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  1. Hi everyone, I am happy to join this community of all things miniature. A little about myself: I have a very creative mind. Ever since I was a kid, I collected toys and simulated battles or adventure stories. I think that miniatures helped me escape from reality and I was able to create my own world. However, growing up, I lost touch of this passion of mine. I hope to rediscover this passion by exploring other people's creative worlds. First 2 questions: Where do you usually buy your miniatures and what do you look for ?
  2. Hello, everyone. I have always wanted a dollhouse and dabbled here and there over the years. Now that I'm retired, I've thrown myself into the hobby with a vengeance! I have a beautiful farmhouse built for me by Kelloggs and a Victoria's Farmhouse I bought second-hand. I've been learning so much and find myself engrossed in a project for hours! I've learned a lot from this forum about painting the dollhouse, what glues to use for different projects and types of wood for dollhouse furniture. I'm so grateful for everyone's generous support and suggestions! This forum is a godsend!
  3. Hello everybody I was suggested to register to your forum by a kind lady. So here I am! I 'm a 49 (nearly 50 !)years old proud mum of 3 beautiful daughters (aged now of 20, 18 and 14 !) . I always love miniatures since I'm a child and when I was a student to become a physiotherapist I started to craft by myself furnitures for my pleasure, then roomboxes. I discover that it was a real hobby when I went to London and visited a dedicated shop and shows. In France it is not very popular as in England or America. Until internet arrives, it was very hard to find
  4. Good Morning! I just wanted to share a link to the Shapeways shop I opened over the weekend. I have 3D printed Kitchen Miniature Sets available currently with more products coming soon! The sets are available in 1:12 and 1:24 scale and include a Stockpot w/lid, Skillet, Small Saucepan, Baking dish, Loaf pan, Pie plate, Mixing bowl, Rolling pin, Pitcher, Tea kettle w/lid and a Small mug. They are made of a sturdy nylon plastic and can be painted easily with just about any type of craft or model paint. I'm happy to answer any questions you have and would love to hear what yo
  5. We have several on the forum from Washington State so I thought I would let you know there is a new real-life brick-and-mortar miniature store in Edmonds! It's called CJN Miniatures, and is located at: 9675 Firdale Ave; Edmonds 98020. Easy to get to from the ferry dock (for those of us on the Peninsula). I don't know if she sells online, but here's the website - CJN Miniatures I got to stop in yesterday and she has a huge inventory, and also takes things on consignment.
  6. We can't wait to tell everyone the AWESOME news!! The former Stockton Miniature Show has had to change locations due to the hall closing.. We have moved to the Lodi Wine Country and this will be our best show EVER! 7th Annual Miniatures in the Wine Country Formerly the Stockton Miniature Show 2 Shows at Once!! There are so many tables that there will be 2 shows at 2 locations to accommodate all the miniatures. There will be more miniatures than you ever could imagine! PLUS, over 40 room boxes and dollhouses!
  7. I have about 203 back issues of Nutshell News from 1981-1995. Some issues may be missing from some years. I have them listed on eBay and Webstore under Dataphx. Some are not showing because they need to be relisted, but I have reached my eBay limit and need to wait for other things to expire. Plus I have numerous other miniature magazines that include Miniature Gazette, Dollhouse Miniature, Dolls House also for sale and each from random years. Please feel free to contact me for more information. I have images of all of them.
  8. From the album: Grapeview Bed & Breakfast

    Installed most of the windows last night.

    © CheckMouseMiniatures

  9. CheckMouse

    Side Porch

    From the album: Granddaughter's Dollhouse

    There is room on the side porch for a table and chair, which I have included for her.

    © CheckMouse Miniatues

  10. CheckMouse

    All Finished!

    From the album: Granddaughter's Dollhouse

    I've left off some of the extra trim - I'm expecting this house to get some rough handling.

