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  1. S/W Crafts Fantasy Island Kit! Low starting bid. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NIB-S-W-Crafts-Inc-Fantasy-Island-No-905-Miniature-Wonderland-Doll-House-Rare-/402698989326?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  2. WAIT!!!! I found them! I thought of a place I might have put them during the move. Yep, there they were! I will scan them off, or can make a copy and put in the mail. Whatever is best for you.
  3. Well . . . I dug around in the container for the Cape May and was unsuccessful in finding the instructions. I looked in a few other places I usually keep paperwork, and still nothing. I will keep looking, but . . . It is not like me to toss out instructions, I usually keep all that and file it. I will keep looking. You might search on eBay and Etsy, from time to time, instructions for dollhouse kits do turn up for sale.
  4. It is listed twice. It is not the first time this has been listed. Last time I checked there were 3 listings on eBay for it. I am not sure how the seller gets around that! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Gone-With-The-Wind-Plantation-Dollhouse-Serious-buyers-only/171926113522?hash=item2807984cf2:g:QB8AAOSwLqFV8EkN But yes, you do have to scratch your head and really wonder . . .
  5. Great price on the McKinley! https://offerup.com/item/detail/1053557777/ Whitney asking for offers! https://offerup.com/item/detail/1049171049/
  6. I should still have my instructions! I am half way though my build/bash of this house. I will have to do some searching, but think I know where they are. We moved in the middle of the build, and I have a storage tote of all the items for the house. I will get back with you on what I find this evening after I get home from work. (don't tell the boss I am on the forum at work ) Matt
  7. I drove around for 6 - 8 months with the craigslist assembled Grandville purchase covered with a blanket to keep it a bit hidden. I finally brought it in when someone was not home and took it to the attic (walk up, semi climate controlled). "Oh that? I have it a long time now . . . ".
  8. This! I have 12 houses and or kits waiting on me or in progress. And now I have started small room boxes and/or vignettes. Soooooo, somewhere in the area of 22 give or take. And all this after I sold off about 12 other kits I knew I would never get to! Whew! What and addiction! Welcome Amanda! We are a group of Enablers!
  9. So after months of ignoring this kit(s) calling out to me, I finally decided to get started on it. I decided since I was given another partial kit about a couple of years ago (BIG Thanks to jbresr), to enlarge the house a bit.
  10. That are my thoughts as well. But I have the extra pieces from a partial kit, so thought it might be an idea. It was mentioned to do only a one story tower if adding a second one. Ha! I think more of a crazy Aunt! I did think of this, but the way the house is constructed, it would be major deconstruction. I would have to cut out part of the porch and the roof, and then it would be hard to access the tower from the back. I would have to make it removable. Which is an option, as I plan on building a foundation for the house.
  11. So I need some input if I should do Photo Tower Two or Tower Three idea, or just stick with Tower One. Tower One picture is my plan at this point. I am adding another floor to the tower, and a floor to the wing. I am also extending the porch so it connects all the way across. Sorry for the bad photoshop work. I am not very good manipulating photos in the software. But it gives you a general idea of where I am going. Tower One Tower Two Tower Three Thanks!
  12. madtex1967

    NOLA 2.jpg

    The original flier that came with the kit, showing the various ways to build. I also have the original hand written sales ticket.
  13. madtex1967

    NOLA 1.jpg

    The original flier that came with the kit, showing the various ways to build. I also have the original hand written sales ticket.
  14. madtex1967

    NOLA 3.jpg

    Diagram of construction.
  15. madtex1967

    NOLA 4.jpg

    More test fitting. I want to make sure I get the bricks on the sides to match correctly.
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