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  1. I have got to learn how to do this. Maybe I am an overachiever, but I am workingon my first dollhouse and already know I want to electrify future projects. I am loving everything you have done on this house.
  2. Hi all. I had a dollhouse when I was a child... a Greenleaf Pierce to be exact. My dad built it for me when I was about 8. I loved it and spent hours playing, pretending, and trying to make things for it. Fast forward 40 some years and I no longer have anything but the memories of the dollhouse. I was talking to my husband about it and told him it would be fun to build a dollhouse. He in turn told someone at work who said they had a dollhouse they just wanted to get rid of. Her mother found it on the side of the road with a "Free" sign on it and grabbed it for her, thinking it would be great for her three year old granddaughter. The coworker then said if we would take it then she would bring it to us just so she could get it out of her house. Here is the house and how it looked when I got it, a week ago.
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