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  1. I have been working on this almost every day, but the photos just wouldn't tell much of a story! I am working on the exterior, but I am having trouble getting some pieces to fit, but the rest is coming along well.

    Here are photos of the hall on the second floor. The chair belongs to another house, but I like the Chrysnbon ones so much, I think I will have to get some for this house. It looks good here.


    Next pic shows the other wall with a little bedside I painted (actually it has been painted 3 different times!). The accessories won't stay, and I need to hang pics, but it is looking really good.


  2. Once you have completed your Layers of branches (I did 7) you will want to place your tree into a container. The instructions call for a box but I used a small terra cotta pot. I want to figure out another alternative to a stand but it has to have stability. The tree is on the heavy side and will topple over if it does not have a stable base.

    I warmed some Green Sculpy in my hand and formed a ball. I glued the inside of the pot and pushed the clay inside smoothing out the top. I put glue on the stem of the tree and pushed it into the clay. It is in there for good. LOL


    I have started to decorate. I am making little ornaments with seed beads, beads from that package I showed in the top of the tutorial, miniature lights, and miniature candy canes.

    I have a ways to go but I thought I would show the progress so far.


    This is my first attempt at this tutorial and I like some things and do not like others. I have followed the directions to the T, but the tree just does not form like I want it to. I will soldier on though. I want to make some modifications for the next tree that I make. I want a better stand that is more realistic, branches that lay better, branches that tier better, and find ways to make nicer ornaments.

    You all can see what the results are and can do your own modifications also. That is why I am leaving the instructions as is. You may want to add more layers or delete the layers. Your choice! ;)

    Soon I will make a skirt for the tree and lay out the presents.

    To be continued....

  3. My orchid

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    So really i dont really know what i want to do yet with the house.Picture.bmp.

    Ive tried stuff,and hated it. Right now im reworking

    everything execpt the exterior colors which are the ones in the obove picture.

    I wont really be blogging for a while because i cant really work on the house.

    I will be printing out all my wall paper,and i hope to finish it this coming year. Cant make any promises. TTFN

  4. This house is getting closer to complete! sorry for the bad photos...the exterior stonework actually looks alot better in person...the flash really washes out the color.

    i need to paint a few more of the stones, i missed them when i did the painting. at some point i'll add landscaping and fill in the cracks with moss. I still need to shingle, touch up stain here and there on the inside, polyurethane all wood on the inside, low gloss finish to the painted trim on the outside, fix the dormer window, and do something about the red paint on the wall in the bedroom. i was using the utility knife to file down something and got scuffs on the wall. haven't decided if i will try to color match it to repaint or just use a wall hanging of some sort to cover it.

    i pretty much made this house the exact way that i did with my first chantilly. i like the wood ceilings that i included this time and my stonework is better. this is one of my favorite dollhouses, i love the staircase!

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    I fear i'll never have time to work on my house :)(((

  5. This is a Townhouse made of Foam Core, I have not yet started rehabbing it... I have ideas but Have not done anything to it yet.!

  6. I undid all the taping on my bay window after I got home from classes today and took a picture. I'm going to need to touch things up a bit in places, but I don't think it looks, too bad, does it?

    I'm going to have to paint the interior of the cabinet at some point too, because it just looks bad for it to be unfinished in there, even if it is just where the occupant will probably keep her potatoes and turnips :)

    Anyway here's a picture!


    I figure that I probably ought to see if I can find a scrapbooking paper that I like well enough during the 6 for 96 cent scrapbook paper sale that JoAnn has going on right now. I've decided that half my problem was that none of the stuff that I like even a bit, is old enough looking for me, and then I realized that I can just tea stain it, duh! So, I'm hoping to be able to spend less than $6 for the majority of what I still need to finish the cottage.

  7. I was lucky enough a couple of years ago to purchase a Van Buren kit. Even more lucky that the kit was unopened and apparently had been stored real well. Everything is there, the instructions, the schematics and all the pieces. The wood is in great shape. My oldest Granddaughter, Lindsey, picked this house to be hers. Her original idea was to have a Taikwondo studio on the bottom level and living quarters in the 2nd and 3rd floors. Being a good grandmother, I said sure, it is doable.

