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  1. butlerestates


  2. Funny that you say that because I have a tiny building permit that I hang on houses when I'm working on them LOL
  3. thanks! I can't get enough of houndstooth. It's always been my fave even in rl size!
  4. At some dollhouse shop but I honestly can't remember which one. I bought some in red and some in black but it's been a long time ago. Sorry that isn't very helpful.
  5. Yeah I got this painting thing figured out, move back now and let me do it. I got my own paint brush.
  6. Xander can't help but be curious as he sees me painting.
  7. butlerestates

    The Bungalow

    Making my Bungalow but it's taking forever since I don't get to work on it as often as I would like to. On this house I have been making my mini's and decorating as I go along instead of just building and then doing it.
  8. butlerestates

    1/2 Scale Lighthouse

    Here is my Lighthouse that was inspired by the painting that hangs in my hallway. I now have my lighthouse sitting on the table below it.
  9. I started putting together my half scale lighthouse and have been amazed at how quick it went together. I LOVE it!! And I started my new job all this week. Thanks goodness now I have a few days off so I can finish the lighthouse and maybe I might clean my real house too.
  10. butlerestates


    Here are some pictures even though I am far from finished. I have crown molding to put up, window treatments, rugs etc. Oh and a lot of dusting to do from the construction mess. Ralph Lauren was my inspiration for the house so I used all R.L. paints in it. All the wall paper was made from actual R.L. prints, some wallpaper and some from his fabrics. The wall paper in the bedroom matches my actual comforter and curtains in my real life bedroom. On the R.L. website you can find all his current prints.
  11. butlerestates


    Variety if Mini furniture and accessories
  12. Welcome to the forum. This is a great hobby to have and on this forum you can learn neat ways to do this and not spend a fortune while doing it. That takes some self control sometimes but it can be done! I also have the Newport but I have not built mine yet, it is waiting it's turn along with a whole list of others. I do love the style of the house it's so pretty. Can't wait to see pictures of yours.
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