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  1. I have been so busy the last couple years that my house building has suffered. Now we are moving (again) and I have NO room for all the kits I have. I will no longer have a work room to build in either. I have decided it's time to let some go. I have several kits all unopened. I have several Dura-craft kits that I bought all at Hobby Lobby when they were being discontinued. I have some greenleaf and some Real Good Toys and also the seaside villa shell that I boughts from Norm's in Colorado! I love that kit so much but it is very large! If anyone is interested please contact me and I may have just the house your looking for. I also have a huge box full of windows and some doors all unopened. All my houses have been stored flat inside my house not in the garage or in a storage.
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  3. Funny that you say that because I have a tiny building permit that I hang on houses when I'm working on them LOL
  4. thanks! I can't get enough of houndstooth. It's always been my fave even in rl size!
  5. At some dollhouse shop but I honestly can't remember which one. I bought some in red and some in black but it's been a long time ago. Sorry that isn't very helpful.
  6. Yeah I got this painting thing figured out, move back now and let me do it. I got my own paint brush.
  7. Xander can't help but be curious as he sees me painting.
  8. butlerestates

    The Bungalow

    Making my Bungalow but it's taking forever since I don't get to work on it as often as I would like to. On this house I have been making my mini's and decorating as I go along instead of just building and then doing it.
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