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  1. Just One More

    Handmade Stove

    Great stove. You do really nice work. The burners look so real.
  2. How neat. Even frost in the freezer. I love it.
  3. Just One More

    The Boys

    What a cute picture. I just named my new dog Toby.
  4. The windows are very pretty. Like real stained glass. I like the lamp too. Very nice.
  5. Very nice. Love the cake on the washing machine. My favorite style kitchen.
  6. Just the cardboard mock-up must have taken a lot of work. I would have never thought of doing that.
  7. Very nice. I've never seen this house before. All the wallpaper and wood work looks beautiful.
  8. Just One More


    That looks so great. Where did you find camo wallpaper? I'd have never thought of that.
  9. Just One More


    You are so talented. I love this whole project.
  10. Just One More


    Very nice. I love all the little acessories.
  11. Just One More


    I like how you have done the pull down for the stairway to the attic.
  12. Just One More


    Very nice. I love the furniture, fireplace, and the ceiling beams are perfect. I'm inspired.
  13. Just One More


    Love this little table. It can be used in any period. I got mine at HBS, unfinished.
  14. Just One More


    Your wood trim, doors etc., look great. I like the rug too.
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