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I am the other half of the Clothespin Doll Ladies. Valerie has been a member here for some time. Since giving up our business we now have time for minis. I have 4 houses waiting for me to start. Recently we have just been refurbishing some of our bargain furniture. Now it's time to get serious and start constuction. I am not a professional, by any means, but I enjoy the challenges that minis provide for my imagination. I look forward to being a part of this community.

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Welcome to the "little" family, Rita. Which four kits do you have? Do jump in and join the fun, most of us aren't professionals, we're just in it for the fun.


Thanks for the warm welcome

I have Real Good Toys Victorian Farmhouse and Duracraft's Shenadoah and Cambridge and Corona's Buttercups.

I have made several Buttercups. One was a Beauty Salon. a Red Hat Gathering Place, a Christmas Toy Store and a Church. I had to put extra windows in the side of the one I used for a church. I surprised myself by even adding stained glass windows. I don't remember the names of all the ones I did. I gave most of them away, two ( one was Duracraft Heritage) to my nieces, one (Duracraft Farmhouse) to my granddaughter, one (The Mountainview) to our Red Hat Chapter to be raffled off, two (a Newberg and a Log Cabin) to churches for raffles, one (Greenleaf's Harrison) to my daughter in law, and one (Duracraft Southern Mansion) to our County Museum.

I love the challenge of building and decorating the houses. After Valerie lost her parents she became a member of our household. If I don't think of something, she sure does.

I'm not sure what I'll start next, but I'm ready.

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The Cambridge was the first kit I built for myself and I have built several Buttercups that people bought for their children to play with. I have a Newberg in the box. I haven't met a kit I haven't wanted to build.

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