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  1. Brand spankin' new member here, only 20 minutes, old as of this typin'. Quick background, if'n y'all is interested in that sorta thang. Sorry, I'll pull an Austin Powers and just behave. Sorry…again! Okay, seriously, I built my very first Greenleaf Mini-Village kit way back in 1988 as a sort of "therapy" after getting divorced and moving to Florida. Moving here after living 20+ years in the NW 'burbs of the Windy City is quite a cultural and environmental shock. My first Christmas in the swampland was "enlightening", to say the least. I really needed to recapture the cool, calm, and quite nights of winter in the northern heartland. That's when I discovered miniature planes, trains, and automobiles; and the Greenleaf Miniature Village. Yep, I was hooked! I built my very first, and only to date, Christmas village. Discovering, and falling in love with Chip Davis and Mannheim Steamroller took me to a number of his Christmas tours around the State. If you've been lucky enough to have witnessed one of their concerts, you know from whence I speak! Their village display burnt a everlasting vision in my head, that to this day, I simply cannot shake. Long story just a tad longer, I'm divorced again, living on my own and without my beloved village. TIME TO REBUILD!! Uh-oh, I feel another movie reference comin' on… I'm BAAACK!
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