    A little while back, someone posted on the ebay eye candy forum line a picture of a beautiful Van Buren that they had built and had used block siding on, extended the balcony porch and added columns to the front. Wanting to make this special for DGD, I showed her the picture and she wants that house. (Now, I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew, I mean this house is beautiful and fancy)

    So in preparation to try and make DGD happy and to do a good job, I ordered the plastic stencils to make block and bricks and also the stencil to make quoins. Also ordered upgrades for the front and french doors. blogentry-70-1200971446_thumb.jpg

    This weekend we broke out the kit, and DGD was asked again, if she still wanted a studio--no, no, she says, I want a old fashion candy shop and I want it to be blue--that is my favorite color she says. This child is almost 13, so as I see my grand plans go down the drain, her dear Mother steps up and says you want a fancy shop--let Nana brick it. Well, after looking at the brick and the block stencils, she has decided that her shop/home wants to be red brick--not fire engine red but a darker red with hints of black in it (hard to explain, but our rl fireplace is her model I believe).

    We didn't make a lot of progress, but part of the shell is glued together, the door openings have been widen and experiment in brick material have begun.




    The doors are not glued in, just placed to give you an idea of what it will look like. She wants this house electrified, so I'm thinking my next step is to install the interior doors (thinking cloth hinge) because the access to these will be hard after the side walls go up.

    The rooms are large and the finished house should be 30 x14 x 30. A big house and roomy.

    Please feel free to follow along on my (our?) journey of building this beautiful kit.

  8. 16. Do I have to say it? Set the bag aside and let the glue dry! Go grab a cup of tea or coffee. Clean up your hands and the work area. Decide on which jewelery findings you want to use, and how many straps you want. If you use a quick grab, thick tacky glue like I do, the wait time is less, but still please wait.

    17. While you are wiating, cut the remaing trim into 1/8" widths. This will become your staps for closures etc. They only need to be 1 1/2" to 2" long, but can be longer if you like.

    18. If your finding has a hole, run the strap through it and glue the end over so it stays on. If you have no hole then glue the finding to the strap, again wait for the glue to dry. You can add them later, when they are on the bag, but I find it less messy to do them now.

    19. Cut your now dry handle piece in half. You may want long handles or shorter ones. With the 3" you have that option. I generally go for smaller ones 1 1/2" being a good average size.

    Note: I have indicated on the paper pattern where you can place the handles. Please use that as a guide, I eyeball it and just attach them when it is time, where I think they look best.

    ****Check to see if your glue is dry on the bag*********Be carefull********

    20. When the glue has dried, you want to repeat the process of applying the trim, just to the inside of the bag. Run glue along the inside edge of the bag, again work in small stages and fold the trim to the inside of the bag. Remember you have to press hard to make it stick. You will note that when you do this, any small ripples you may have had on the outside, smooth out and it looks wonderfull now. Sometimes at this point I have to reglue a spot or two on the front, but not to worry It all looks good in the end. See picture of this step below.

    21. Glue on handles and your straps, press firmly for them to attach. LET IT DRY!!! Pictures below of the front, side and back of my finished sample bag.

    I leave the bags open so they can be filled later for scenes, but you can glue them shut at this point. Heck the inside may be so scary you want to hide it, IDK. But they choice is yours!

    WELL I hope this was clear enough for you all to follow along. If you do get stuck, or don't understand a part, then please PM me I will help you. I don't blog, this is my first, so I won't think to come here often and check for messages or additions. Happy Bagging!!!!!!!!! Dawn

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    I bought a house for the spring fling contest!


    I can't wait to get started on it. It should be here really soon! I have a great idea for it. =)


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    I've decided to build the Vineyard Cottage. It's a very pretty house. I can't decide if I want to put it in the diningroom in Charlotte or the Guestroom here in Maiden, but either way the colors I want to use will work in either room.


    As usual, I have started with staining my floors. I've gone with a darker stain because I want to use bold colors on this house.


    Believe it or not, I actually dry fitted this house to see how things went, which is something I don't usually do.


    Then I started gluing the house together. I still like using wood glue, but I've borrowed a little trick that I picked up from Rik Pierce's classes. I use a bit of superglue on the wood glue to get an instant bond while waiting for the wood glue to dry. And I also used my handy dandy special weights--which is anything that I can lay my hands on, LOL! Oh, BTW, I got reminded the hard way that I need to be sure and let glue dry COMPLETELY before running into the house....


    I went ahead and painted that inner staircase and railing, since I don't want to get paint on my floors. Once that was dry, I glued in that interior wall and the staircase.


