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  1. Hubby is making slow progress and I haven't killed him yet. Yet. He def is NOT a very good patient. As he gets to feeling better he is less and less a pain in my - - - neck, but still isn't really feeling up to doing a lot of reading or pursuing any type of hobby. He used to paint in high school, and was quite good. My daughter gave him a starter acrylics paint kit for Christmas and I am hoping that he will eventually delve into that, rather than spend his days yelling at the cat. In the meantime, I have put working on minis aside and have picked up my genealogy research again. It'
  2. So nicely done and realistic. Just lovely!
  3. Yes please! Well done! And so fun!
  4. oh my! This is just gorgeous! I simply love modern miniatures.
  5. Thankfully I live more than 80 miles away.... LOL
  6. Happy and Safe Holidays to all of my mini friends!
  7. Hubby's surgery went perfectly! He will now spend the next 5 days or so in the hospital, and I will get the remote all to myself! LOL Perhaps with the snowstorm coming I will get some mini time in. The girls want to come over and make cookies on Saturday, so that should be fun.
  8. Poor Cambridge! Although it looks bad at this point, it seems to have "good bones" and should clean up nicely. You can add your own touches to it- the porch trims are mostly gone, so it all can be replaced with something new or entirely omitted! That is what I love about rehabs: adding new touches to bring an old house back to a new life of play.
  9. Don't know if all three of the versions have the exact same size tower roof, but I may have one that I could template and scan/email to you.
  10. I love the Victrola in the corner! My parents had one in an unused bedroom that looked very similar. And, of course, us kids played with it and broke most of the records and severely abused the cabinet!! oops. Your house is absolutely lovely, BTW!!
  11. Well, I hope you enjoy you Barrington build when you get to it! This was my first, so I made a LOT of mistakes and never finished. My granddaughter loves playing with this house, so I hope to soon find some time to correct the mistakes and finish it up for her.
  12. Hubs and I are in the final countdown/lockdown until surgery next Wednesday. He had his tour at the hospital and some final pre-surg testing yesterday and tomorrow he goes for a COVID test. He is to follow COVID self-quarantine protocols.....so no 60th birthday celebration for me at our house on Saturday. I did make a cake to share at work today: a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling and a layer of cheesecake in the middle, and then covered in Chocolate frosting. I usually pour a layer of ganache over the chocolate frosting, but decided that it wasn't necessary for a "wor
  13. Nope. Wasn't me. I resisted temptation.
  14. Yes. Yes it is. And DON'T even THINK about buying it, Jackie!!
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