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  1. Oh my goodness, Deb, I'm all dizzy now As much as I love working on Pippi's house I am hoping to start on the Tardis soon. The Doctor is almost clothed, he still needs a jacket (royal blue with a red silk lining... this is why it's taking f.o.r.e.v.e.r ), but he does have sneakers on!
  2. I know, I know... Holly already pointed out that I've been MIA for years. I promise to stop by here more often from now on. As far as miniprojects go, my Gloucester is now set in the world of Harry Potter, with Esther Everloopy, a herbologist witch occupying the two top floors and Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes downstairs. I modified the side of the house to accomodate a greenhouse. Presently I'm turning my daughter's old Orchid into Pippi Longstocking's house. Major bashing involved, a lighthouse type tower is going up. It will be fun and colorful and all boho chic Under my worktable I have my first from scratch build, Bilbo's Bag End. Right now it waits for my friend to make Bilbo for me. I don't want to go further unless I have door measurements wrong... The same friend also made me a David Tennant doll that I've slowly been clothing. I have to build a mini Tardis too. The geek in me is thrilled.
  3. I know Holly! I've missed this place too <3 You can see what I've been up to on my blog And thank you Sable, but I'm still not succeeding in figuring what it is, except that it most certainly is not 12/12...
  4. Hi all, It's been a looooong while since I've been around here... I've dug out my daughter's old Orchid (that I've already extended) to bash it even more. It will eventually be Pippi Longstocking's house Villa Villekulla. You can pop over to my blog to see how it looks like now. However, I'm about to order new gable end trims, but have no idea what the right pitch is. Can anyone help me? Thanks!
  5. SusannaT

    Window in place

    Thank you! I'm aiming at cramming as much detail and some magical surprises into this house as possible.. slow work, but very rewarding!
  6. The house is undergoing a renovation. The two top floors belong to Esther Evelyn Everloopy, who has moved from her tiny roombox. She is an apt herbologist and potion maker. The lower floor belongs to jokes and mayhem. It is Fred and George Weasley's joke shop: Weasley's Wizard Wheezes. As you may have figured out, all this has been very much inspired by the Harry Potter series :)
  7. SusannaT


    Fimo gel mixed with a little oil paint to get the color
  8. SusannaT

    Meet Esther's owl

    Thanks, snowy owls are my faves
  9. Oh I wish.. not yet.. I should get to it.. I'm starting to feel a bit guilty LOL!
  10. Most of my faves have been listed here already, they make for great reading! You're welcome to drop by mine too, it's bilingual these days
  11. Casey, you do work on top of a piece of foam (like the kind in old mattresses, the roll out kind.. I can only remember the word in finnish now..ack) to start with until you start getting a shape. You also work on that for separate pieces like the wings... But at some point it just gets easier to pick the thing up...
  12. You know that's what I thought.. that it would be hard. Apart from keeping your fingers out of the way it's quite relaxing. As I was at a work shop for the bunny, the gal next to me and I came up with categories for the needle thicknessess... Thick= yikes ouch! Medium= yooowwwwwwwwwwww!!! Thin= £&§*§**&##!!!
  13. SusannaT

    Polymer clay fun

    I love playing with polymer clay, especially making miniature foods. Most of these are for sale and I pop new ones into my Etsy store periodically. I also enjoy making items more witchy in nature... :)
  14. First I tried my hand at this hobby horse..no..umm..bunny.. He's still missing reigns and a few feathers. Then I tackled something I've wanted to do, a snowy owl for Esther. He came out quite beautiful, in spite all the curse words that left my mouth whilst trying to needlefelt my fingertips Those needles are SHARP!
  15. SusannaT


    It keeps getting more beautiful...
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