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  1. I saw those too. I'll have to pick up a few although I have so much furniture already. Hobby Lobby still has those nice little chests I use for night stands. They have removable drawers and stain nicely for only $2.99.
  2. What kind of minis do they have? I've never seen any minis at our JoAnns. I get scrap book paper there for wallpaper when they have some tiny prints.
  3. I just tried to log in using the user name and password I have had from the beginning. It would not let me in. The problem is Google has my old email address and it was automatically changed a couple of years ago by U-Verse when I switched to them from what I had when I first got my computer. Google still has the old email address and I cannot change it. I no longer receive email at that old address. It took two hours this morning to get back on here and I had to use the ridiculously long number letter password they assigned me. Now I don't know how to change it to my password that still shows here. Finding someone to get help from at Google is like trying to contact God. If it doesn't let me in again when I try and sign on I will just not use the Greenleaf forum anymore. I am not very good at computers so don't know why my Google password was not changed or will not let me change when the old password no longer is in use. How do you get a real live person to talk to at Google? Not happy.
  4. Thank you all for your welcome. I have two houses to finish before I can assemble my half scale Jefferson. I don't know if I'll like half scale as much as 1/12, mostly because I have boxes of furniture and accessories for the 1/12 and am so used to working with it. Won't have to buy anything new for quite awhile. I'll have to look at all your pictures to see what the half scales look like all furnished.
  5. I have a half scale Jefferson to put together. I built the Fairfield about five years ago and sold it but still have the furniture. I wish they would make the Fairfield in 1/12 scale. I love the floor plan. I have so much furniture, wallpaper and accessories for the 1/12 scale I'll just stay with them. The dolls I have collected take up too much room. The biggest ones are 23" My Twinns which are now no longer made. I also have a lot of American Girls. I should have just kept busy with my minis because they allow you to be so much more creative than dolls.
  6. I have not been on the forum in ages. I had run out of room for building and have 12 finished houses and two unfinished. I started collecting dolls again for awhile. I miss the building and will have to just do the lighter weight Greenleaf houses if I add any more. I'm working on another Westville, one of my favorite houses. I have three Jeffersons and a Willow finished. I had all my houses l furnished but got two new kitties that will not leave the furniture alone so had to box it up. My other two kitties never bothered it. I may get some rigid plastic and make the houses enclosed in back. That's not as nice as just having them open though. Maybe when they get older they won't be so interested in the houses. It looks like there have been more changes on how you post and all. I never got used to the old way and am just awful on computers so hope I can figure it out. I have a lot of pictures in the gallery here from before. I never learned how to add any with the first big change in format ages ago. I'll just be reading a lot and looking at pictures of what everyone is doing. I have a few of the Real Good Toys houses that were fun to build but they are just too heavy for me now. I donated three to our church thrift store last year but kept all the furniture so won't have to buy a single thing for any lighter weight houses I do. I have a lot here to catch up on.
  7. Just One More

    Handmade Stove

    Great stove. You do really nice work. The burners look so real.
  8. How neat. Even frost in the freezer. I love it.
  9. My largest house is MDF. There is no way I could lift it without help. Other than the weight, I like how smooth the interior is so just priming it before wallpapering is so easy. The paper goes on so smoothly with no grain showing through. I have just used water based stain on all the floors in my MDF houses and they look as nice as wood. One exception is a MDF house that had scored floors and they were a yellowish color. Painting them was a pain because of the grooves but I eventually got them to look OK. I don't wire my houses so no problems there.
  10. I haven't been on again in awhile. This winter is getting me down. I know we haven't had it quite as bad in Illinois as a lot of the country but when 30 degrees starts to sound warm you know it's cold. I had been just gunning the engine and backing over the snow in my driveway, and a couple of days ago I skidded over into the deeper snow and got stuck. It took my son and I almost an hour to dig the tires out. I'm 76 years old so this is not what I normally do. Anyway, we had to go get groceries so it had to be done. Otherwise I've stayed home watching TV and organizing all my stuff, minis and dolls. Being retired I don't have to deal with this weather going to work so I know I'm much better off than many people. I've worked a little on my Westville and am ready to wallpaper. Can't wait for Spring.
  11. Very nice. You could try poster putty to pose them. It works well and doesn't leave any residue when you remove it so you can move the dolls around the cabin easily.
  12. It's on my kitchen table and the shell is all together and the exterior painted. I've been trying to organize my real house that looks like a toy store. I have to get rid of some of it. I donated three finished houses to the church re-sale along with several large my Twinn dolls. I just have so many dolls and more houses than I can display without looking cluttered. Add to that this past month of the worst winter in 20 years and I'm kind of down. This is my first winter with a dog too. I got him last April. He's only about two years old and I don't think he's ever seen snow, coming to Illinois from a shelter in Florida. The snow was up to his chest and he didn't know what to make of it. He's housebroken but it was hard to get him to go without going out with him in below zero temps. Cats are so much easier. LOL. It's finally above zero again so things will get better. The snow is mostly melted now and there's mud so he has to be all dried off each time before he can leave the kitchen. I just get back to working on the Westville a little and he has to go out again. I'll be so glad when this winter is over. Things are just kind of on hold.
  13. I've used velvet- like upholstery fabric for carpet. After cutting to the size of carpet I want, I unravel the edges of the weave horizontally and vertically, forming fringe and trimming evenly as needed.
  14. I have an old eight pound sad iron I use when laying floors with the siding strips or skinny sticks. You have to do a little at a time but the iron holds them nice and flat while the glue dries. For window frames, baseboards, etc., no problems. Just glue on as usual.
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