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  1. Hi Erin! My son and his wife live in North Potomac. I just loved reading your story! Oh, how I would love to see your little treasures and chat minis with you. 😄 Looking forward to gleaning some miniature knowledge from your years of experience!
  2. Thanks for the link! The kitchen is just charming. 😍
  3. Kate- it is always best for the very first step of construction to be to prime the wood - except in places that stain will be used on floors. 👍
  4. While my aging Max does occasionally do building inspector duties, he is mostly taking on more a an overseer/supervisor role. He sits under my work table or on the windowsill, purring, making sure that I stay on task. 😄
  5. This is so adorable!
  6. jbnmini

    Pink Bellingham Rehab 2020

    This Dura-Craft Bellingham Farmhouse belongs to one of my "cake friends" (from my PA cake club days) and I am fixing and finishing it up for her daughter and "someday grandchildren".
  7. Love the new floors, Muriel! Our lives have been pretty crazy lately dealing with getting my mother-in-law into a care facility. Yes, I just went thru this recently with my own mother, but this time it's from the opposite end of the spectrum: through medical assistance since she has no money. It's been a whirlwind journey since January - and a huge learning curve! But on Wednesday of this week we moved her out of the house and into the care facility that just happens to be about two blocks away. Settlement on the house is July 8, so after that I think we can all relax a bit! It's been several days of absolutely lovely weather around here, and after an exhausting two days doing the last-minute packing for mother-in-law, I found myself REALLY needing some ME time! Hubby said the same thing, so that Wednesday evening we both set about doing our own interests. I sat outside on the patio and stained dollhouse flooring (about the same shade as Muriel's new floor!)....and then just sat and enjoyed the beautiful evening for a time! 🙂
  8. I am planning on using the embossed brick paper from HBS for the exterior of my Pepperwood Farm house. It says to use wallpaper paste or glue.... anyone have experience working with this to give advice? And will it need to be sealed?
  9. Well dang. LOL Now if I could get someone from our store in Butler to go pick it up....box it and convince our delivery truck driver that it needs to come back to the corporate office (in SE Penn)....... 🤔
  10. Dangit, Dangit, Dangit!! 😖 I have been looking for a second one of these for months!!
  11. jbnmini


    ohmygoodness this is awesome! The idea of doing something this tiny makes my head swim! Beautiful work!
  12. Oh! So sorry to hear about her concussion, Muriel! That is nothing to take lightly. Hope all goes well and that she is back to herself in no time!
  13. All of this chatter about food is making me hungry!! LOL Hubby and I haven't really had a decent meal this week....between therapy sessions, vet appointments for the ailing cat, haircut appointments and evening work shifts.... last nite it was a quick trip to the burger joint drive-thru in between appointments! ugh. We are both looking forward to our belated Easter gathering with the family on Saturday. It's been dubbed "The Nelson Easter Feaster". LOL We'll have the usual: ham, sweet potatoes, deviled eggs and a multitude of other items - including homemade peanut butter eggs (by me) for the adults and plenty of plastic eggs for the grandkids to hunt!
  14. My mini work has slowed down to a grinding halt. Not sure why. Combination of interest in genealogy research taking over much of my free time, taking care of a hubby recovering from another surgery (hip replacement this time), and weekends seeing the grands. Speaking of which - my 3 1/2 yr old granddaughter loves to come downstairs into my work room and play with the houses in rehab. At some point the subject of her wanting to help Gigi paint comes up, and I give some sort of excuse as to why it's not a good idea today.....maybe when it's warmer outside. Well, last week during one of our phone chats she excitedly told me about her new work goggles and how she can wear them when she helps Gigi paint the dollhouse. ok, it was nice outside....and she had goggles.....and she was SO excited.... so what's a Gigi to do? I quickly set things up for her visit. She had a blast!
  15. jbnmini


    oh I like this idea!
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