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Hello All!

I working in the attic this week, I decided to clean out more of the house kits that I know I will never get to build, and really have no sentimental attachment to them.  Just message me for details if interested.  I am only charging actual shipping, and if it comes out less than I have predicted, I will refund the difference.

All kits have been stored laying flat.

The kits will be listed on eBay on Friday July 31st.

The Pierce Kit - Open Box.  this is actually a full kit and half of another one.  It would be great for someone who would like to bash/add on to the original kit.  I am not sure all of what is missing from the 2nd kit, but know that over half of it is there.

Woodline Victorian Kit - Unopened -  this is not the actual picture of my box.  The box of mine is in perfect condition.

SW Crafts' Little Orphan Annie Dollhouse Kit - Unopened - very HEAVY house 

Dura-Craft Victorian VH600 - Unopened

Model Homes #1006 San Francisco - Opened Box, But All Pieces are present






MH 1006.jpg

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left out kit in list
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    • By jbnmini
      The owner wishes the house to remain pink, but a softer pink was in order.  Much better now!
    • By jbnmini
      Dry fitting the windows, French doors and working on the porch railings.  The owner had cut the hole for the French door rather poorly, so you may notice a couple of shims put in to help fill in the gaps.  There is also a gap in the railings- I thought I had enough in my stash and came up short! Argh! Off to buy more....
    • By Mini Man
      Howdy all!  Just wanted to give everyone the heads up that the Pierce Dollhouse is back in stock.  Our region of NY lifted restrictions on manufactures on May 15th, so we've been nose to the grindstone ever since.  We are still operating with a reduced staff so we are only providing customer service through email... please help us out by emailing your question instead of calling. 
      Let's see some pictures of the Pierce so the lurkers out there might take the plug and join our community to share their own pictures.  Of course, the Pierce that I dream about is Peacock Palace... Tracy always blows my mind and this house is simply amazing!
      I hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy!
      AKA Mini Man
    • By Qubanqtee
      I made a huge faux pas, I made the loo the largest of the room in the San Franciscan....before proceeding I decided to switch the master with the bathroom....it required re-flooring the bathroom, removing the tile walls and wallpapering. The drapes which I made and stitched every little ring to the drapes and then hung them on the rod I made....to say I way annoyed was an understatement.  In the end it was worth every sore fingertip...the master bedroom is elegant and airy yet welcoming.  The Bespaq settee sits in front of the windows so the mistress can put on her shoes or read a chapter or two.  The lingerie chest holds some of her beloved items....the bed, I soldered and painted and covered with linens from Wendy Dollhouse.  The night stand, an HOM kit ....the armoire is painted and the door pulls are glass beads from my Mom's collection...she used these same beads in making each of us a beautiful Christmas stocking...the final touch, a June Clinkscales piece so that the mistress can step unto the bed when she's ready to retire for the evening.  Some finishing touches are still needed, but I couldn't be more pleased with how she's coming along.
    • By Zac
      Hello Greenleaf community!
      I inherited, and have subsequently built, the Dura-craft Southern Mansion (SM-700) kit from my grandmother. It was a great project, but the completed mansion is just too big for our house. I'd like to sell the completed build and was hoping this community could help me identify a fair price. Google Photo Album of the build process: https://photos.app.goo.gl/iOChUYSVr5MC5Gkf2 
      How much should I ask for something like this? It took dozens of hours to build. The house is complete, with original manual and all extra wood bits.
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