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  1. I always plan, but not usually this tightly. Wasn't sure if I could stick to it... but I'll tell you, when a deadline is staring at you, a tight plan keeps (some of) your sanity intact. Glad I did it, now!!
  2. Thank you, Debora. Glad you like them!
  3. Thanks much. I hope I don't inspire too many pack-rats to keep things for 35 years "just in case," ha ha!!
  4. I love this! Super clever. One more full-size item that I'll forever see as having mini potential!!!
  5. NOTE JANUARY 2015: a small glitch on the forum has made international characters a mess of question-marks, at least in this album--so at the moment, Erabliere, Montreal, Quebec, Therese, and who knows what else look very junky, since I typed all of them in here over the last month or so with accents above the appropriate letters, which looked fine at the time. I hope this will be resolved quickly... if not I'll have to edit, slowly... but it's already taken me so long to edit the text and get this album ready to go public that I don't want to wait any more! I hope you'll forgive this little
  6. welcomehomeminis


    Beautiful. Love that sanded grout!
  7. Mine has a fireplace, too, but I have a feeling that is *all* they have in common!!
  8. Ha ha ha now I'm tempted to put up peeks, too! It does look interesting—are you at the same stage I am, where you can hardly wait to be done?
  9. Oh, my goodness! We used to do this when I was a kid (for bigger things) but I haven't thought of it in ages! What a great idea for tiles!!
  10. Great job—and great eye for finds!! Another gorgeous and one-of-a-kind creation! I used to love that brand for mini-repurposing... all sorts of ideas popped into my head when I looked at their section of the jewelry aisle... but my local AC Moore has stopped selling them.
  11. Beautiful. I'm jealous!! I have a scratch conservatory on my someday-list—made a plan for it about two years ago... or more... but "someday" keeps refusing to come, darn it. Did you etch the windowpanes yourself? They're a lovely touch!
  12. Gorgeous, Steve. I love mini lathe work, and you are really great at it!! This one's stunning!
  13. Yep. Couldn't live without my swatch boards. Excellent for taking around dreaming and/or shopping!
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