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  1. Mid-life madness


    I love the way you are transforming the house, it makes me want a croissant!
  2. Do you know the name of the Model? Hopefully we can find an example for you.
  3. Rebecca, I am so proud of you!!!! Congratulations!
  4. I love the light, what a great way to accent the shelf!
  5. I didn't read the entire article because I am not subscribed but, those little kits are not for the beginner.....IMO Even seasoned miniaturists struggle with them. If you are subscriber, make sure you leave a comment. P.S....I have noticed that they aren't in my Hobby Lobby any longer.
  6. I once heard that only the wealthy can be considered eccentric....I prefer peculiar.
  7. I love the Apple Blossom! Yours is very cheery, like it should be.
  8. It is a very nice house....What are your plans?
  9. Mid-life madness


    I really like what you have done with this build. The hip thing nowadays is to renovate abandoned business into living spaces. There is a show on the BBC named Restoration Home that is very enjoyable. https://www.amazon.com/Restoration-Home/dp/B07V3TH65R
  10. It looks like the Cambridge by Dura-Craft.
  11. You are a miniaturist if you refer to the area under your work station as the "black hole".....the place where once something tiny is dropped, it is never seen again.
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