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  1. rest in peace
  2. isn't it nuts? Im not sure I could justify even if the kit was $10 that cost of shipping. I mean I get that it's heavy but wow. Id rather fly overseas, visit, and pack the kit and bring it home. At least I'd feel like I got more out of it lol.
  3. what a beautiful front that is! that shipping is WHACK!
  4. Qubanqtee

    Little Needle & Thread

    Miniature Needle work
  5. hey, nice record player lol. thank you for the shout out!
  6. Hi Dina, we just moved from Cali to Texas and I have a Visalian that was crated to bring with me. That being said, I didn't build mine, I bought it already built and will rehab it as soon as we close escrow and get settled in to our new home. I paid less than $200 for mine. It's an enormous house and to crate it cost me more than I paid. I see yours is not yet built but I just wanted to give you a price point. Sadly we don't recover what we paid for original kits most of the time.
  7. I am squealing with excitement! I love those ceilings especially how it appears they are slightly recessed ...did you carve out space or is it an Illusion? they look fantastic!
  8. Qubanqtee

    boat chairs.jpg

    I love this creativity!
  9. I think you missed the original question and the intent of Carries answer.
  10. thats the best part of the description.
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