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  1. ooooo what a find! Cant wait to see what you do with her!!!! Congratulations!
  2. Qubanqtee

    Siding Complete

    thanks Emily @fov it finally spoke lol.
  3. I had this house in 1/12 scale and it's a beauty and HUGE... great house and for the price even better.
  4. so glad you're back to some sense of normal!
  5. you are not alone!!! I'm currently dead in the water lol
  6. Qubanqtee

    Siding Complete

    thank you Carrie @Mid-life madness! @kells I was going to use some (Architectural Elements) Lawbre windows that are quite ornate but @1martinimommareminded me that true to a Queen Anne the windows are actually quite simple - Im going to be adapting some carlson windows that I had purchased for this house and fit beautifully and simplify them.
  7. Qubanqtee

    Queen Anne Row ACP

    American Craft Products Queen Anne Row - purchased from Offer Up with Shell Assembled but minimal components and missing some instructions. This is my online notebook of it's progress.
  8. and its sold out!!!!! good grief!
  9. yes it is based on a house in Visalia, in fact our own @fovEmily wrote up an article on it on her blog with the history. https://www.emilymorganti.com/blog/?p=14399
  10. Someone’s fingers are not familiar with correct decimal placement for that rare beauty made in China with its 2 billion identical twin pieces lol
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