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  1. Tess11

    SF557 WIP

    San Francisco 557. I love this house, but it's a slow process.
  2. Tess11

    Houseworks RGT Victorian

    Arrived with the Joseph Angel House
  3. Tess11

    Joseph Angel House

    Amazing find on craiglslist. It's signed and marked as #88
  4. My beloved puppy that came to our house when we traded a dollhouse for the breeder's niece for him.
  5. DD's Christmas present. She loves cardinals so we use them in the stained glass bay windows.
  6. Tess11

    Cross Stitch Projects

    I've been stitching in one form or another since I was 6 years old. This album shows some of my favorite pieces.
  7. Tess11

    Laurel and Primrose

    Christmas gift for a friend's niece. Traded my work for a beloved puppy addition to our family!
  8. Tess11

    Childhood Dollhouse

    Built in the 70's and getting a loving makeover
  9. That is beautiful. I hardly consider you a beginner- I can barely get my siding on straight - that's a beginner! Of all the things I've seen people do in miniatures, your stained glass skylight keeps coming back to my mind. I'm really, really impressed. :lol: -Tiffany
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