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  1. Hey everyone - I was fortunate to be selected to share my love of Mini's with our local magazine! They featured my Duracraft San Franciscan 555 on the cover! I hope it brings more to this amazing hobby and past time! Here's a link to the Magazine. Enjoy! https://view.publitas.com/now-magazines/north-ellis-county-now-april-2022/page/1
  2. Hello, It seems our landlord fail to mention that our garage turned into a swimming pool when it rained. I was able to save the wooden pieces of the Shenandoah Log Cabin, but not the instructions. If anyone has a copy or know where I can get one I would greatly appreciate it. I will pay for them and shipping
  3. Hi All, I am searching for a DuraCraft Marquam Hill Mansion (MR 625) kit or dollhouse. My grandmother had one of these when I was little that I loved playing with, but sadly it was given to someone outside of our family after she passed. I would love to build or restore one with my daughter now that she is old enough to share a love of miniatures with me. However, I am having a really hard time finding this dollhouse anywhere. Anyone have any leads? Thanks!
  4. Hello All! I working in the attic this week, I decided to clean out more of the house kits that I know I will never get to build, and really have no sentimental attachment to them. Just message me for details if interested. I am only charging actual shipping, and if it comes out less than I have predicted, I will refund the difference. All kits have been stored laying flat. The kits will be listed on eBay on Friday July 31st. The Pierce Kit - Open Box. this is actually a full kit and half of another one. It would be great for someone who would like to bash/add on to the original kit. I am not sure all of what is missing from the 2nd kit, but know that over half of it is there. Woodline Victorian Kit - Unopened - this is not the actual picture of my box. The box of mine is in perfect condition. SW Crafts' Little Orphan Annie Dollhouse Kit - Unopened - very HEAVY house Dura-Craft Victorian VH600 - Unopened Model Homes #1006 San Francisco - Opened Box, But All Pieces are present
  5. Hi all. I had a dollhouse when I was a child... a Greenleaf Pierce to be exact. My dad built it for me when I was about 8. I loved it and spent hours playing, pretending, and trying to make things for it. Fast forward 40 some years and I no longer have anything but the memories of the dollhouse. I was talking to my husband about it and told him it would be fun to build a dollhouse. He in turn told someone at work who said they had a dollhouse they just wanted to get rid of. Her mother found it on the side of the road with a "Free" sign on it and grabbed it for her, thinking it would be great for her three year old granddaughter. The coworker then said if we would take it then she would bring it to us just so she could get it out of her house. Here is the house and how it looked when I got it, a week ago.
  6. Hello Greenleaf community! I inherited, and have subsequently built, the Dura-craft Southern Mansion (SM-700) kit from my grandmother. It was a great project, but the completed mansion is just too big for our house. I'd like to sell the completed build and was hoping this community could help me identify a fair price. Google Photo Album of the build process: https://photos.app.goo.gl/iOChUYSVr5MC5Gkf2 How much should I ask for something like this? It took dozens of hours to build. The house is complete, with original manual and all extra wood bits. Thanks!
  7. From the album: Pink Bellingham Rehab 2020

    The owner wishes the house to remain pink, but a softer pink was in order. Much better now!
  8. From the album: Pink Bellingham Rehab 2020

