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  1. SusannaT

    Window in place

    Thank you! I'm aiming at cramming as much detail and some magical surprises into this house as possible.. slow work, but very rewarding!
  2. The house is undergoing a renovation. The two top floors belong to Esther Evelyn Everloopy, who has moved from her tiny roombox. She is an apt herbologist and potion maker. The lower floor belongs to jokes and mayhem. It is Fred and George Weasley's joke shop: Weasley's Wizard Wheezes. As you may have figured out, all this has been very much inspired by the Harry Potter series :)
  3. SusannaT


    Fimo gel mixed with a little oil paint to get the color
  4. SusannaT

    Meet Esther's owl

    Thanks, snowy owls are my faves
  5. Oh I wish.. not yet.. I should get to it.. I'm starting to feel a bit guilty LOL!
  6. SusannaT

    Polymer clay fun

    I love playing with polymer clay, especially making miniature foods. Most of these are for sale and I pop new ones into my Etsy store periodically. I also enjoy making items more witchy in nature... :)
  7. SusannaT


    It keeps getting more beautiful...
  8. SusannaT


    I received them from a swap
  9. SusannaT

    Tea party of surprises

    This was a Alice in Wonderland themed blog event I took part in June 2009. I thought I'd share it with you as it features The Arthur :)
  10. SusannaT

    Mosaic table

    More like clever tweezers.. ;) Didn't want to cut my fingers on those pieces!
  11. SusannaT


    You have been busy since I last had a peek!!! It's beautiful! And quite an impressive accomplishment!
  12. Oh yes, enchanted indeed!
  13. Tracy... you amaze me. This is stunning! Plus you've given me an idea now.. my smaller daughter says she needs a bigger house for her bunny family (they live in the Arthur) and instead of going sideways I may just go down for some more livingspace! Off to get graphpaper...
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