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  1. wonderful job, love all the details , I think its perfect
  2. BlueUni47

    Denver Broncos Living Room

    This was made as a gift for my son friend she likes Denver Broncos and M&M so I made both for her .
  3. wonderful job , very pretty cake
  4. thanks Joane , My son did give it to his friend and she love it I also did a denver bronco on the other side of the M&M bedroom but have not uploaded it yet to this site. Hope to do that in a day or two
  5. Yes my friend make the wallpaper for me , and yes the M&Ms will make you take a trip to the vending machine :yes:
  6. BlueUni47

    M&M Bedroom

    I made this for my son's friend as she is crazy about the green M&M lady
  7. a beautiful job and a great name for the fairy
  8. Here is a site with some betty boop printies on them http://www.picturetrail.com/sfx/album/listing/user/boopdoll3
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