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  1. Shame about the high shipping price, because this is a neat 1:24 kit. I've wanted to make a toy store for a long time and this would be a good building for it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/231132493952?hash=item35d091f880
  2. Strange! I have used Houseworks plugs with these outlets before and they worked.
  3. Hi, welcome to the forum! I wasn't sure what you meant so I went and looked at Greenleaf's pictures of the Harrison: http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/dollhouse-kits/harrison-dollhouse-kit.html I never noticed that the upstairs room with the balcony that you can see from the front, can't be seen from the back! Is that the room you're talking about?
  4. I split your question into its own thread. A lot of people sell on Craigslist, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace. Keep in mind that you might not get its full value and that it will be expensive to ship. We also have a Community Trading Post forum here where you can post it. Include your location and maybe someone near you will be interested. Please don't post your asking price or give your email or physical address. If anyone is interested they can send you a private message through the forum and can discuss pricing and logistics there.
  5. See this post for info about resizing photos: It seems like even if one bulb is loose or blown, the others should still light up. But it might depend on how the chandelier is build. I don't think all 12 bulbs could have gone out at once. You could try removing all the bulbs, and then swapping in one bulb that you know works and see if that one lights up.
  6. Plugging the chandelier into a transformer that's not strong enough shouldn't break the chandelier, the bulbs should just be dimmer. Do other lights work? Can you explain how you have this set up? If you're using tape wire, it's possible a connection somewhere between your transformer and your chandelier isn't working. Do you have a test probe that you can use to test the tape in different spots to see where it's working?
  7. This question comes up a lot! It might be the most common problem people have with the Orchid. Here's another thread with some useful info:
  8. Are you in the San Francisco area? I feel like I saw that house on Craigslist recently. It looks like you're only missing the windows and door? If Greenleaf can't provide you with replacement sheets, then you can swap in third party windows, but you might not be able to find exactly the right size. Wooden Houseworks windows can be taken apart and modified to fit. (Microwave the window for 10-15 seconds to loosen the glue.) Another option would be to just add acetate and trim to the rectangular windows. (The curved ones couldn't be done this way.) Take a look at my blog to see how I h
  9. I painted over a red checkered Lee's Line sofa with fabric paint. It has a sort of leather look close up, but once it's in the house it looks like smooth fabric. You could do something like this to make it the color you want and then still add cushions and lace, which would make it harder to tell that the sofa has been painted. For the doors, on the exterior the siding will make them the right depth, as Holly mentioned. For the interior doors you can add wood to both the inside of the built-in casing and to the edge of the loose casing to make up the difference and make them a
  10. I'm going to close this thread since the houses are gone. Celeste, I hope you find the kits you're looking for!
  11. Half scale RGT bungalow -- good price for a retired kit. https://www.ebay.com/itm/DOLLHOUSE-MINIATURE-1-2-SCALE-CLASSIC-BUNGALOW-KIT-FROM-REAL-GOOD-TOYS/284256495026
  12. Clever! It looks good. I'm planning to do something similar with one of their other 1:12 pieces.
  13. Here are the photos of Laurel's dollhouse. I've seen this before but can't think of what house it is. I think it's an Artply?
  14. Very pretty! Where did you get the sunburst?
  15. I was just looking for these the other day, for some reason they've become impossible to find! Here are some on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dollhouse-Miniature-Electric-Petite-Wall-Outlets-1-24-scale-D48-Dollys-Gallery/372246721335
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