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    I take no credit for the basic idea for this project!

    When I was working on my Heart Arbor Project, I came across the August 1993 issue of Nutshell News which had one of Joann Swanson's Do-It-Yourself columns. In "Heidi's Grandfather's Chalet" she made the "boulder" stonework for the building & fireplace from foamcore. After using her technique to make the back of Louis' Shamrocks & Shillaghs, I simply decided to adapt it to make a brick foundation for my Willowcrest. So, credit for the technique is all hers!

    You should also know that I've entered the steps to this project "backwards" so that they can be read in order, rather than from the bottom up.

  2. I'm here I'm here! I made it to Canada! wow I never thought I'd ever have the opportunity to come here!

    Susanne welcomed me at the door. She is such a sweetheart! I just love her!

    It's snowing! Wow I've never seen snow like this before! Susanne took me out and let me play in it today :ohyeah:

    Ok I have a new favorite cat... well besides our cat Severus back at home... MISSYMEW!!! She is the coolest cat ever! I just loved snuggling and playing with her, and she has the softest fur... and so does Trinity. I love her too! She looks ALOT like my cat severus!

    Susanne let me stay in her beautiful Beacon Hill. That house is incredible. I cant get over how perfect it is in everyway!

    I had tea with Gramma on the balcony and it was just what i needed... And then.. I got to perform! Susanne's friends the mini-munchkins let me practice my newest ballet routine in front of them. It felt so good to streach my legs! I think they liked it.. I sure hope so :blink:

    Today we had a Teddy bear picnic.. it was so nice to meet other bears my size. I just love Susanne's house.. there are so many bears that live in it! The Three Bears cottage was so much fun to visit. They had this really pretty pink dollhouse in their bedroom. I really enjoyed playing with it.

    After all that tea I searched around for the bathroom. Ahh!! no where in site! oh how i miss regular bathrooms! i need to write my mommy and promise her that i will always keep my bathroom clean from now on! i never want to be without a bathroom again! haha. I climbed down the Three bears tree and found a small little bush to go behind. no outhouse this time!

    Susanne took me to work! It was so exciting to see City Hall! She really took me to so many wonderful places! if I wrote them all down my little paws would fall right off! So lets just say i had a wonderful time. You can check out all my photos in the photo album. Teresa has done such a great job with it! I cant wait to meet her. Mom told me to take lots of pics of her willowcrest, thats my moms all time favorite house! I cant wait to see that..

    opps im rambling again.. silly me. my paws are getting tired. I had such a great time at Susanne's though and made so many wonderful friends. I was very sad to go... She gave me some wonderufl gifts though. She gave me a cute little bear from her toy store, a picture book of edmonton and a tiny teddies book!

    Thank you for taking such agreat care of me Susanne! Off to Vanderhoof, British Columbia I go!



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    Here is a list of the items needed to do this tutorial!

    34 Gauge Gold Beading Wire

    Sobo Glue

    Knitting needle or Dowel for the size of petal you want

    Paint brush for glue (larger)

    Paint brush small

    Fine Point tweezers for shaping your petals

    ***Important*** Always twist wire in the same direction! Very Very important

    1. Place your dowel in your left hand, spool of wire to the right.

    2. Lay the wire in the front of the dowel with your stem length in front of dowel.

    3. Lay wire up and over the dowel to the back of dowel this is the continuous length of wire from the spool.

    4. Pinch the two pieces of wire together tightly.

    5. Give the dowel one twist. I go clockwise.

    6. Go back over the dowel, 2nd loop, pinch tight and twist.

    7. Repeat one more time. After your last twist, twist the stem. Cut off.

    This will be your bottom petal. Grab ahold of the last loop and twist out and down, even with the stem wire. Do the 2nd and third loops the same. Remember to twist the same way you twisted the wire orginally. Shape the petals like an iris. Do not let any of the petals touch other petals. Bend these wires down.

    Set aside.

    Repeat the above steps for the up part of the iris. Bend these petals up.

    Take your paintbrush and glue and lay the glue onto each petal. This is a little tough but you will get the hang of it. It is easier to go from the sides. Fill each petal. Set aside and let dry til the glue is clear.

    Paint. Let dry. Add the yellow to the top of the bottom petals from the inside out. And just do 3 dots on the upper petals.

    Let dry.

    Set the upper petals onto the lower petals and twist the two stems together. Paint the stems green (the same color as your leaves), and let dry.

