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  1. I saw those too. I'll have to pick up a few although I have so much furniture already. Hobby Lobby still has those nice little chests I use for night stands. They have removable drawers and stain nicely for only $2.99.
  2. What kind of minis do they have? I've never seen any minis at our JoAnns. I get scrap book paper there for wallpaper when they have some tiny prints.
  3. Thank you all for your welcome. I have two houses to finish before I can assemble my half scale Jefferson. I don't know if I'll like half scale as much as 1/12, mostly because I have boxes of furniture and accessories for the 1/12 and am so used to working with it. Won't have to buy anything new for quite awhile. I'll have to look at all your pictures to see what the half scales look like all furnished.
  4. I have a half scale Jefferson to put together. I built the Fairfield about five years ago and sold it but still have the furniture. I wish they would make the Fairfield in 1/12 scale. I love the floor plan. I have so much furniture, wallpaper and accessories for the 1/12 scale I'll just stay with them. The dolls I have collected take up too much room. The biggest ones are 23" My Twinns which are now no longer made. I also have a lot of American Girls. I should have just kept busy with my minis because they allow you to be so much more creative than dolls.
  5. I have not been on the forum in ages. I had run out of room for building and have 12 finished houses and two unfinished. I started collecting dolls again for awhile. I miss the building and will have to just do the lighter weight Greenleaf houses if I add any more. I'm working on another Westville, one of my favorite houses. I have three Jeffersons and a Willow finished. I had all my houses l furnished but got two new kitties that will not leave the furniture alone so had to box it up. My other two kitties never bothered it. I may get some rigid plastic and make the houses enclosed in ba
  6. Just One More

    Handmade Stove

    Great stove. You do really nice work. The burners look so real.
  7. How neat. Even frost in the freezer. I love it.
  8. Just One More

    The Boys

    What a cute picture. I just named my new dog Toby.
  9. The windows are very pretty. Like real stained glass. I like the lamp too. Very nice.
  10. Very nice. Love the cake on the washing machine. My favorite style kitchen.
  11. Just the cardboard mock-up must have taken a lot of work. I would have never thought of doing that.
  12. Very nice. I've never seen this house before. All the wallpaper and wood work looks beautiful.
  13. Just One More


    That looks so great. Where did you find camo wallpaper? I'd have never thought of that.
  14. Just One More


    You are so talented. I love this whole project.
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