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  1. This is bold pricing for stuff that has $5 stickers on it... https://www.ebay.com/itm/384458955274?hash=item59838a1a0a:g:8HQAAOSw6A5hch8K
  2. Here's a decent Fairfield... "builder's grade," but nicely done: https://www.ebay.com/itm/185119199872?hash=item2b19f6d280:g:1KwAAOSwHBZhcNoQ (My eyes jumped right to the 1:12 scale floorboards though...) An Arthur with pinecone shingles?! https://www.ebay.com/itm/203660371688?hash=item2f6b1aa6e8:g:k4QAAOSwiLZhcLYS This is kinda cool: https://www.ebay.com/itm/255186578861?hash=item3b6a4e2dad:g:dIoAAOSwviZhUjmB Overpriced, but a nicely finished (and different than usual) Harrison: https://www.ebay.com/itm/324836195573?hash=item4ba1befcf5:g:d6QAAOSwUE9hNPxh
  3. I find a utility knife works better in this situation than sanding, just because the slot or the tab usually needs more help than a little sanding. If the tab is too wide you can cut off some of it, as long as you still have some tab left to fit into the slot. If the tab seems too tall, try shaving the top or bottom of the slot with the utility knife so there's more space for the tab to slide in.
  4. I'm not familiar with it, but it looks like the part next to the stairs is two-rooms deep? I wonder if the front opens. Seems like a neat layout.
  5. Congrats on your find, @Tortoise_Girl! I merged your various threads into one. I don't think many on this forum are familiar with this brand and it makes more sense to have all the info in one place. Feel free to post pictures and updates in this thread as you work on your house, can't wait to see what you come up with!
  6. Whew, I'm glad to hear the shape hasn't changed! I love the diamond shingles.
  7. I checked, and I don't have any extras. Hope you hear back from Greenleaf soon.
  8. Weird! How did you try to contact them? Sometimes their email inbox fills up and it takes a little while for them to get back to people. I had some diamonds left over but I think I used them all up on my Victorianna. There's a chance I have a few loose strips. If so I'd be happy to send them to you, but it's probably not going to be enough to make a difference. I'll check and let you know. If you're not able to get this resolved or the style has changed permanently, my suggestion is to trace one of your existing shingle strips onto posterboard (if you're painting them) or wood veneer (if you're staining), and then cut them out with scissors. Actually, looking at the store page, the bottom ones look like hex shingles. So maybe they just sent you the wrong ones: https://shop.greenleafdollhouses.com/half-scale-laser-cut-hex-shaped-speed-shingle-strips/ One more thought -- depending on how much you've already shingled and the look you're going for, you could do something decorative with the hex shingles. Other people have done a nicer job of this than me, but here's how I used up my remaining diamond shingles on the Victorianna.
  9. @RockawayRoseI'm so sorry to hear about your husband. I hope you find a good home for your houses.
  10. Ooh, post some pictures please! I have a hard time turning down free houses. I once picked one up during a road trip in Portland. It only needs a little work and I thought I'd finish it up and donate it. It has been sitting, literally untouched, for seven years. But maybe I'll do something with it someday...
  11. I've never seen this before, a short Newport: https://newyork.craigslist.org/lgi/bab/d/bellmore-real-good-toys-extra-large/7392411299.html It's funny that the ad calls it an "extra large dollhouse," but maybe they're just taking wording of RGT's site for the regular Newport. I wonder if the house ever shipped this way, or this was a bash? I think it's kind of cute! The Newport never sang to me, but I like this little version.
  12. This looks promising in Raleigh: https://raleigh.craigslist.org/clt/d/durham-dollhouse/7390224433.html
  13. The gallery is here: https://forum.greenleafdollhouses.com/gallery/ Click the Add Images button and then select Members' Gallery --> Create New Album. Then you can upload your pictures. You might need to resize them first, this thread has info about how to do that:
  14. Welcome to the forum, Pascale. It's hard for us to give advice on how to sell a dollhouse because they're really only worth whatever someone's willing to pay for them. We rarely recoup what we put into them. Here's a thread that might give you some ideas:
  15. If you don't mind the price, I'd suggest the laser cut Rosedale or Tennyson for a 3-story Victorian house. A lot of people do start with the Orchid (it was my first kit, too!) but the laser cut requires so much less fiddly prep work, IMO they're a better introduction to Greenleaf kits for a first-time builder. (But I just checked and they're both out of stock right now. Greenleaf has been having trouble getting wood due to the pandemic. I'm sure they intend to bring them back, but don't know when.) Another house to look at is the McKinley -- it's Victorian and three stories, but less complicated than the usual 3-story house because it's designed to sit up against the wall.
  16. Welcome! As far as the Greenleaf kits go, the laser cut are much easier to put together because the wood doesn't require as much prep work. The laser cut houses tend to be more expensive than the die cut, but the main difference in price within Greenleaf's line is the size. How old is your granddaughter? The Greenleaf houses can be made to be beautiful and we obviously love them here, but they're not as sturdy for small children as something made out of MDF or cabinet grade plywood.
  17. The Garfield is a kit. It comes with all the parts you need: https://shop.greenleafdollhouses.com/garfield-dollhouse-kit/ This PDF is the instruction sheet that comes with the kit. There are no separate plans.
  18. Wow, those Crocs look so realistic! Lots of interesting stuff at that site. This is a nicely finished RGT Bungalow. The seller sounds a little grumpy though. 😆 https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/for/d/rancho-cucamonga-classic-bungalow/7389087679.html
  19. Interesting, I've never heard of the Victoria's Choice! It looks like a First Lady without the tower. Is RGT able to provide any more info? Assuming he still works there, they have an employee named Gary who has been with the company for 35+ years. He was able to answer questions about a rare old house I acquired at a flea market. He might be able to shed light on the Victoria's Choice. I have to say, I'm not a fan of the First Lady's tower and have thought about leaving it off when I build mine (I have a half scale First Lady kit in the box). I really like the look of your second picture with the two story addition on the left. In addition to the tower, the First Lady also has a one story addition that goes on the right. This has me thinking about adding a floor to that and putting it on the left, instead of the tower. Can you post the PDF that RGT sent you? I'd love to see it. If you have trouble attaching it due to the size, feel free to send me a private message and I can help with that. EDIT: I found this online, is it the same brochure they sent you? https://www.dollhouseworkshop.net/instructions/EarlyRGT/Victoria'sChoice_Inst.pdf
  20. Hi Ariel, welcome to the forum! How old is your daughter?
  21. Somerset kit for $89, don't see this one often: https://www.ebay.com/itm/185097702249?hash=item2b18aecb69:g:uOgAAOSwM8RhYecj
  22. fov

    Chateau with Addition.jpg

    Okay, I just looked at the other pictures, and my idea wouldn't work because the windows are already finished inside. But I had another idea, what if you removed the wood pieces in the arched part of the window and added stained glass?
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