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  1. Dearest Wolfie,you are not wimping out on anybody.Those who know you will be patient.Your health is more important than a few dolls.Take it easy beautiful and you'' be our dollmaster again.If we could ,Liza and I would be there in an instant to do what ever needed doing.Take care my sister/friend. Margaret
  2. Brooke Tucker's Golden Christmas-Building A Miniature Masterpiece The pros of this book are the detailed instructions and the beautiful illustrations.I can't think of anything negative on this book
  3. Waiting patiently(Yeah right) for my Primrose to arrive-can't wait til it's safe in my little fingers. At 2,Corwin and I are meeting Uppitycats.She and her husband are visiting my neck of the woods for a while.
  4. My condolences to your family Liza-take care
  5. Margaret

    Miniature Show

    -Treasures from May 31 miniature show
  6. Dearest Wolfie sister,I've also been thinking of you-May you have calmness and serenity -Sending big hugs your way- Just remember we'll all be thinking of you tomorrow.
  7. My turn:I'm 45,I'll be 46 next month I am the oldest of 4 I have 3 younger brothers I love to do counted crossstitch,taught myself to latch hook.I also love to read .I'm a lefty-took me a year to learn how to use a camera Want to learn how to knit and crochet the traditional way-have a knitting machine(helps a bit) Am working on my first dollhouse Taught myself to make dishsets,teapots and books for my dollhouses which I've shared with some of our Greenleaf members. Live where it's even snowed in August. I also live where we get temperatures down to -40 degrees celsius and get
  8. Things will work out Gina and with all our thoughts coming your way,it will be Okay.Just try and rest when you can and remember we love you Sending ooodles of hugs and lots of love your way.Because I need my big sister.
  9. I did my bit-grocery shopping for the week.
  10. Did my walk to the grocery store today-20 minutes there and 20 minutes back.
  11. Walked to grocery store-20 minutes both way-listening to favorite music on my ipod-I guess this counts as exercise
  12. I have the Queen Anne Bedroom set-Haven't put it together yet
  13. I love the original Miracle on 34th Street-As I am half Dutch,the best part is when he speaks to her in Dutch and then they sing about Sinterklaas.I love all the Christmas cartoons.
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