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  1. I completely agree...that feed back is the best resource we have to defend ourselves against fraudulent listings. I have only had one or two poor experiences on Ebay and the feedback wouldn't of been of any use to prevent me from purchasing - just turned out yucky. Overall tho, it's been a great resource for Mini's I, too love Etsy and read feedback...it's the pricey items I hesitate on if they dont have any reviews....but overall my experience has been pleasant.
  2. That’s not the same seller - I’ve purchased from her before and she’s great
  3. This is not the same lady - it’s a legitimate seller
  4. I had to buy 3/8" Baltic Birch to replace a missing roof on my American Craft Products Queen Anne that will be coming up for rehab when we relocate and I had to go to a lumber store. it was not expensive at all...I paid about $11 for a half sheet and they graciously cut it down to make it more manageable. Took just a few minutes to cut it to what I needed and now it has a roof! It's the prettiest smoothest piece of wood I've ever seen lol.
  5. After 5 posts you can post pictures - you’re almost there. Yea 17 - I’m over ambitious lol - I’m currently working on none of them except for plan making of what I’m going to do to my ACP Queen Anne Row - relocating stalls Mini work - I hope to have a much larger space when we get into our permanent place.
  6. No the seller was representing that she was selling an actual dollhouse - it was around $400? If I remember correctly ... she had several “houses”’listed for sale none of which she actually had in her possession and she was selling multiples - as if she had a warehouse of high end houses she was liquidating .. I actually initiated a conversation with her and she gave me all the victim plays one can imagine - bottom line tho she said she had a red one (the shadow cliff) for sale. A total fraud - what she didn’t count on was everyone who visited her site figuring out she was a sham. @felthen
  7. Qubanqtee

    Fancy Dresser 4

    very feminine and I love the lining!
  8. Hi! I've built 4 and donated 3 to charity auctions. I have 17 more in boxes or already built rehabs for the rest of my life lol.
  9. Did you get this resolved? Etsy has removed the seller .... hope it all worked out
  10. Welcome! Nice to have a new face on the forum....lots of members to share with and who share!
  11. I have a house that I got that had half the shingles on it....the best thing I did was rip off the existing and start over again with new shingles.....that would be my recommendation.
  12. well whatever rails you went off of are pretty cool! Love that peeling paper in the kitchen
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