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  1. peggyquade

    My doll faces

    My try at sculpting and painting!
  2. I have started to get into the dressing of miniature dolls in historically accurate dress (or my own designs derived from historical gowns). I'm still working on crocheting the wedding gowns and other gowns but I have discovered it takes a long time to crochet a whole dress and I can't sit for hours on end, crocheting the same shell pattern, over and over again. So I made a mold of the head/torso and arms/hands of one of my favorite mini doll, out of polymer clay. And I've tried my hand at sculpting my own heads, with results that tell me I need a lot of practice. Now I'm starting to thin
  3. peggyquade

    Dura Craft Newberg

    Dura Craft Newberg
  4. Just have a little more shingling to do, some detail work in the attic, the brickwork on the foundation and I'm done. I can sure see this dollhouse decorated for all the holidays! I can see red, white and blue striped banners draped on the front porch railing; I can see youngsters climbing out the upstairs windows and making their way to sit ontop of the little dormer roofs to look up at the starry sky; pumpkins and spider webs, orange glow and black scary silhouettes in the windows for Halloween; Christmas lights all along the porch roof edge and the sight of a lighted tree in the window.
  5. I have started building the Dura Craft 505 Farmhouse. I have spent about 5 hours total so far. On the picture of the unpainted siding piece, can you find the replacement piece I had to fashion out of scrap wood for the piece that came up missing in the kit?
  6. This is a series of 3 pictures, showing the assembly of the base supports. It took me a few minutes to figure out exactly what they wanted you to do so I thought I would save someone a little time by showing you what I finally figured out. The first picture shows support pieces D on the left and E on the right, apart from each other. Support piece E has support piece B inserted at the end. The second picture show support piece D on top of support E and B. The third picture show how you then slide support piece D down to connect all three pieces together. Suppor
  7. I had to use clamps to bring the edge of the base wall even with the floor as one or the other was slightly warped.
  8. Man, it was hard to get the walls into the grooves of the side supports! It's going to be messy when there is glue applied! I'm hoping that holding it all together for a little while, dry, maybe if the walls were warped, it will force them into being straight and so gluing them in will be easier than dry fitting them in. We'll see. But the sunny yellow looks okay with the white trim. I've painted the foundation gray in preparation for the brick.
  9. I realized (fortunately before glue was applied) that the underside of the base supports have a groove in them; the groove is to go over the splices in the first floor. Pretty nifty!
  10. Started the painting of all the window pieces. Here you see the frames and sliders. White on the main part and baby blue (that you can't hardly see) on the very inside edge. The backsides (interior sides) will also be white. Note to newbies: do not paint the horizontal edges of these pieces. You will be inserting these pieces into a two channcel window frame. They need to be able to slide up and down (you are making working windows here). If you paint those horizontal edges, the paint will prevent the pieces from sliding up and down easily. You will most likely even have to sand down t
  11. Today I have finished all but one of the windows. All the window openings were about 1/4" too big! I had to shim each window! Fortunately, I had some scrap wood that was just the right size. I have never run into that problem before. I glued five of the walls in place. When I started to add the next wall, the others started coming undone so I stopped and clamped things together until tommorrow when the glue will be dry.
  12. Just a FYI: when putting together the curved staircase on the Dura Craft 505 Farmhouse, make sure you dry fit the tread below the riser you have just glued in...so that what happened in this picture to me, doesn't happen to you...i.e. the curve of the riser does not match the curve of the tread. If you dry fit the tread in just after you have glued and taped in the riser, you still have time to manipulate the curve of the riser to match the tread. The directions, of course, don't tell you this.
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