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I've been lurking in this community for a couple of months and tonight, I decided to join. I reside in Pocatello, Idaho along with my son as he attends college. Not many doll house builders here, the only hobby store in town carries very little in the doll house department.

I've only built 2 doll houses so far, all for some very special ladies in my life. My first, and Greenleaf kit, I built built for my daughter. I don't remember the name of the kit, but thats when I got hooked on building dollhouses. After that project, I met a man on Cape Cod, that had a miniatures store, and he made his own custom kits. And that gave me lots of idea for the next dollhouse. Unfortunately, he pass away a few years later a victim of Cancer. His family closed the store.

My second dollhouse was for my cousin's daughter. Distraut over the breakup of her parent's marriage, I decided I'd build her a dollhouse. Again, another Greenleaf kit, which I don't remember the name of. Needless to say, when she see's me at family reunions, she always gives me a hug. "Paid in full" I say.

I'm now working on my third dollhouse for a very special girl in my life. My grand daughter, which will be born next month. Yup, I know its a little early, but I decided to go all out, all the frills, bells, and whistles on her dollhouse. I thought my daughter was going to have the baby the same moment I told her, she was that excited.

Now, I'm working on my third doll house. Its not a Greenleaf kit, but a kit I picked up from "Real Good Toys". a 1:1 scale colonial. 1/4" smooth plywood. So far, I only have the outer walls put up. I stopped construction long enough to prime and paint all the windows, shutters, clapboard siding, as well as the window and door trim. After thats done, I'll run the basic wiring.

I'm taking it slow, I have about 4 or 5 years to finish it. Still I'm wondering if I bit off more than I can chew.

I know right off I have some wiring questions. I know its a ways off before I start running the wiring, but I'm trying to address these challenges before they come up, this way I have a plan of attack. I will post them at a later date.

Good to be here. I hope everyone has a great holiday season.

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Dave, it's a pleasure to meet you and welcome you to the little family here at Greenleaf. From what the folks here who build RGT kits post, I would have thought they were the easiest kits to build.lol I do prefer the look of the finished Greenleaf kits. My first kit was the Dura-Craft San Franciscan for our eldest granddaughter, and then the Dura-Craft Cambridge, for me, which will go to our second granddaughter when she gets a few years older. Now I build/ rehab kits for me for the heckuvit.

There's a section of the Forum for RGT kits, too.

Pocatello, Idaho, eh? Is there really a Carrot Festival? :cold:

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:yes: to the forum.

How nice you are to your family :cold: . You will enjoy building a RGT dollhouse. They made wonderful dollhouses that are easy to build and bash (if you want to modify).


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Wow! Thank you all for a very warm welcome. Nice to know I've joined a great community. Hope your all ready for the flood of questions I'll be asking. Ive not installed wiring in a doll house before. I had to order this kit from a store in New Hampshire, so long distance instruction is kind of out of the picture. :cold:

I wish I could say that I'm happy with the RGT kit. The instructions are horrible and need vast improvement. Sometimes its a guessing game on what to do. For instance, the 1st and 2nd floor are accessible from the front by means of hinges. Not understanding the instructions, I gave up and only made the 2nd floor with a hinged front. Only to find that some of the plywood is warped, and I'm going to have to figure out a way to get it to secure to the house so its straight. As one of you said, they are sturdy though.

One thing I like about the Greenleaf kits were the notches in the wood, and clear cut instructions which aided correct assembly. What I didn't like were the thin wood panels. But would you believe it, I'm already eyeing my next build. I'm eyeballing "The Garfield" as my next build. I live in the historic district of town, and right around the corner from me is a home that the Garfield closely resembles.

Thank You again for the warm welcome

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Welcome, Dave! You are a kind man, to build dollhouses for those special people. There is a great lighting tutorial by one of our members - I'll see if I have the link for you.

Yup - here's a link to lighting images:


Here's a thread where members (including Darrell) talk about lighting methods and troubleshooting:


There's plenty more info. around the forum - when you're ready, just do a few searches and you'll find lots of buried treasure!

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