    Then I glued the bay side of the house on. I'm amazed at how well this house is going together.


    Now the bay side is all nice and dry, and this is how that looks, along with the front wall.


    Got the back wall glued on too.


    Did a bit of wood putting and glued in the bay window. I had to go ahead and paint where that bay was going because I knew that once the bay was in I wouldn't be able to access it too well.


    Then I installed the front porch and the other porch side.


    And here's where we are tonight.


    I'm thinking about doing siding on the house. Not quite sure. I'm still debating wiring it, and I think I may not do that after all. One thing at a time. Perhaps next house I build I'll wire it.

    What do you think so far?


    Let's see, where were we? Oh yes, I remember now! We're working on SIDING. Which takes FOREVER!!!!! I started with the side of the house, and I have to do it in sections. I also went ahead and put on the window trim, and then vividly remembered why I hate doing it that way, LOL! Of course, I want it that way, so that's the way it's being done.


    Of course, you have to put on a little bit of siding, and then let it dry, then work on the next section. Don't you just hate it when the siding curls up like that?


    I'm of course using wood glue to put this on. I've discovered that if I put the glue on the siding and then take a brush and evenly distribute the glue on the siding piece, it works a lot better. For me that is. Some of you probably know a better way to do it than I do...


    I know exactly how I want this house to look, and I'm just hoping I can pull it off. I'm also still debating whether or not to wire it. Maybe. We'll see.

    More pix later!





















  9. We'll I have not been doing much as of late i was waiting for som extra money to come in but that does no look like any time soon. So i decided to go a cheaper way to do the bricking in staed of the stencles and all im trying the paper clay method (LPCullen) So far I like how it looks. I also made two flower planters for the porch.

    I will do some more bricking this weekend untill I run out of paper clay that is :ohyeah:

  10. I've finally managed to work on the entry steps. It's fairly close to the original design but I decided not to baluster the entire way down. The lower steps are now finished (though not in the photo). So far so good.

    I put my maid with her mop on the steps for scale. And if you look closely you can see the old grumpy man through the window as he dines.


  11. For the first time in my life, I decided to buy something that I had intended to make. I had planned to make the actual boxes for my mother and aunt's Quilt Shop roomboxes. I even made a "first attempt" (as you can see in my gallery photos) to make sure that I could actually make it; it came out cute, but a bit small. So I have ordered 2 roombox shells that I will paint and decorate myself.

    I almost never do that...whether it be pants or a quilt or a shelf, whatever, if I could possibly make it, then I won't buy it from a store or online. When I told this to my friend Juli, she damned near had heart failure. During our conversation, she kept saying things like, "Now wait, tell me again - you're BUYING something that you could MAKE, but you're not going to MAKE it. You're going to BUY it. Do I have this right?" If we hadn't been on the phone, I would have kicked her!

    But the best part about ordering them is that I paid less for two of them, precut and with shipping and handling, than I would have if I made them myself - gas to drive to Home Depot and back home, cost of MDF, cost of glue and then there's measuring and the time and effort and the screwing up and the remeasuring...and the swearing, don't forget the swearing!

    Last year, I was working on Christmas gifts right up to Christmas and realized that I didn’t relax and just enjoy the holiday season. So this year, I've made a conscious decision to finish the Christmas present shopping/making early and spend time stress-free. Come December 22, I will be done with everything; done with gifts, done with baking, done with decorating, done with wrapping said gifts. I just want to sit back and relax, eat some sugar cookies, drink a cup a tea, read a book and watch Christmas shows. For those four days (from the 22nd, when I leave for Mum & Dad's till Christmas), there will be no lists, no pressing matters, no worries, no thoughts other than enjoying those 4 days (then it's back to work, to a totally empty office, on 26th). The house will be cleaned before I leave, the laundry will be done and ironed for work. It's not a goal or an intention...it's a plan, set in stone, that I will bust my butt to make happen!

    So far, I'm getting it done! The shopping is down to 1 person left. The making is down to last minute touches on quilts. And I just recently received the room boxes and started painting them (one is already together, save for gluing the top on). I'm really loving the ease of these room boxes! They go together soooo fast! But now I can see what will and won't fit for mini's and how much more I need to make, like fabric bolt shelves and a ton of fabric bolts, a sewing machine, curtains, another few rulers, some quilt patterns another rotary cutter. With all this in mind, I'm starting to wonder if I will get them finished by Christmas!

