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    dollhouses of course...reading...just about any craft...and my little girl Savannah...After all that...Sleep :) so I have the energy to do what I love the next day!!!!


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  1. wow!! That is a chuck of change! Beyond me but it would be nice to see it finished!
  2. Oh yeah...it is ordered and I'm going fantasy...a little gnomes workshop... B) Can't wait to get my hands on it
  3. ohhhhh!! how adorable!!! We have been looking for a small dog for my aunt and we looked into Poms B) Those little guys are just toooo cute!!
  4. WOW! Love those! Thanks def. bookmarked it! B)
  5. Oh my brainstorming session was simple...that little kit is very inspiring! B) I think I have what I want to do...now how to make it look authentic the fun part begins...And heck it isn't even here yet!!!!
  6. well I've been gone for a LONG time so what better way to come back than to jump in head first...my little kit has been ordered now I need a brainstorming session to figure out what to do with it B)
  7. wow....those are a ton of great ideas :) I even have a bunch of fish tank tubing...didn't even think of that !!! yep...those mini eyes have to be open and WIDE open all the time :)
  8. Thank you all...I actually found several places that sell them but they are already filled with stuff and I want to do some special stuff in them that I made... I hadn't thought about vacine bottles..I'll check that out...I've made a few out of polymer clay but I need several that are clear so you can see the contents...I'll find something somewhere I'm sure :lol:
  9. Anyone know how to make one of those glass cookie jars??? I have some beads I could use for the tops but haven't come across anything I could use for the actual jar :lol: Anyone have any ideas...i've drawn a blank...
  10. I LOVE the NEW themes!!!!!!!!!! Fav. is Snowy but they are both AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!! Great job!!!!
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