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  1. Kathie I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Please accept my heartfelt sympathy during this difficult time and know that your Greenleaf family is holding you close in their hearts.
  2. Lisa_F

    The interior primed

    Yay! You started an album for your house! You're right - the rooms are nice & big - lots of space to fill with mini treasures! This house may not be as big as your other house, but I think this one is the one you were meant to build all along. You've had one idea right after another with this house & they've all been good ideas! I'm excited to see it all come together!
  3. Lisa_F

    The basement

    Love this view! I can hardly wait to see the kitchen all done up!
  4. Lisa_F

    The bathroom

    Love this peek-a-boo view of the dressing room closet!
  5. You're in great company on this forum and there's nothing wrong with you that acquiring a new kit (or three) won't fix! When I start window shopping for new kits / shells, I prefer to think of it as "research" and "inspiration" and when I find myself adding a new kit to my stash, I tell my DH that I'm planning for retirement
  6. Lisa_F

    A Tale of Two Glencrofts

    Kelly (Rodentraiser) generously gifted me with a Glencroft kit this past Christmas, which resulted in our both having this kit in our stash. I suggested that it would be fun to work on our kits together (and would motivate me to get back to miniatures after a too-long hiatus) and this is the result!
  7. And here are the starts to our Glencrofts in all their glory Mine definitely isn't much to look at yet. Just the first floor with the back edge/stair part glued on. Had a heck of a time getting it to glue on straight because it was a little warped, so to fix the problem (and not have to sit and hold the two pieces while the glue dried) I taped it all to the straight edge of my kitchen counter! lol! Sounds & looks funny, but it worked Doesn't look like I accomplished much, but not pictured is the work I did cutting the front door opening bigger (using a different door) and filling in a few things like the side bathroom window. Kelly on the other hand got quite a bit of her shell glued together before we called it a day. I guess there's something to be said for ignoring directions & just winging it!
  8. Just popping in with a big Thank You! to Jenn for making the Glencroft available to forum members. Rodentraiser / Kelly (best friend ever) knew I'd been obsessing over considering the Glencroft for awhile & she made the trip to get it to surprise me with it for Christmas (and what a surprise it was!!!). Turns out Kelly & I will both be working on Glencrofts together in 2016 - and I'm over the top excited about it! So thank you Jenn, for making it available, and thank you Kelly for knowing just what I needed to put a smile back on my face & get me excited about miniatures again!
  9. Glue & a roll of paper towels (to wipe up the glue that may ooze out when you join two pieces of wood together. Congrats on the Glencroft! I'm going to be starting one soon too!
  10. This sounds like a grand idea! What a great way to encourage creative play! We built a "super hero headquarters" for my sons when they were little & they spent many happy afternoons letting their imagination run wild with it.
  11. Joanne, is this floor something you will ever need to pull back up - to access wiring or perhaps change out the flooring? If it is going to be permanently installed, I've always had great success using Aleene's tacky glue. I make wood floors using skinny sticks glued to cardstock templates. Once I have my floor finished & stained I spread glue over the house floor and then set the completed flooring template in. The tacky glue doesn't dry on contact (if you use enough) so you have a few minutes to make any adjustments in positioning. Once I have the floor in place I weigh it down - covering the entire floor with something weighty (books, covered bricks, anything heavy enough to weigh it down and cover the entire floor) and let it dry overnight. I've never had a problem with the floor trying to lift after doing this. The trick is making sure you spread a thin layer of glue on the entire wood floor surface that you'll be covering with your flooring template & making sure you have it weighed down while the glue dries Having never built a half scale buttercup, I don't if there's enough room to weigh the floor down, unless you have something small & heavy that would fit in the smaller house (I've only done this in 1/12 scale houses & roomboxes). This also isn't a good way to do it if you think you might ever need to remove the floor in the future. Speaking from experience, it's a real monster to get the floor back up after gluing it this way (at least it was for me) Lisa
  12. Another welcome from Washington (Kitsap County) here!
  13. Good morning Vanessa & welcome to the mini family! Nice to see another Washington miniaturist here!
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