    Leaves. Cut a piece of cardboard into 3 step like patterns. The first step would be just below the height of the flower, the next step slightly shorter and then shorter again.

    Place wire on the top step leaving a 3/4" stem, wrap, twist two times, do one wrap around the second step, twist two times then do one wrap around third step, twist two times then twist the stem.

    Now, you need a second set of leaves but this time just do two smallest leaves. Shape these with pointed tips using your tweezers. Lay in the glue, let dry. Paint. Let dry.

    When the leaves are dry. Place the 3 leaf set behind your flower stem and twist stems together. Place the 2nd set of leaves in front of your flower stem and twist all together.

    You should have an awesome iris at this point! Have fun......

    Any questions? Email me.....

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    "I've got WINDOWS! BROWN WINDOWS!!! I'm trying so hard to keep my decorum, but it's really hard -- I've got panelling, wainscoating and BROWN WINDOWS!! Well, not the glass of course. That's all leaded...and elegant! But the frames inside are brown, and there's a brown edging between my wallpaper and the panelling, and that panelling... isn't that nice??? I so wanted brown windows, and now I've GOT them!!! " Puurrrrrrrrrrr......

    Yes, the windows are in, both in the upstairs, and downstairs, except for the front. We're still working on the door, and don't want to install the windows until we put the door in...and the mirror over the bar.

    Wait until Brimble sees his bar! My husband has outdone himself with the bar construction. It's all glued right now, and is drying...and looks fabulous. Walnut, with walnut panels, a lovely top. And the mirror will be framed in walnut, with a little shelf where I can put bottles of liquor for display.

    We've got enough walnut left to make some tables and chairs for Brimble, too. I don't know how soon I'll get to that, Ms. Washington is waiting in the wings, and starting to clamour for attention, too. I may have to fill up Brimble with the stuff I have, and over time start building better furniture, so that Ms. Washington will be quiet.

    Anyway... here's a couple of pics, and I'll put them in the gallery, too...

  3. blog-924-1167453031_thumb.jpgblog-924-1167453058_thumb.jpgblog-924-1167453086_thumb.jpgblog-924-1167453112_thumb.jpgblog-924-1167453131_thumb.jpgblog-924-1167453158_thumb.jpg

    Just have a little more shingling to do, some detail work in the attic, the brickwork on the foundation and I'm done. I can sure see this dollhouse decorated for all the holidays! I can see red, white and blue striped banners draped on the front porch railing; I can see youngsters climbing out the upstairs windows and making their way to sit ontop of the little dormer roofs to look up at the starry sky; pumpkins and spider webs, orange glow and black scary silhouettes in the windows for Halloween; Christmas lights all along the porch roof edge and the sight of a lighted tree in the window. Nice!

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    Here are the pictures of the 'accident'. See what you think?



    Not too bad for an accident turned fortuitous~

    Then, I sprayed the outside in a flat creamy white. Covered up the 'holes' in the walls.

  4. nuttiwebgal
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    Having had a very full year. I wanted to do something totally for me for total enjoyment.

    so I got my Arthur down from the shelf...gave it a good cleaning. I was going to paperclay the base of the porch but since most of it would be hid I decided to just sponge it. but of course I was glueing down the finishing touches when I realised ''''nope''''

    the picture patrol forgot to take a before photo...but its there!

    what makes this house so special to me is that I didnt want to build it really...but as I worked on it I fell in love with what it could become...not that I had any idea one day I would fill it with wonderful gifts and swaps from my friends all over the world! and that is what I have done.

    I was soooo very low the day I recieved my get well box...those of you who have had major surgery and complications know how emotional you can feel and vunrable. but I was sooooo excited. I cried and my daughter was crying with me...see mom you have lots of people who care. I was so touched and am so blessed. that although the inside still needs a few finishing touches I want to dedicate my Arthur to Greenleaf who gave us this forum so we could grow as miniaturist but to also make friends and to all of those friends who I look forward to hearing from every day.

    I hope you enjoy the photos....also if you dont see something dont worry...some of these items have been boxed up for awhile and Im just finding stuff...more will be added as it is found!


    my house is so wonderful because of all of you!

    nutti :whistle:


  5. I've made the railings/banister for the stairwell.

    Here are a couple of pictures.



