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  1. Hi everyone, I haven't been around for a long while. I hope that everyone is well. I am selling off my mini stuff, including the patio furniture I commissioned from Wendy, on Ebay here is the link to my ebay. Seller ID is hollyking143. Everything has a low starting price. http://www.ebay.com/sch/hollyking143/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p3686
  2. I really prefer someone local as I don't have the extra money for shipping. My life has changed a lot in the last two years. So much so, I don't see myself finishing the kits that I hav. (I seem to be collecting finished minis just fine, so I'm more of a collector than a builder.) I also have a lot of unfinished mini wood turnings: bowls, mason jars, planters and some furniture that I don't want. The kits are the Orchid, Aster and Washington. Thanks Holly
  3. I was looking at those in your etsy store the other day. Fabulous!
  4. He's a cutie. My preemie turned 15 in January.
  5. I used fabric for wallpaper in my DC Madison and Shenandoah (what I am working on) I didn't wash the fabric. I did use spray starch to stiffen the fabric for patterns that have a lot of straight lines. I use modge podge to adhere it to the wall. I paint the wall with MP put the fabric up then paint more MP on top. I use one piece of fabric and go all the way around the room if I can.
  6. Corrugated kraft paper is available from packing supply stores. It is usually used for packing dishes. I recently discovered that the cardboard packaging used for a half flat of eggs is corrugated paper (the inside is bumpy). For Alysia's house I used corrugated kraft paper; I sprayed it with spray paint.
  7. I don't have anything crafty or poetic to say other than I remembered this year. Have fun with your minis!
  8. My camera batteries finally won't recharge. Not bad for five years. I'd say I got my moneys worth. I can't find Alysia's camera. Its either with her or in her disaster area
  9. Its what I am working on. I have the walls and floors. I don't work on it everyday. Will probably work on it in the next few days since Wyatt is underway. I'll take pictures.
  10. Its ok. We are talking about kitties.
  11. I am not signed up for Ernie's emails at the moment. My thoughts go out to all those involved.
  12. Thank you. She is not completely black; she has a little white between her black legs. Roxy, if you decide to keep her, give it sometime. Your little guy might just need some to get use to the idea of another baby in the house. Although, I would supervise them together. Luna pretty much ignored Jinxs (what is the plural form of Jinx?) for about a month. The two of them play pretty hard now.
  13. My mini stuff is nearly depleted although when I started unpacking I found I had mislabeled some of my minis as general craft stuff. There was general craft stuff in the box too.
  14. Actually, she is Wyatt's cat. Luna and Fatboy seem to be okay sharing with her. We seems to have blended together nicley. She is extremely shy; we can't approach her we let her In fact, when we got here the only person she would have anything to do with was Ella. Now that the girls are in school, Jinxs sits at their bedroom door and howls for them daily. She only talks to me when they are gone.
  15. Two part epoxy, maybe? When I think of gluing metal, I think of JB Weld
  16. Glad you got Rocky out of a bad situation
  17. This made me laugh and it is so true. Welcome Jen!
  18. Bannock County had dollhouses and a miniature category. The Eastern Idaho State Fair had model kits & dollhouse categories. Scratch built and kit sections.
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