    Dry fitting the windows, French doors and working on the porch railings. The owner had cut the hole for the French door rather poorly, so you may notice a couple of shims put in to help fill in the gaps. There is also a gap in the railings- I thought I had enough in my stash and came up short! Argh! Off to buy more....
  9. Back when I started building the Duracraft San Franciscan, the one made of MDF, I decided it needed a basement, so a carpenter friend of mine cut one for me based on my specs. It's got window openings and an opening for stairs. I'm not asking any money for it, just the cost of sending it to where it would need to go. I think I can get packing materials for free. I've posted some pics, although they're not the best, but they'll give you an idea of the piece. It's made from 1/2" thick excellent quality wood. I decided to go in a different direction and didn't build the house, but I hate to just throw away the basement because someone might have use for it. So, I'll post it here and see if there are any takers. I planned on making it into a kitchen and laundry room. Two of the photos show the "Ceiling" as the floor. The stair opening is actually on the top of the structure. I have some more recent photos I can email if anyone should contact me. The center wall is not included, but you can see how the room layout would look if you added a wall. The ceiling height is 8.5" and I used the actual floor piece (MDF) from the original kit, so it matches up exactly. As far as components go, I had used what was shown in the photos. There's a sliding glass door by Miniature House and I used windows from Earth and Tree. If you need components, I can see what I have and we could discuss pricing on those items. But, the basement itself is free of charge to anyone who could use it. Any questions or for more information, send me a message. I'm located in MA so if you're in the area, I can meet you with it as well. Probably a long shot, but hey, you never know! Robin P.S. If you wanted to make a donation for this item, I'd ask $10 that I could give to a local animal rescue.
  10. Qubanqtee


    From the album: San Franciscan Interior

    I made a huge faux pas, I made the loo the largest of the room in the San Franciscan....before proceeding I decided to switch the master with the bathroom....it required re-flooring the bathroom, removing the tile walls and wallpapering. The drapes which I made and stitched every little ring to the drapes and then hung them on the rod I made....to say I way annoyed was an understatement. In the end it was worth every sore fingertip...the master bedroom is elegant and airy yet welcoming. The Bespaq settee sits in front of the windows so the mistress can put on her shoes or read a chapter or two. The lingerie chest holds some of her beloved items....the bed, I soldered and painted and covered with linens from Wendy Dollhouse. The night stand, an HOM kit ....the armoire is painted and the door pulls are glass beads from my Mom's collection...she used these same beads in making each of us a beautiful Christmas stocking...the final touch, a June Clinkscales piece so that the mistress can step unto the bed when she's ready to retire for the evening. Some finishing touches are still needed, but I couldn't be more pleased with how she's coming along.
  11. I am constructing the Duracraft linfield and I’m dry fitting the roof, but it’s just not fitting right. Do they ever? Should I sand and try to figure it out or glue and fill in with wood putty? I have done everything correct with the instructions, so I don’t know what’s best to do. Any suggestions?
  12. I have a hand-me-down Duracraft Victorian VH600 that I would be happy to give to someone who would love and build it. It is from the 1980s, never opened. I have no idea of the condition but the box is clean and whole so I'm assuming that everything inside is good. It is very heavy, so I can't mail it, sorry. I am willing to drive to a southern L.A. Co. or Orange Co. Calif. location if you can't come and get it, and I would be happy to hang on to it for a while if necessary. The box says "21 in. x 47 in. x 40 in." -- ten rooms!
  13. tjb