  6. Railings and Final Assembly

    Here's the cutout for the upper floor, quick specs the long flat sides are 2 3/4" long, just enough to allow the step to clear the hole.blog-728-1159131527_thumb.jpg

    Here's a shot of the hole, ours looks a little bit different. We had a previous hole for another staircase that just didn't fly, but it worked out in the end :angry: .blog-728-1159131666_thumb.jpg

    I'm sure there are many ways and out of many things to make a handrail, since we went with the old iron look we are using an old necklace we had laying around.blog-728-1159132011_thumb.jpg

    I'll problably use hot glue to hold it onto the spindles. Whatever you decide to use can't be to heavy or it will bow the steps.

    Here is the template for the placement of the spindles on the upper floor. blog-728-1159137074_thumb.jpg This should measure at the long side 6 1/4" and the width from the peak of the arc to flat side 3 1/8". Take the template and align the center hole on the flat edge with the point of the 'V' cutout in the floor.

    Now mark all the holes along the outside curve, depending on where you have the hole for the steps you may not use all of the holes. Once marked, take the 5/64" drill bit and drill all the spots you marked.

    Depending on what finish you are going to use you may want to do that before putting them in the holes with a dab of glue.

    This is a rough draft of what it will look like blog-728-1159138605_thumb.jpg (There's going to be a wall on the right so I won't need all the spindles)

    Use the same template that you marked the floor spindles with for the upper railing. To make the rail, notice on the template the very inside curved line. Cut at that line and you now have the template for the railing.

    Make 2 copies of the rail, on one mark the holes from the template and drill them out so you can attach the dowels(spindles) and leave the other one blank. Carefully glue them together, try not to get glue in the holes they'll be a pain to clean out.

    Depending on the placement of the stairs you may need to do a little customization of the railing. (Example, like mine you may only use half of the rail or notch it for a wall, etc...)

    Now for the installation into the house, assuming all the finish work is done, rails are up, handrail is on the steps and so on. Take a final measurement on the floor to ceiling and measure again the main center post including the base, trim the remaining dowel to the exact measurement. If your beads that you got have different sizes use a couple of the small ones and glue them on just to take up the rest of the dowel, if you don't have small ones you may have to cut one of the larger ones to fit, but do not go past where you trimmed it or the steps won't fit. Here's a pic of the beads that we used it has different sizes in it.blog-728-1159135497_thumb.jpg

    Now I know you have been wondering what the carpet tape is for well here it is. Carefully lay the steps on their side, take a 2" piece of carpet tape and place it in the middle of the bottom of the base. Now before you are ready to install the steps, peel the backing of the tape and put a dab of glue on the bead on the center post, them lean it up itno the hole and make sure you have it where you want it. Push down on the base to set the tape and wa-la you have a spiral staircase. :huh:

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    Just a test folks.. nothing to see here :angry:

  7. Well, so here I am with my first blog, my first dollhouse. Since I'm using this dollhouse as a learning experience, I decided to write my blog as a series of lessons. So here we go with the first lesson! :lol:

    Lesson #1 - It's okay to ask for help.

    I started putting this Pierce together - my very first dollhouse - on August 12, 2006. It's been almost a week of working on it and so far I am still working on the staircase.

    Well, I encountered an issue from the very start with this kit - one of the sheets was missing, sheet #10, which contains a foundation part I need to complete one of the very beginning steps. I called Greenleaf the following Monday (16th) and they are sending me the missing sheet.

    Well I put together just the base. Which I had a myriad of problems with. How hard is it to put two simple pieces of wood together? I discovered: very hard. The problem was I wasn't using the right glue and clamping it. With the help of my new friends in this community, I was able to figure out the best glue for me to use and learned how to use masking tape (well, I'm using that blue painter's tape) as innovative clamping method.

    At first I was slightly frustrated that sheet #10 was missing, I felt like I couldn't go on. I received a very wonderful suggestion from one of the members of this great community that I could continue on to the next step. Which would be put together the staircase.

    So I started the staircase, but then had a "blonde" moment (no offense to any blondes out there, I'm just using it as a cliche), on what I thought to be a very misaligned tab and slot. But, once again, the members of this community to the rescue!! :angry:

    Boy, I sure would be completely lost already if it weren't for the people on here. I am so grateful! :huh:

    Well, I am still working on that darn staircase (it seems so hard to put together!), and I'm just anxiously awaiting the arrival of sheet #10.

    Meanwhile, in the past week in which I joined this community and started my new hobby, I've bought a dremel and many other supplies and tools and begun to learn how to use the dremel. I've decided to gather up my courage and join the October mini-swap. And I bought two more dollhouses on Joann's online store - the Harrison and the Aster Cottage which I plan to kitbash and turn into Japanese homes.

