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  1. "1940s Handmade Antique Vintage Dollhouse" Wrong. Try late 1970s most-basic-kit-offered by Batrie. I gave away one just like it but in better condition to a friend's son who was studying interior design and wanted to try out his ideas. I surely hope no one out there pays $895 for it! Maybe remove the 8 then divide by 2... https://www.ebay.com/itm/115045858988
  2. Kells

    Coppered roof

    May I ask what medium you used to crackle the paint? It is perfect.
  3. Kells


    All of this is beautifully done, inside and out. Can I just apply this comment to every picture in your gallery?
  4. Kells

    Lit up

    This is very cool! I'd show it to the hubs but then he'd probably want a motorcycle.
  5. I love that! I'm with you, the house never did much for me for some reason, but I like what they've done to this. Cute! Chopping down a house is pretty easy. Or at least it is if you do it while still in kit form. I'll eventually be doing it to one of mine to replace the French Quarter house I'm trading for a chateau, but that will get me off topic again!
  6. I've actually turned down more free dollhouses over the years than I can count and still occasionally do. I don't get offered them as much as I used to. Most, however, were easy to say no to. If badly built or the horrible decorating will require too much work to rehab (full-scale linoleum floors adhered with tar??? Not even kidding), I just don't bother. I accepted one tab-and-slot house (a Beacon Hill) -- and I will stress this was no fault of Greenleaf!! -- that after a great deal of work eventually ended up on the curb with a big FREE sign on it. I will never, ever take another that isn't cabinet grade plywood but that's just my preference. The Chantilly is a beautiful house, though, and this one sounds like a blank slate. You could always sell or donate it after you've had fun rehabbing it.
  7. I am not allergic to raw wood, thank goodness, but like you I am also allergic to pine trees. Or at least pine needles. Just brushing up against them makes that spot break out in a rash. I grew up right outside of Rocky Mountain National Park so guess how bad that was for me?? Live Christmas trees are never an option. I don't know what I'd do if I were allergic to wood! Suffer through for the sake of dollhouses, probably, haha.
  8. I finally got around to book shopping. Ordered this book used but in like new condition plus a few others (cheap, cheap cheap!) of French Country, Swedish Style, Gustavian Interiors. ABE Books is one of my favorite sites. Searching for dollhouse things, of course tons of hits for the Ibsen play. While nothing to do with a doll's house per se, I liked what was on the cover of this edition. Look familiar to anyone?
  9. Funny how the obvious occurs to a person. I was thinking it would be nice to have an exposed stone wall in the kitchen addition. Oh, like, perhaps the stone wall that's already on that side of the chateau? Yeesh, pretty dense of me to consider building a stone wall to cover up a stone wall! (bops self in head)
  10. Addition is to scale and pretty accurate to what it should look like, but I hope I can do a better job on the RL terracotta floors, lol. Working with perspective can be a bit challenging. Got it close enough to give a good idea of appearance.
  11. Kells

    French Chateau

    French Chateau I have the opportunity to trade for. Haven't decided yet, I'll let you know.
  12. For the same reason I go into Costco for coffee or Target for dishwashing liquid and leave after spending $150 in each for things I didn't know I needed. Ooo, and Paris, how jealous am I?? Good luck with the job interview!!
  13. Kells

    Longford Tiled.jpg

    Going through my Photoshop folder. Man, I have come up with some real stinkers! But I like this one. Always wanted to do a Portuguese house with their famous azulejos tiled exteriors. Never found a house that worked for that until this one. It's the Longford by Dolls Houses Direct. Never ever going to do this project but I do love the idea!
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