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  1. I didn’t phrase that correctly @havanaholly I should’ve said upgraded working windows
  2. oh I am so jealous! Such a beautiful style of house! Welcome to the forum and as others have mentioned please please post photos of your progress! Dont get discouraged and ask questions! and don't forget not to glue anything until you've dry-fit it first....how exciting!
  3. for those looking for a DuraCraft San Franciscan 557 - this is the MDF model and also much easier to adapt working windows to be installed in this kit....He has more than one available! Seller told me that he got a hold of old store inventory! Glad he's not trying to charge an arm and a leg! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Dura-Craft-San-Franciscan-Dollhouse-SF-557-1999-NEW-IN-BOX-RARE/133588526815?hash=item1f1a7f26df:g:rPMAAOSw9uhfvvv4
  4. without really seeing a picture it would be hard to tell - if its a Joseph Angel house is different than a Duracraft MDF or an RGT ...mostly its what you would be willing to pay if its that important to you.
  5. most welcome - I have a variety of houses and I do love my 3/8" houses but some of the other kits such as Greenleaf have some houses that are just beautiful. In the eye of the beholder as the saying goes! Excited to see what you're working on!
  6. Hi Rebecca! How exciting and Congratulations! Which house did you get? I hope you'll post pictures your progress and please ask questions if you're unsure or just need to talk something through. There's so much experience on this forum! Welcome again!
  7. Hi Adriana, welcome to the Forum! I can't wait to see what you'll be working one! I love that you'll be working on real life and scale simultaneously! You know the busiest people get the most done!!!
  8. I love the Willowcrest I have one I haven't built yet! You've got some work ahead of you but you can turn this one into a beauty! Thanks for sharing all the pictures and I hope you'll continue to share your progress and ask questions if you're not sure! Most of us here love to give our opinions!
  9. Hi Ed, Welcome to the farm, glad to hear you made it through the first build, it's bound to get easier with each one! The beautiful part about this forum is that you'll have access to the most generous of people with skill, knowledge and expertise! Welcome again!
  10. Qubanqtee


    really nice!!!!
  11. I know it'll be a tray of cookies someone places in her hands but I think maybe secretly she'd like a martini - she has a slightly mischievous look about her.
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