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  1. jbnmini


    ohmygoodness this is awesome! The idea of doing something this tiny makes my head swim! Beautiful work!
  2. Oh! So sorry to hear about her concussion, Muriel! That is nothing to take lightly. Hope all goes well and that she is back to herself in no time!
  3. All of this chatter about food is making me hungry!! LOL Hubby and I haven't really had a decent meal this week....between therapy sessions, vet appointments for the ailing cat, haircut appointments and evening work shifts.... last nite it was a quick trip to the burger joint drive-thru in between appointments! ugh. We are both looking forward to our belated Easter gathering with the family on Saturday. It's been dubbed "The Nelson Easter Feaster". LOL We'll have the usual: ham, sweet potatoes, deviled eggs and a multitude of other items - including homemade peanut butter eggs (by me) fo
  4. My mini work has slowed down to a grinding halt. Not sure why. Combination of interest in genealogy research taking over much of my free time, taking care of a hubby recovering from another surgery (hip replacement this time), and weekends seeing the grands. Speaking of which - my 3 1/2 yr old granddaughter loves to come downstairs into my work room and play with the houses in rehab. At some point the subject of her wanting to help Gigi paint comes up, and I give some sort of excuse as to why it's not a good idea today.....maybe when it's warmer outside. Well, last week during one of ou
  5. jbnmini


    oh I like this idea!
  6. jbnmini

    Room Boxes, Etc.

    This is the album for all those items that don't fit into any other albums....room boxes, mini finds, etc.
  7. jbnmini


    These turned out AMAZING!!
  8. The plastic scraper may be less likely to gouge the MDF. Paint layers = PIA. Chemical strippers are ok to get off the top layer(s) as much as possible, then the heat gun/scraper, then the sander. That is my process when rehabbing a old dollhouse.
  9. Welcome Amy! You will find lots of helpful advice and inspiration here. Looking forward to watching your progress on the Glencroft. I always liked that house.
  10. jbnmini


    It's amazing! Gee....now I want a Cricut .....
  11. jbnmini


    The window is fantastic! And I love the plaster texture!
  12. jbnmini


    This is adorable!
  13. My suggestion would be your local Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. There may also be some Facebook miniature buy/sell pages or local yard sale pages that you could peruse. I may have to part with some of the houses in my collection too, and those are the places I plan on using. Good luck.
  14. Are the windows arched as well? Just curious to what house you are working on and what you did to "mess up" the windows on the first house....might help us give better advice. My advice is just to sand carefully; use a syringe or a toothpick to transfer glue onto small edges of window parts; use a gluing jig tray or even LEGO's (put together to form a 90* corner angle) to keep windows and doors straight while the glue dries; be sure to wipe off any excess glue; paint parts before any panes are installed, and paint interior trims as well! Finish interior walls (paint or paper) before wi
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