    As soon as I have pictures, I will be sure to share them with the forum.

  12. First of all, let me introduce Santa. I found him in a gift shop, back in the 75%-off Christmas sale stuff, in a little German-heritage town not far from here. I don't believe he'll live in the mushroom, but he comes by frequently to check on the elves and their progress. Do you think he's carrying a lantern because he doesn't think I'll solve the lighting dilemma? ;)


    While I was thinking about the lighting, I did some aging on the oven wall. I love these artist colors. I got them on the clearance shelf at Hobby Lobby for about a 10th of the original price. I love 'em!


    After I finished the fireplace, I tidied up the work area a bit. Decided to put the fiber optic lights away, as they didn't always come on and I just couldn't figure out what to do with them. When I opened the electrical storage, I found some clear plastic stars -- meant to be mirror hangers -- that gave me an idea. The plastic tubing + the stars + a light . . . well, here is the prototype. I taped a silk flower to the wall behind the star. This is mounted on the first floor wall that I'm not using, just for the sake of experimentation. I can run the wires beneath the house, up through the floor and the tubing, and voila! A sort of sconce. The prototype has already been replaced in my head with something a bit more Christmasy, but this will give you the idea. There will be five sconces around the ground floor -- one of either side of the bay window, one on either side of the front door, and one on the oven wall.


    I'm still not sure how to handle the other five lights for the upstairs living area, but there is a place in the oven wall where I can run them through the floor. After solving at least half of the lighting challenge, I gave myself some time to do something easy, so I took some bits of balsa and a stain pen and made this little shelf. It's going to go on the oven wall.


    While waiting for the stain to dry so I could glue the shelf, I pulled out some fabric to audition for the ground floor. I thought if the elves are busy making toys, that white floor is going to get pretty grungy in a hurry. Sorry for the blurry picture. I think the camera was still set on macro for the shelf photo. Anyway, I think I'll make a thin cardstock template and use this fabric as a floor covering.


    The elves remain nameless, but they don't seem terribly upset my their mini anonymity. (I like the way that sounds when you say it out loud: mini anonymity.) ;)

  13. I'm finally up to the attic! I plan to start putting the roof on..... I still have the doors, molding around the inside of the rooms, both top and bottom, the porch, then putting stucco on the outside and outside lights, then shingling....I'm also waiting for the bedroom furniture to arrive that I ordered! I can see a light at the end of the tunnel! I just really love doing this...


  14. Finishing up the last room on the 3rd Floor. I figure this will be like the "honeymoon suite" Installed the floor (which it the same floor I used in the living room)


    and figuring out the fireplace in this room. Want to make it somewhat of a cozy and romantic setting. That is memory paper on the inside and outside of the fireplace. Was going to do the eggcrates again but think this looks pretty good.


    I'll be putting a mantel on and some trim around it. Still figuring it out.

    Worked on the Beacon all day today. Here is the finished fireplace. Looks nice I think


    So today is Weds. 11/7/07 and I have just finished up on the trim in the last room of the house.


  15. Grrrrrrrrr......I started building the Buttercup and already made a boo-boo!!! I should have painted it first, now I have to take extra pains to get the window seat painted.blogentry-910-1191286299_thumb.jpg But I am really trying to do a good job. I painted the interior in vanilla and the window sills in suede, I am only using a few windows from the kit and am going to try to paint the rest with wedding themes, doves, rings, ect. I really think this was a good choice of shop to do, I can do a lil bit of everything. The dress shop is going to be on the second floor, my boyfriend said I needed stairs, I told him to use his imagination, (that there were stairs outside), he then asked me where the door was , grrrrrr.......men, lol. I love that he helps me though so I try not to get too frustrated with him.

  16. sorry guys, i haven't been on in a while to update everyone on my progress on this house and how i am getting it done. anyway, here is an up to date picture of the front of the house.....


    i have used sandpaper to texture the exterior walls where needed and rectangular shaped pieces bought in packages from hobby lobby to make the quoins for the corners of the house. The colors i have chosen to match my living room colors because that is where this house will wind up in the end. for the interior, i cut new stairway openings in the center of the floor spaces so that they weren't directly beside the walls. i don't know if i have posted about this before, but i also made a back for this house out of foam-board. so when completed the house will have four sides and be completely enclosed. A first for me. I will continue to update as i begin really getting into the interior decor of this house and adding walls and flooring to it.

