes, she may be a ways away from finishing, but it is looking wonderful. Isn't it funny how we can be our own worst enemy at times like this! I know that I sure am when I do contests! Just remember that it isn't over until the fat lady sings....and I am not singing yet! lol. Good luck everyone and I am standing behind you sending your flings that evil eye so that they know that they better behave. lol.
  12. Selkie I hope everyone is starting to feel better. Seems like there is a lot of germs going around. Everyone else keep on FLINGING!!! Can't wait for eye candy!
  13. THmini2

    Sneak Peek 17

    What quilting, flinging, etc? lol!
  14. Nice going Kellie! I hope you enjoy your trip nxt month! I bet you are relieved to be done! It sounds like everyone else is really busy on theirs also. I can't wait for pictures.
  15. Great find! I love the ideas you have for it. It sounds like you are having a great time making plans for it.
  16. Wonderful! You are so talented! I couldn't imagine sewing all those tiny pieces. These deserve a place of honor in your home!
  17. Well he went for different! And he got it! I have to watch it again as there are parts I am not sure of. How they work, etc. Tired brain today I guess! lol.
  18. I am missing doing this also! But maybe next year. It is going to be a long time until Halloween when I can see some eye candy. Still open for anyone to talk to. PM me if you need help or just to talk things out.
  19. I won't be able to enter this year! So as I said on the other posting...I am available to bounce ideas off. Get frustrated (as we all do) contact me.
  20. I love this! You are very talented!
  21. LOL Gonzo! Now if I could only get HALF that thin! I would settle for a happy medium!
  22. I won't be able to do the fling this year so if anyone wants to bounce ideas off me or needs encouragement Pm me. Some times it helps when your stuck to be able to contact someone and "talk" about it.
  23. I adore Greenleaf and Dean. They do so much for us! The forum is THE GREATEST and the contests are fun. But I am not adoring the wait again this year. Is it going to be like last year where it was ready, not ready? I would rather they let us hang for a week at most. Or just surprise us. Maybe it is just me being impatient, but I am getting turned off by all this. I do understand and apprieciate that Dean and company want to make it perfect for us. Maybe I am just being a crab...but I just want to see it. Every time I check in and there isn't an anoouncement it is like here we go again. Of course this is just the way I feel. Not trying to stir the pot.
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