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  1. Clearly some changes on the kit! Pictures are good tho! As for replacing the floors I’d use the least coast lay plywood I could find - just enough to be sturdy but nothing fantastic as you’re going to cover them with flooring and ceiling materials I’m assuming
  2. Welcome Meg! the beautiful part about dollhouse building is that you have this blog to ask for help and support when you need it!
  3. Wow, what a parent! I have this kit - also built this kit many many moons ago ... the first thing Id check if you havent already is that you actually have the correct pieces going where they are supposed to. (I hope you're dry fitting) if you do have the correct pieces then I would ensure that the walls are snug in there fittings....sometimes with these houses when you're sliding in the pieces, they are not completely inside the slot....if you have more than one piece doing this it'll throw off the whole house. Hope this helps and theres always someone around to answer questions. ke
  4. hope you are on your way to full recovery!
  5. I agree, even though it's not my "style" it is a really great house that I think should be better represented....hope someone from here picks up!
  6. Qubanqtee


    so so tiny! are you placing it in a special house or using it in a scene?
  7. wow, so detailed and so tiny! I love it!
  8. holy cannoli I need to catch up I don't have but one room box lol! Thanks for sharing this....certainly a weaponized way to have a discussion with the non miniaturist!
  9. No there’s nothing wrong with you posting here - the differences in the houses are mainly trim and top attic windows - the 557 is made of MDF and the 550 (the original model) and 555 are both plywood and the salt built walls ... the layout of the rooms is the same ...
  10. You can use caulking to define the lines and use a cake tip - such as a number 1 and it’ll pop beautifully
  11. I received a lot of help from many who have become friends and so it's only right to pay it forward....you'll have fun.
  12. After trying to get my hand in there in the dry fit I figured it wasn’t going to get easier
  13. Welcome to the forum - I’ve recently completed a Duracraft San Franciscan - sadly the Instructions aren’t the most encouraging or even the best written. I built the walls and then carefully dry fit all the pieces (you can go to my photo albums and see my dryfit) then I carefully disassembled the dryfit and began building and decorating one floor at a time. If you’re electrifying with tape or round wire you’re going to want to make a plan on where you want electricity at the dryfit stage. For this house, I personally decided on battery lights. I did not install the stairs wh
  14. oh wow, that sounds like an amazing piece of history that you have! I echo what Carrie said, you want to carefully follow instructions about lead paint. I hope you'll post a before and after - I'm sure we'd all love to see your piece of history!
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