    And most importantly in this past week, I've joined a wonderful community of like-minded mini-enthusiasts (or I have learned, we are all "addicts") who have warmly welcomed me and have already helped me tremendously!

  8. Well I swear I haven't dropped off the planet...well...the real one maybe...I have been engrossed in minis!!!! YEAH...My little girl has been away visiting family so I had a bunch of free time :p

    I got more of my roof done and boy is it taking FOREVER!!!! I have tweeked the dragorse idea and added spikes down the horses back and thinking about adding a main and letting the spikes peek through on that guy...He is actually going to be used for minis, his very large self !!! My mother and I are working on the RV Trailer kit for the competition and we are doing a fantasy gypsy trailer... And my dragorse will be the lovely steed used to pull it!! I have also been working on the Gypsy to go in it...And of course since the dragorse is def. fantasy she has to be very "creative". Work in progress...:lol:

    I have been working on a dragon for a swap I'm participating in...and he is just too cool...along with working on getting that website done so I can get my info out there and see what other kinds of work I can get!!

    My mother and I have decided to join forces on alot of (now) OUR work...she is great at costumes and betwixed and between us the scenery gets done and rather interestingly! So...that being said...the troll has a home...she finished building the cave now I have to paint it...NO IDEA how I'm gonna do that...I did order some really realistic fake snow and water stuff..and had a thought...We have a fireplace for the cave and why not have the cave be at the edge of the freeze line...My Uncle used to have a house like that and if you went out the front door you had grass but out the back door and you had snow...really really cool...so thought about incorporating the snow into this scene some how...and of course add to my list I'm gonna make a really twisted funky tree that I may add some ice cycles to...not sure on that...just an idea..I do have the sketch of the tree though...I orded some more clay...gonna try a new kind I found called ProSculpt...

    Then lets see...have a seminar going on soon about making a baby, and a horse (really gonna be the dragorse :o ) Ohhhh...and a photography class so I can get all these processes documented ,hopefully after the class documented well:unsure:

    Ohhh..almost forgot...I got my mother a gift certificate for some dollhouse stuff and bless he heart..I have mentioned wanting the primrose (my thought being smaller...could keep it :) ) And she actually got it with part of her GC..Needless to say she is going to build the house...and WE will decorate it!!!!! Can't wait till she gets it...

    Ok...enough for now...Miss Savannah is coming home tonight so as much as I've enjoyed the minis I really really miss her so off to finish work and go play with miss savannah!!!



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    We returned from Europe with a new vice: vintage modern plastic HO-scale houses. The model railroaders who hang out on the Greenleaf forum will have a good laugh at me this time... although I had trains when I was a mid-sized child, I know nothing about this scale.

    Earlier in the spring, I'd impulsively bought the Plasticville contemporary house and a swimming pool at Bruce's Train Shop so that my plastic wedding party from Half Moon Bay could have somewhere to get married. This was supposed to be my Only HO Building. You can almost hear the ring of "famous last words," can't you?

    Here's what happened at Ingrid's Second Hand in Vienna...


    and at a second-hand shop on the Via del Ponto Sospeso in Florence.


    The house in the first two photos and the garden shed are from the German manufacturer Faller, which is probably better known for models of quaint European buildings. The garden shed really belongs in a community garden plot away from the houses. The twin houses are unmarked, though an afternoon's digging suggests Pola as the most likely manufacturer, simply because the company was in business in the 1960s and their products were widely distributed, sometimes boxed for other companies such as Jouef or Playcraft, making it advantageous not to mark the buildings.

    The orange Italian house was made by Lima, a once-major brand that may (or may not) be revived by Hornby.

    Although the streetcar -- a necessity for a European suburb -- advertises Viennese mega-brand Manner, it is made by German toy company Siku. It's new, thanks to a toy shop in a far suburb of Vienna that plied us with champagne for some reason we lacked the German to grasp. We had less trouble grasping the champagne flutes and the toys.

    One piece I fervently wanted but could not find on this trip was a suburban rail platform (no station, just a platform with a doner kebab stand). So when a vintage Pola kit showed up on eBay, I promptly bought it and will count the days until it arrives. (No Pola link, as its HO and N scale lines are now part of Faller.) And then the husband said it was a good idea to order a set of four Smart Cars... from Germany. Okay. At least it'll be an ecologically sound community.

    Although I never intend to run actual trains, I have to add this link to the site of a man who's building his own realistic fictional Austrian small town. I am hoping that if I stare at it long enough, I will not start buying HO scale OBB engines.

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