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  1. Yay! You started an album for your house! You're right - the rooms are nice & big - lots of space to fill with mini treasures! This house may not be as big as your other house, but I think this one is the one you were meant to build all along. You've had one idea right after another with this house & they've all been good ideas! I'm excited to see it all come together!
  2. Lisa_F

    The basement

    Love this view! I can hardly wait to see the kitchen all done up!
  3. Lisa_F

    The bathroom

    Love this peek-a-boo view of the dressing room closet!
  4. Lisa_F

    A Tale of Two Glencrofts

    Kelly (Rodentraiser) generously gifted me with a Glencroft kit this past Christmas, which resulted in our both having this kit in our stash. I suggested that it would be fun to work on our kits together (and would motivate me to get back to miniatures after a too-long hiatus) and this is the result!
  5. And here are the starts to our Glencrofts in all their glory Mine definitely isn't much to look at yet. Just the first floor with the back edge/stair part glued on. Had a heck of a time getting it to glue on straight because it was a little warped, so to fix the problem (and not have to sit and hold the two pieces while the glue dried) I taped it all to the straight edge of my kitchen counter! lol! Sounds & looks funny, but it worked Doesn't look like I accomplished much, but not pictured is the work I did cutting the front door opening bigger (using a different door) and filling in
  6. This is your first house? Wow! Your work is amazing!
  7. I'm not currently working on a mini project, but I hope to be working on my Lawbre Shadowcliff in the very near future. I need to clear out a bunch of mini stuff to make room for a little work space in the dining room, so I'm trying to work on that now.
  8. Lisa_F

    amydollhouse 01

    What a beautiful job you've done with this house!
  9. Lisa_F

    Honeymoon Cottage

    Created using the "Lisa's Country Cottage" kit
  10. Lisa_F


    The view of this room looks so realistic that I had to look twice to determine whether I was looking at a rl room or a mini room! Great job! I love the desk & hutch on top - the color really compliments the color of your walls.
  11. Lisa_F

    first beard on!

    What a wonderful Santa!
  12. Lisa_F


    Congrats on the incredible deal you & your DHM got for all of these wonderful houses! I'll admit that I'm a wee bit envious, but I am thrilled for you all the same!!!
  13. I love the way you did the ceiling in your shop! It creates a perfect border around the room.
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