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  1. It will happen eventually I am not sure what Dean wants to do, but there is a new version of the software on it's way and it makes sense to leave the custom skin until that is done, as it is going to be a major re-write to do it.
  2. Thanks Deb, but only the Stone one is mine, the other is from another designer.
  3. Wow.... missed it Happy Birthday Dean!!! Hope you had a fabulous day, and a really great year ahead
  4. Happy Birthday to our gracious and generous host of these forums!!! :worthy: Hope you have a fabulous marvellous wonderous day dear Dean!!! :yay: :yay: ps.. welcome to the 45er's hehehehehe
  5. I love your dragonfly Cathy.. and yeah the above is kind of why I am have used the name Dragonfly online for the last 9 years! They are also my personal Totem, and always appear (sometimes mysteriously) when I need a sign on what to do. One day I will get a dragonfly tattoo on my ankle (to cover an existing one of someone's initials - urgh! ) just haven't got a lot of faith that somene will be able to pull off what I want.. LOL Interesting topic! I love the story of the Older lady with the rose!
  6. Thanks Everyone! Thanks Holly Easter Sunday is the 12th, I had it set for Good Friday being the start of Easter, however I have changed it now :o
  7. Just in time for Easter/Spring, some new choices for you... Firstly we have Easter Chicks a delightful fun skin with cute little chick-a-dees and hand painted eggs! Best described as light, bright and fun! Secondly.. Aloha! Wellllll hellloooooooooo warmer weather.. even if only in forum land! I hope you enjoy these, and Thanks go to Dean for organising these ones for you all :o
  8. dragonfly


    Thanks for clarifying Nutti, and fingers crossed it all goes well on Wednesday :wub:
  9. Wow.. all this talk of Clothes lines outside is amusing to me.. here in Australia we think that drying your clothes in a dryer is weird and for people my age and older at least.. slightly sinful LOL Where I sit I can see 3 of my neighbours clothes lines and my own.. we have the rotory ones someone mentioned earlier in this topic, (they are an Aussie invention actually ) and it is pretty rare to find a house without one, only apartments or townhouses have no line, most have the rotory, or multiple straight line pull out versions - they are a unbiquitous statement of Aussie Suburbanality,
  10. dragonfly


    WOW Nutti!!! You look amazing :yes: Well done girl! Skin removal sounds scary though, is there no other way to remove it? exercises/pressure bandages etc?
  11. Thanks for pointing that out, I have fixed that up on the Christmas Club and also Rudolph skin Thanks Wolfie, Frosty is one of my faves too!
  12. Glad you are enjoying the selection Dean is a sweetie, spoiling everyone with choices!
  13. Good Luck Heidi Hubby and I quit in Jan of this year, I used the Lozenges for a few weeks, they worked for me and Hubby used the patches for about a week, then we basically went cold turkey after the worst of it was over. Here in Australia Cigs are far far more expensive than there, so we are saving between us $210 per week - since giving up we have so much more financial freedom it is unbelievable!!! Not to mention that over here now smoking is considered almost a criminal offence LOL you can't do it anywhere (quite right too!!!) I now detest having to fight my way through a cl
  14. Glad you are enjoying the Spppppooooooky Halloween Themes!
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