    © CheckMouse Miniatures

  11. Hello from Oregon! I'm a new member and have no idea what I'm doing. This looks like a great place to share and laugh! I own the newest Dollhouse and Miniature shop in the Northwest. I would love to talk to artisians who would possibly consign in my shop. I'm not looking to get rich, I'll be happy to pay the rent. I want to share and have fun! What a wonderful passion we share! I am in this adorable little town, 26 antique shops and almost all are walking distance from each other. Quant little places to grab a snack or even sample wine. I am in the Historic District. Right on Main street in
  12. Hi All, Travelling all the way to Germany next week for work. I have one free day while I'm there and would like to hit a mini shop or two if anyone knows of any in Stuttgart or Frankfurt? I know it's a long shot, but there really aren't any shops where I live in Australia so I have to take any opportunity as it arises!
  13. From the album: DIY Miniatures

    Today I knew I was goi to be crafting miniatures. I love days like this. I can sit in my PJs, drink coffe, watch my silly reality shows and do what I love. I am a serious Fiestaware lover. I have been collecting fiestaware for 25+ years. When I first saw some mini fiestaware items at miniatures.com my heart skipped a beat. Since I made food I figured I would try some plates, and platters. Well I kind of got carried away. I recommend this to everyone. It's pretty easy to make your own collection of unique dinnerware. I love the colors. I just need some more platters,
  14. From the album: Granddaughter's Dollhouse

    Coming in on the home stretch. This was taken the night before she had to leave to go back home to Nebraska. She chose the theme of a little snack shop for the house - to be named Savannah's Snacks. She traveled back plane so I will have to ship the house to her after I add the final finishing touches. (It's MDF - going to cost a pretty penny! )

    © checkmouse miniatures

  15. From the album: Granddaughter's Dollhouse

    She likes sparkles! I brought out 3 books of scrapbooking paper - "Grandma! You're killing me!" She finally decided on a sparkle-circled pattern for the attic ceiling. We did a lot of spray paint and papering on this project as there was not a lot of time, and her attention span was pretty short.

    © checkmouse miniatures

  16. From the album: DIY Miniatures

    Honestly........this has to be the most frustrating miniature light I've ever made. Waiting for the Epoxy to dry so I can repaint. And after all this, I'm almost positive this is too large for my Sugarplum Dollhouse. Ugh.......so mad. I have to start over for correct sizing. Maybe next time I can figure out how to electrify
  17. From the album: Sugarplum Dollhouse

    this is for anyone who is building the Sugarplum Dollhouse. I scaled down the interior furniture. You can see the sizing of the bed. It is smaller than 1:12 but larger than 1:24.
  18. MLI Designs

    DIY Bed

    From the album: DIY Miniatures

    It's not going to be the most beautiful bed but it will work. At a later date I will make myself a really nice iron bed. This is more for spacing to see how the room will lay out with the bed in there and for sizing. im making a quick mattress, also for sizing. I'm not so much about the mattress. I'm all about the bedding. for the quick mattress, I measure for size and cut three layers of foam board and glued them together. I took a tip from a tutorial posted on these forums too. I used three layers of very thin batting (I actually cut it out of a old tree skirt). I measured
  19. @MikeUK finally remembered what I wanted to ask you. I'm sure there are others here who could answer this too. if you were going to replicate this chair stool, how would you do it? I want this style for my kitchen. I'm waiting for a solder tool I order but that won't be here for awhile
  20. So I am in awe of all the splendid work on this site. I look at some of your homes and it makes me want to build a large dollhouse but I really don't have anywhere to display or store large projects. For those of you who build many houses, do you have space dedicated to displaying them or do you build and sell them? If you do sell them, are you sad to see them go? Building is a labor of love.
  21. MLI Designs


    From the album: Girls Bedroom

    thats right, that is my coffe cup. That is how small it is
  22. CheckMouse

    Front View

    From the album: Beacon Hill

    Very well built. Tape wiring throughout the house and some lights are installed. Haven't tested them yet.

    © checkmouse

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