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  1. What an incredible house! I too like the roof line the way it is. You are going to have so much decorating .
  2. The gables, roof trim and foundation I can, but I didn't use some of the the window trim so I threw them out. I do have the round and hexagon window trim so it's only the rectangle one you would need and you can measure the windows for those. I just need your address.
  3. Sheet 9 has the roof trim, shutter pieces, window trim, foundation pieces, and right and left gable walls. Mine is in process, but I can give you measurements if you need.
  4. Ok so the accessories are up. There are a few holloween items ( the door mats say go away) and the copper plates have different animals on them and the pewter plate has a train and comes with a certificate. Lots of food and other stuff too.
  5. So I just now noticed that it changed minis to money in the title. The half scale minis are sold. The rest is still up for grabs. I will try and get a few pics of the accessories up today or tomorrow.
  6. The house is good. It is very structurally sound. It just needs cosmetic work mostly. I have no idea what most of the lights are so I won't be of help there. If you need better pics let me know and I can get them for you. Holly I am not even done with the furniture yet and still have to photograph the accessories and 1/2 scale stuff and the 1/6 scale stuff. (That's not counting the stuff I kept either, lol) I won't list any of the building supplies untill I am close to being done with the house.
  7. So I bought the house on Craigslist with the 9 boxes of extra stuff. I convinced hubby I could sell the extra stuff and pay for the house so I have created an album for all the extra stuff. There is a lot of electrical. Lights, chandeliers, working door bell, smoke generator, lighted Jack o lantern, new Cir-kit wiring kit, large transformer with tape and plugs and bulbs and so much more. There is also a group of ethnic minis, many of them signed I would like to sell as a group. I will keep adding pics of the furniture and accessories also.
  8. This is sold can someone delete it for me please? Thank you.
  9. https://orlando.craigslist.org/clt/6204883112.html oh my gosh! Somebody needs to get this one so I can find out what is in all those boxes!
  10. We have a full blooded Sicilian miniature donkey. His name is Jasper and he watches our sheep. I have to say he is one friendly donkey.
  11. Thank you. I didn't put baseboard or crown for now. I'll live with it for awhile and see how it goes.
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