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  1. Two rare American Craft kits: Ol Mercantile: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Ol-Mercantile-Store-Front-8506-Kit-American-Craft-Products-Miniature-NOS-Scale/143806206285?hash=item217b84914d:g:TQgAAOSwoQZfleIr House of Hidden Treasures: https://www.ebay.com/itm/HOUSE-OF-HIDDEN-TREASURES-204-Kit-American-Craft-Products-Miniature-NOS-Jewelry/133557103474?hash=item1f189fab72:g:~rYAAOSwwO9fleEa I have a House of Hidden Treasures kit in the box. It's a smaller version of the Queen Anne Rowhouse. I think the price on this one is much too steep, but then again I have only seen one of these on e
  2. Your house looks great! That's good progress for a week. You described it well -- I love working on dollhouses because my mind goes blank and I just focus on the task at hand. Often I check the clock thinking it's only been like 20 minutes and find I've been at it for hours.
  3. Wow, lucky you! That is a very sought-after house.
  4. Try wrapping the sandpaper around a wood block? Or use an emery board? What are you trying to sand? I might have better suggestions if I can visualize the corner.
  5. fov

    leaded windows trial

    Love it! Where did you get the diamond sheet?
  6. fov

    3rd Bedroom.jpg

    I love that you stained the door jamb. I always paint mine to match the trim. This looks so much more realistic.
  7. Bobie, sorry I missed your post in July -- the Highland is an awesome house! I have one in the box that I got on eBay years ago (but I paid a lot more than $50 for mine...) I don't know if I'll ever build it because I mainly do half scale now, but I can't bring myself to part with it. I impulse bought the Tulip Cottage from Betty's Wooden Miniatures on eBay last night. It's a 1:12 scale playhouse but I think it can work as a half scale house. I also have the Backyard Bliss house (which you can see half of on the right in the photo) and am intending to do that one as a half scale candy sho
  8. You're right, from the side view (#17) it looks normal. Maybe what I'm seeing in the front view is an optical illusion.
  9. That's really cute! Can you post a bigger picture? It's hard to see the space where the scene will go.
  10. I like the Shadow Cliff, but is there something funny about the left side of the front bay/tower? It looks like it's at the wrong angle -- almost like it goes straight back rather than at a 45 degree angle like the right side, and it's not symmetrical under the gable. Is my brain just seeing it weirdly? It looks really odd to me.
  11. Great pictures, Carrie! This question comes up a lot. Here's another thread about the Orchid's windows that includes a link to a great tutorial that might help you visualize it:
  12. That's really nice! Lots of good pictures to look at. Here's a unique Spanish style house: https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/clt/d/oakland-spanish-style-handmade-dollhouse/7210331640.html And only one picture, but I think this is a Queen Anne Rowhouse (the same house in my avatar) if anyone in the Bay Area is looking for one: https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/atq/d/danville-doll-house/7207556639.html
  13. fov

    Brimbles 8.jpg

    I love this so much! You did a great job with this.
  14. fov


    I love how you used fishscale shingles to make an awning. Very clever.
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