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  1. Dearest Wolfie,you are not wimping out on anybody.Those who know you will be patient.Your health is more important than a few dolls.Take it easy beautiful and you'' be our dollmaster again.If we could ,Liza and I would be there in an instant to do what ever needed doing.Take care my sister/friend. Margaret
  2. Margaret


    Gorgeous furniture-not enough cash(what's a credit card ?)
  3. A friend of mine(at least I thought he was a friend) knew I was building a dollhouse and offered to pick up some stuff for me.He told me it wouldn't cost me anything.Yesterday I get an email stating that he needs a baseball cap from some football team and a t-shirt and some other cap and he has to have it by July 28.I am feeling used right now.I politely and succinctly informed him that I can not buy the items as I am financially strapped.I am so ticked off by his actions.
  4. I was wondering if you can use peel and stick tiles for dollhouse flooring.Has anyone used this or can it be used?
  5. I'd say go for it-I don't know which house you should get but I'm sure which ever house you get will look amazing when it's done
  6. Hope you enjoy your paint-offer not valid for Canadians
  7. Pat -I'm wishing you a very speedy recovery.Remember to do your exercises before and after and the recovery will be oh so much faster.Mom had a hip replacement in November of last year and walks like she never needed one.If you are scared ,check out a website entitled www.edheads.org .There is a virtual hip replacement and a virtual knee replacement.Take it easy-do plenty of minis and I hope you'll be back soon with us again Margaret
  8. Margaret

    U.S. Census

    I wouldn't answer any of the personal questions either.I prefer not to give any personal info unless absolutely necessary
  9. :hug: Hope your day is one spent with oodles of mini fun.That's what I hope to do as it's my birthday too
  10. Margaret

    Life Happens

    Sending healing and positive thoughts your way
  11. Your friend's son will be in my thoughts and prayers.Hope he gets well soon
  12. Computer is going in for service-hope I won't miss too much
  13. Made a special vignette for my girlfriend-She just had a baby girl-Wanted to give her something that I made myself-The furniture came from dollarama -This is the first and hopefully not the last one I'll make
  14. Brooke Tucker's Golden Christmas-Building A Miniature Masterpiece The pros of this book are the detailed instructions and the beautiful illustrations.I can't think of anything negative on this book
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