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  1. You can leave out all or some of the fireplaces -- just don't punch them out, and wallpaper over them. I did this on the second floor. But if you're talking about getting rid of the chimney structure, that is integral to holding the house together.
  2. People have posted good suggestions. Another option is watered down wood filler, applied with a sponge brush. You can keep adding water to the wood filler until it's the consistency you want -- less water will create more texture, and more water will give you a smoother finish. If you want more of a stucco look, tap the wet wood filler with the sponge brush to create a bumpy texture.
  3. That one is made out of a bashed 1:48 scale gazebo. There's a spiral staircase in the tower leading up to the widow's walk.
  4. I stopped updating this thread long ago, but I'm happy to report that after 5+ years the back-to-back Victorianna bash is complete! I have been blogging about this build all along and have posted around 1,800 photos altogether! You can see those posts here: https://www.emilymorganti.com/blog/?tag=greenleaf-victorianna (they're in reverse order, so go all the way to page 5 and start at the bottom if you want to see the early stuff). I'm planning to put together a gallery and will also do a recap post on my blog with links to the most important posts to make it easier to wade through. Also, though the house is finished I haven't made/bought all the furniture yet, or even figured out what to do with a couple of rooms. But it's a big relief to have the house finished. I never thought it would take this long!
  5. I haven't done that, but I did bash two Rosedales together. I think it might work better to bash two of the same house than two different houses since then your trim will be consistent. (Unless you're planning to replace all the windows with Houseworks components... but the windows are part of what make these houses special, especially the Beacon Hill.)
  6. The way this half scale house is hinged is interesting: https://www.ebay.com/itm/HALF-1-2-1-24-sc-miniature-DOLLHOUSE-beautifully-finished/124182800968
  7. Hi Alvin! Glad you made it here. You emailed me yesterday after reading about the Visalian on my blog. A couple of things... the picture you posted is the Sea Side Villa, not the Visalian. They are very similar but have slight differences that might impact electricity, like placement of the second story stairs and accessibility to the tower. The Visalian is this one: That said, Norm's Dollhouse did make the Sea Side Villa, and because they are similar Norm's son David might be able to help you. Also @Qubanqtee has a Visalian, maybe she can help.
  8. Can't remember if we've talked about this one before: https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/tag/d/sparks-reduced-spectacular-one-of-kind/7117374229.html Does anyone know what house it is? Also here's a Duracraft Newberg that the seller says is going to the dump if no one buys it this week. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/art/d/san-jose-doll-house/7121062975.html
  9. Not as a dealer, but I have shopped at these shows before and they're great! There's a lot of variety, each vendor has different types of minis for sale. Some are selling off estates or items out of their stash, some sell kits or handmade items. It's definitely worth checking out!
  10. May 20–25 and June 24–28, happening here: https://aminiminiatureshow.weebly.com/ Each seller has a "table" (their own page on the website), just like at an in-person show. If you want to register as a dealer there's a link to do that on the website.
  11. The new forum isn't quite ready for photo uploads yet, so that might be why you're getting that error. Does it say how big the image is allowed to be? You can use this website to resize it: https://picresize.com/
  12. I didn't follow the directions for the porch roof, so my blog probably won't help you. I left off the roof and made it a balcony. Here's a picture that might help you: It's made out of two larger pieces that meet up on the slanted edge, and I assume there are small triangles that go under these larger pieces to hold the roof up.
  13. If you have two graphics -- one of the wallpaper and one of the lines -- you need to do "select all" on your lines image, copy it, and paste it into the wallpaper image. The catch is that the picture with the lines needs to be transparent, otherwise the area inside the lines will be white and the white part will cover up your wallpaper. You can make it transparent by selecting the area just inside the lines (using the lasso selection tool or the magic wand tool) and deleting it. Or you could delete the white part with the eraser tool (but it could be hard to be precise with the eraser, depending on how intricate your lines are). Another way to do it would be to draw the lines directly on top of the wallpaper using the line tool or pencil tool. I don't have GIMP, so I can't give you step by step instructions, but these are standard tools in graphics programs.
  14. That's a gorgeous fireplace! Great work! I finished my Victorianna's brick chimney foundation while the forum was down. I'm happy with the result but I don't know if I'd do it again -- so many teeny tiny bricks! This is half scale so they're even smaller. I painted, applied brown and gray washes, sealed with matte varnish, applied Andi's Mortar Mix, and then sealed again. I posted about the process on my blog here and here. I used Magic Brick on a roombox last year and had mixed feelings about it. I think it's great for doing a big area quickly, especially compared to egg carton bricks, but it's very uniform and doesn't have the character of bricks that are laid individually. Make sure you seal them afterward with something like matte varnish or Mod Podge, or the brick material will flake off when you touch it. I have two posts about Magic Brick (and Stone) with pictures on my blog here and here.
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