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  1. It's me again. Does anyone have the instructions for the Bellingham Farmhouse? The ones I have were from Nana's Minis page and are rather blurry and difficult to read (at least for these aging eyes). So wondering if anyone has a clearer version they could copy and scan to me - or is the blurry print just the nature of the beast? thanks!
  2. Oh dear, Carrie! I surely do NOT want to be the cause of an injury! I will wait it out for a bit longer....got plenty to do in the meantime.
  3. Hello LiliPutian!! Glad you found us! I do mostly rehabs for clients and just started a new project - - obviously another hastily built house for a child's birthday or Christmas. I was expecting to simply do a renovation, but the entire thing was put together with hot glue , so now I have taken it completely apart for a re-build! Anyway- glad you are here and you will find LOTS of great ideas and folks to answer your questions. Have fun!
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    LOL It's awesome!
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    Wow! SO clever!
  6. Hi ! I've got a Bellingham Farmhouse that I am beginning to rehab for a client - but the chimney part is missing. I've got the top part for the roof, but if anyone still has a Bellingham kit in the box - if you would be willing to trace the pieces and mail me that pattern, I would everso grateful! Thanks!
  7. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/706031616836865/ Anyone recognize this house??? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2601639570107317/ And hey- look at this!! This is a rare find, indeed!!
  8. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/527791294591251/ This one is listed in Edgewater, MD. Very cool house - and only $90!
  9. You know, I'm not sure. It may be from miniatures.com? It's called "Rococo Silk" in "Corn". It's my favorite yellow. Comes with a blue or green background as well. Other vendors may be Just Miniature Scale or Dollhouse Junction.
  10. LOVE this vendor! She seems to be on maternity leave at the moment. To clad your house- you will want the "brickslips". These are thin bricks to glue onto a wood house. I bought some last year, but haven't gotten around to using them on the intended house as of yet. A less expensive route would be to do the egg carton bricks, which give really good-looking results.
  11. miniatures.com is a good source.....but there are TONS of online mini shops to buy from. I always like to support the ones in my state, or at least the closest to me.
  12. jbnmini

    RGT Victorian Cottage Jr 2020

    Another Cottage for a client. Originally this kit was to be for a benefit auction donation, but because of the COVID-19 lockdown, the auction was cancelled. Around that same time one of my Mother's friends asked about a house for her 3 yr old granddaughter and it was the perfect solution! The build kept me busy during my time off and a special house was given to a special someone.
  13. I've done my share of saying "magic words" while doing wiring. I have learned quite a bit and even am getting better at soldering! Yay! You may discover that after so long some of your brad connections have corroded and may need replaced. And you may even want to start over in some spots...I know I've done that often when renovating houses for clients. Removing old wallpaper may be done with a sponge and warm water- some folks add a touch of fabric softener. Doing the folded corners as best you can is a big help - the less connections to cause problems, the better! While MDF may be a bugger at times, using eyelets (and the insertion tool!) is the way to go. Connecting fixtures to the tape wire is best using eyelets as well - even better is soldering! With a craft knife, carefully slice through the clear covering, being careful not to cut the tapewire. Cut down a small length to allow enough space for your wire attachment. Peel back the flap - I hold it back with a smidge of painters tape. Solder your fixture wire and then release the plastic flap back over your wire join. I then use packing tape or scotch tape over the join. As far as sconces.....I fought with-and ruined-far too many fixtures trying to use those plug-in adapters. While they are ok for certain situations, my experience has been that they do not hold a good connection for very long. It is far better to plan your wiring lay-out so that the sconce wires can be put through a hole in the wall and then soldered onto a tape wire run on the other side of the wall. This may require a channel to be cut out of that side of the wall in order to hide the wires. ok- those are my suggestions for now. Good luck!
  14. MIKE!!! SO happy to hear from you again and to have you back at doing minis again! I have been wondering how you were. Here's a big, virtual {{HUG}}!!
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