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  1. The Highland as Spanish style??!! You MUST make an album for that one- makes me quite curious to see what you do with it.
  2. jbnmini

    leaded windows trial

    From a mini friend on one of my FB groups! :)
  3. jbnmini

    priming started.jpg

    FINALLY started working on the manor house - it's only priming, but it's a start!
  4. This house was made by The Dollhouse Inc, division of Jarrell Enterprises in the 1980's: Jerry Jarrell was a local craftsman in Stone Mountain, Georgia These houses were completely assembled and shipped with the various Houseworks window & door components to finish it. This house has thick plywood walls and is almost 52" tall x 23" deep and weighs close to 100lbs! It is quite unique (and huge!) and I am looking forward to bringer her to life!
  5. Oh that would go splendidly with my English manor house!! Too bad I don't have enough of time in this lifetime to finish it!
  6. Nice! Sure could use some of those parts!!
  7. Well, at least the box is open and you are on your way! Hooray! This is where I generally paint and prime the pieces that need it, and do I "dry fit". Have fun!
  8. Glad you are safe Holly! Hubby and I recently took a family vacation to a lovely house outside of Boothbay Harbor, Maine. It was a wonderful week of watching my 9 1/2month old grandson learn to walk, and keeping our 3 year old granddaughter adequately entertained! Back home, our various house projects are underway: the newly re-upholstered wing back chairs arrived for the front sitting room and look AMAZING! Now we just need to find a new area rug and make a decision on curtains. I love the new look of the dining room/sitting room! So cozy! The gutter guy was here yesterday
  9. Saw this Newport beauty on FB Marketplace: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/944696739345830 I like it, but honestly, I get enough of the Magnolia Farms look from HGTV that I wouldn't want it in my dollhouse. Of course, it would def be a way to capture this design style for posterity!
  10. I've never been to one of these shows, but surely there is someone that could pick up the ball and run such a show? I used to work with a gal that ran several large wedding shows...if I lived in Atlanta you can bet I'd be the first in line to get the apprentice job!
  11. Archie just doing his required inspection!
  12. I have only ordered from them online. Someday - when I have a few days off - I may take a little cross-country trip to hit several of these shops. What fun that would be!
  13. Yup- Titebond/woodglue on construction and Aileen's Tacky Glue on most everything else. I also use a ridiculous amount of Quik Grab glue as well....especially for when I use the asphalt type shingles.
  14. Welcome Erica! So glad that you joined us! Looking forward to seeing more of your great work!
  15. The windows and door are AWESOME!
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