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  1. A jigsaw should work just fine. You may have some splintering along the cut edges. Welcome to the group
  2. I stopped by Hobby Lobby and the dollhouses where marked down. The Bungalow was priced at $79.00. I don't know if you can use a 40% off coupon on them, but that is a great deal. I don't know if it id just this particular location?
  3. What tools do you have? You would need to drill a hole in the corner of each side big enough to fit a small saw blade.
  4. Hi Amy, I think you might want to do some research online about lead paint repair/ restoration or google how to clean items painted with lead paint etc.....https://www.fivestarpainting.com/blog/2019/july/can-you-paint-over-lead-paint-five-star-painting/ It sounds like you have a wonderful heirloom
  5. https://dfarq.homeip.net/tootsietoys-and-lead-paint/ This article might help.
  6. I wish I wish they made that little cheap saw so it could swing the full 180 degrees. I want this saw
  7. I needed to cut the ends of Popsicle sticks to use as flooring, I taped about 12 together at a time and ran it through my band saw. For mitering I use the Easy cutter or my miter box. I have one of these little chop saws https://www.harborfreight.com/2-in-mini-bench-top-cut-off-saw-62136.html It makes beautiful mitered cuts, BUT ONLY up to 90 degress. There is a way to flip your molding upside down to achieve the corresponding cut, but for the life of me, I cannot cut complex moldings with it. I can usually get one angle and then I have to cut the other in the miter box. I quit trying to figure it out, it caused too much anxiety as I wasted too many pieces of crown...... It is good for quick cuts.
  8. Okay...they are so cute, and priced so nice. I want many!!
  9. Could you post a picture of the front that shows the whole house, roof line etc.....I think it is a bash of different houses???
  10. Can you show us the back? That might also help ID it.
  11. Welcome Lindsay......Your story sounds familiar. After college I found all sorts of free time and started doing crafts. Then I got married and started a family. I always loved miniatures too, but I didn't start until I found free time again...... my kids are now grown. Enjoy your new hobby!
  12. Adorable! Was it a kit?
  13. Welcome! Just google and you will find many foam board built houses......it is what architects use for models. Here is a sampling. https://www.pinterest.com/quick42658/i-love-foamboard/ I am a fan of Grandma Stover's glue...it is more like a Paste/spread. They sell it at Hobby Lobby in the dollhouse section. You can find it online as well. I have used it on small pieces of foam board for miniature vignettes etc.
  14. Try doing a dry fit with tape of the completed interior and exterior windows. I haven't built the orchid, but on other Greenleaf houses I have built the interior gap is about the same width as the sashes.
  15. I am stumped! Why would you even need to have the tape wire on the front door??? Strange. Are there lights on the front of the house? That must be the reason. I suggest you contact Carl at https://cr2s.com/index.php?main_page=contact_us You might try to call first as he usually answers. He can give you some advice.
  16. This is a charming piece with great provenance. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-1920s-Stuttgart-Germany-German-Dollhouse-Doll-House-Kitchen-Room-Box/114255714108?hash=item1a9a2bd73c:g:eGgAAOSwMmpe4ZFR
  17. I loved those movies as a child too! I tried to get my kids to watch one and they were bored.
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