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  1. Dang Holly, does he live near the factory where they manufacture Cheetos? While he was sunbathing, an errant cloud of Cheetos dust, dusted him....
  2. She looks great....I wish they had a slimmer bust line. It does make clothing hard to find.
  3. Put some bad hair on him......
  4. Beautiful! Everything is so authentic and simple as one would expect it to be. Love it!
  5. Hi Debra, Do the dry fit of the major pieces like Holly suggested. As you get father along in the directions the glue this part and not that part might clear up. On one of my builds had a similar instruction.
  6. We must have posted at the same time!
  7. @Tinkerbelle They are beautiful Here is another BJD artist from Poland https://www.etsy.com/shop/Zjakazumi?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=653216303 Sometimes she has auctions on eBay as well.
  8. Hi Kelly, We have missed you too. I am so relieved that you made it through and got to do some minis in the process.
  9. Welcome Nicole Hope to see you around the site.
  10. Love the retro look. Good job
  11. For interior floors? I usually scribe groves into a thin sheet of wood so it looks like individual planks, then slide it in place. Some people use craft sticks....You could scribe the floors of the house before assembly, and finish them. It all depends on what look you are going for. Have you checked dollhouse sites, and eBay yet? Also hobby supply stores.
  12. Welcome Brad I have a soft spot for any parent building a dollhouse for their kids....YOU ROCK! I have never built the VM600 but her is a copy of the instructions that might be in better shape https://www.dollhouseworkshop.net/instructions/duracraft/VH600.pdf I cannot see your pictures.
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