    Chelsea front bashed

    From the album: Laurel/Chelsea Bash

    This is how I bashed the front of the Chelsea.
  14. After having to take time off from minis due to work (and life) I am anxious to start back. I was on Craig's List looking for a swimming pool slide, when I came across two dollhouses. The first is only about five miles from me, it's a San Franciscan (I'm pretty sure, not 100% sure of model) for $100. The other I believe is a Newport, comes with furniture, and is $225. I am attaching seriously considering buying both houses. I have the room, and I prefer rehabbing to building. My 40th birthday is Monday, so I may have found my gifts (to myself) If anyone can confirm/correct my model names (neither owner was sure of the model), or if the picture shows some kind of glaring problem I've missed, please let me know!
  15. Hi there, In 1995-96 I bought a dollhouse kit while going though a major episode of my life. It really helped me get through. I am trying to figure out the name of the house, because it has clearly been discontinued. It was destroyed some time ago, and it had a lot of personal value. I am unsure as to whether it was Dura Craft or Greenleaf. It very much resembled the Beacon Hill, but it was slightly different. In addition to being quite large with a mansard roof and working windows, it also had strips of hardwood to lay for the downstairs. For the bottom trim for the "basement/foundation," there was a strip to adhere that gave it the look of real brick. Can anyone point me in the right direction: 1990s kit catalogs, photos, etc., that might give me an idea as to where to find out what that house was called (and perhaps even replace it)? I've searched and searched the internet over and over, and have come up empty handed. Thanks!
  16. Although I have dabbled in creating miniature items most of my life, I only recently got into dollhouses. My sister gave a DuraCraft Ashley still in the box a couple of years ago and i blindly proceeded to begin construction. After about a month of trying to find permanent space to work, I ended up revamping my garage into a workshop, and then began collecting little things to create furnishings...then i discovered Pinterest!! I have so many boards and pins there, I go by jeanzblue, don't have any of my stuff, just things i like. So the more i look at other's work and bashing I have finally decided to "theme" bash the Ashley as a sorceress cottage. I also do silly little things in my garden to attract tbe Faerie folk, I truly believe that "if you build it they will come" ;-) This is where most of my mini crafting has been done until now. Recently I spent som time at my sister's and she is very heavy into quilting now, so she gave me 40 years worth of miniatures! Furniture kits, already put together pieces, critters, food and a DuraCraft San Franciscan 550 still in the box!!! I am so excited! This new project will become a wizard's castle, i have already begun cuttingup egg cartons; stones for the cottage walls and bricks for the castle! I also collect dragons and wizards and other things Faerie, and to go with the cottage and castle I have plansfor a dragon cavern. I get bored with one project at a time, so I also carve and build and create other crafty stuff. I am 62 years young and I now see myself building my miniature fantasy world for the rest of my life...
  17. Good morning, fellow miniaturists. I purchased a Duracraft Heritage off of eBay and sadly, it was missing the siding and the first main and base floor support pieces (and lots of other stuff, but I can purchase bricks and those types of things elsewhere). I'm in Arlington, WA (north of Seattle) and wondering if anyone has a Duracraft Heritage kit that has these pieces - I'd like to trace the missing pieces and cut out of wood or buy your kit if it has all the pieces if you are in Washington State/greater Seattle area. Sheet No. HR-1 (3) Base Floor Supports Sheet No. HR-2 Pieces N & M Base Floor Pieces Sheet No. HR-3 Base Floor Back and Base Floor Surplice Not being an expert at building or math, I'm not very familiar with trying to figure out the size of these pieces based on what I do have so any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you for looking and Happy Holidays! Christie
  18. Hello All, I am new to the site. I was cleaning out my woodshop and found a boxed Duracraft Farmhouse 505 that I partially assembled back about 1994. I was going to donate it to the local thrift shop, but in searching the web for the missing instructions, I found your blogs and thought perhaps someone would like to have it? As I remember it from 1994, I just got too busy to complete it and I don't have any family interested. I can not ascertain that all the parts are still included, but it all fits into the same box and is very heavy. I live in North Georgia. Thank you for the time.
  19. I'm currently working on my first build, a duracraft farmhouse fh505. I am having some issue and could use a bit of help. I've posted about the issues I'm having in the duracraft forum. Any suggestions and/or advice would be greatly appreciated. http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/forum/?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=38742#comment-624237
  20. While I have always been a lover of miniatures, I am new to building dollhouses. In fact, my first build, The Orchid is only in the "priming" stage. However, I have the opportunity to purchase a Duracraft San Franciscan (open box, but the seller assures me all pieces are there) for $100. I honestly don't know if this is a good deal or not. I have seen this same house selling on ebay for twice as much, but I'm not familiar with the Duracraft brand to know if this would be worth the investment. I have my eye on a Real Good Toys house for my second build, but this one is significantly less expensive. Can someone tell me 1 - is this kit worth the money, 2 - are Duracraft houses much harder to build than RGT? Thank you in advance!
  21. Cheverly

    Attic windows

    From the album: Whitebrush Manor - DC VM800

    I installed two this weekend, one in each gable.
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