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  1. Well, guess that depends on the builder! Generally speaking I can construct a house in a week or two, but that is a straight-forward, uncomplicated house with generic finishing required. It can take months to meticulously paint trims, assemble windows and stair components, and create all of the other wonderful features of the Brookwood. Take your time and do each step to the best of your ability. It will be worth the effort!
  2. Hello Lynn! And welcome! I love modern dollhouses and have one in the works as well. I'll look forward to seeing pics of your modern project! And your Buttercup!
  3. Like Sarah- my hubby decided that having his back out would be a good way to slow him down. Well, that was 2 weeks ago and he only took a couple of days off and now the muscles on his other side are starting to seize up. AND his level of grumpiness is ratcheting up. Can't blame him, it IS annoying, but sheesh! Maybe I will tell him about Lee's wife to give him some perspective..... On another note, I just had my first day as a PT cashier at my work. Because hubby is self-employed and relies on my health insurance, I asked for additional work to make up for the hours I was cut back in the office, This way I can get back up to FT status and back on insurance. I don't think I'll mind the job itself, just the long time standing. I have several back issues as well and hope to have a Dr's statement that I can use a stool when needed. Feeling pretty achy and stiff at the office today.
  4. ok....now you've all got me sketching out a fairy tale version book nook!! Thanks! LOL
  5. Hi Steph! Welcome to our little group. We look forward to seeing progress pics on your bungalow.
  6. Love that you added gutters! Such details!
  7. Lovely house - and I always appreciate the changes made to accommodate play. That is what I strive to do in the houses that I renovate. BTW- you have an eye for photography as well: great pics!
  8. My dollhouserie got recently interrupted by real life: I don't work on Mondays and Tuesdays and was looking forward to a couple of days working on my two house projects.....but around 10am on Monday hubby came home early from work and declared: "Let's prep the dining room for painting!" I'm stunned. "Like...NOW?" Hubby generally takes FOREVER to make a big decision when it comes to home renovations. It's a "I'll believe it when I see it." kind of situation with him. SO.....when he said NOW, I quickly put away my mini paint brushes for RL ones! I painted a dining room and a small sitting room. And now we are just waiting for the new sitting room furniture to arrive (yes! he actually agreed to buying new furniture!) before we put everything back in order. Oh- and my girls decided that we need to have another yard sale, so we are all cleaning out our own closets, plus we went through some of my Mother's stuff that we put into storage. Feels good to have some of that gone. It promises to be a hot day this Saturday. Yippee.
  9. uh-oh. I feel a splurge urge coming on.....
  10. And I don't use a real heavy-handed coat of primer- enough to coat and seal. You do not want to primer any surface that you want to eventually stain.
  11. Well, Hobby Lobby was a bust. Ordered online. Guess I should have just done that in the first place.
  12. Hello! and welcome! The Dura-Craft Tudor is a lovely house. As Holly said- use a primer (I use a water-based) on all parts that are not to be stained. When dry, give 'em a light sanding. Any dings or gouges on the interior walls can be filled in with wood putty or spackle first, sanded and then primed. As for hiding wiring- there are several good tutorials out there. You can cut channels in the wood for the wiring, and also tuck it behind crown moulding and base boards. That chimney is also a great place to hide wires! Have fun - and I look forward to your progress pics!
  13. jbnmini

    Day 1 demo!.jpg

    Ha! I LOVE that show! Oh yeah- I am DEF going "Mike Holmes" on this one! LOL
  14. jbnmini

    Pink Bellingham Rehab 2020

    This Dura-Craft Bellingham Farmhouse belongs to one of my "cake friends" (from my PA cake club days) and I am fixing and finishing it up for her daughter and "someday grandchildren".
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