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    Upholstering a chair.

    The same method works for the sofa.

    I used Pellon WonderUnder to attach the fabric to my chair. For those of you who do not know what this is, it's a paper backed adhesive web that turns any fabric into fusible fabric. I bought mine at Walmart for $1.27 a yard and it is about 18" wide.

    After making the sofa I decided that it was to deep, so for the chair I took 1/2" off the depth. I think it looks a lot better.


    The room is 10" deep and 12" wide. I made that rug myself too.

    Here's the chair before covering.


    I guessed how much fabric I would need and ironed a piece of WonderUnder to my fabric. I cut the pieces generously to fit each area. I'm hoping that the pictures will show you how I got each piece in place. If you have any questions please ask.

    I started with the end that would be the right if I were sitting in it, ironing and cutting to fit.










    I then moved to side of the top (does that make sense).







    Then the other end which is the same but opposite.

    I promised myself I wouldn't forget to take pictures when I got to the middle, but guess what? I did. The middle is one piece of fabric starting with a little bit on the bottom back and wrapping around until it reaches under the front.


    The cushion is just more of the same.

    And the finished chair.


    Once the general size is determined you could change the look fairly easily.


    I do have wooden beads for the legs but, since I've given these pieces to my grandson's, I'm not putting them on. These sofa's and chairs are very sturdy. Other than getting them dirty I don't think the kids will do any damage to them.

  17. Lily is the woman who lives on Brookwood Beach. She and her husband built this beach house right on the ocean. Her husband, George, was a fisherman, so he wanted to be close to the sea. George passed away a few years ago. Although she misses him, she manages to stay busy with family and friends. Everyone always wants to visit her at the beach. She is very fortunate to have such a lovely view.

    Her favorite visitors are her two granddaughters, Rose and Lavender. They are visiting today. Unfortunately it is a bit cold to go out and play on the beach which is really Lily’s front yard. But the girls are playing their favorite activity with Gram, dress-up. They all have to dress up in an outfit from the dress-up trunk and then they will go down to high tea, well actually lemonade and cookies, but they pretend it is high tea. Today Rose wants to wear the Kimono, and Lavender wants to be a bride. Rose is checking out the other outfits to make sure she is in the one she really wants.

    The fire is burning while they play. They had gone for a long walk on the beach and came in from the cold. Lily started the fire to warm them all up. The three fireplaces always seem to heat the house well enough even in the winter.

    This visit is extra special because the girls are sleeping over. The girls are very excited to be spending the night. Their parents are away at a wedding so Lily gets to enjoy them a little longer than usual. Their mother, Pansy, is Lily’s only child. It is a family tradition to name all the girls after flowers. The tradition began with Lily’s grandmother, Iris.

  18. This is the cave/cavern in the rough state before painting.


    This is after it's first coat of paint - I just used some old white emulsion (latex) paint & used acrylics to get the base colour I wanted.


    It now needs a few washes to bring it to life.



  19. It has been over a year since I have written here. So much has happened. Too much to list.

    Am currently working on cretaing and organizing my laundry room so it can also be a craft room once again. I seem to have misplaced a lot of my minins and supplies in the garage soemwhere. I am sure in time they will turn up, but it is bothering me that I can not find certain things,

  20. blogentry-505-1179541250_thumb.jpg



    Well it has really been awhile since I updated my blog. And since I have been working on my E.R. again the past week I thought I should post some pictures and write a few things.

    As you can see from the pics I have changed the color from a light green to "sunflower yellow" I am MUCH happier with this color and I think it compliments the house well. There is still one side of the E.R. that I need to put siding on, but I am going to be doing a paper clay stone chimney on the side so I need to complete that first.

    I also changed the color of the paper glay stones that are on the gable. The darker greys just didnt seem to go well with yellow. so i used more softer tones.

    I started to sand and paint some of the exterior window trims.. I have decided to go with a "antique white.

    Well thats really it for now. Im hoping to finish the rest of the window trims this weekend. I'll post more pictures later :whistle:

  21. SusannaT
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    The soil is straight from a tea bag :whistle:

    The seedlings are three strands of DMC floss in two shades of green.

    I tied a knot in the middle and then snapped off the extra.


    So how did I get it into the soil?


    I pushed the knot in using a toothpick.

    Easy peasy lemon squeezie.

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