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  1. Hi rbytsdy! When I was going thru the photos of the Spring Fling newsletter, I was really intrigued with your project. I wondered what you had based it on and I'm so glad I found your blog explaining it all. Just looking at photos really doesn't convey all the thoughtful work that went into it, especially for someone like me who, I'm sad to admit, never read the book. You should be very proud, having produced something that really draws people in and mades us wish we could crawl in there and have tea with Mrs T and Lucie! Well-done!
  2. Your house is truly a masterpiece, and it's very obvious that you really enjoyed working on WillowFaire! Super, fantastic job, Deb!
  3. I thoroughly enjoyed watching that, Jennifer! I'm suffering with allergies today and it helped me forget how crappy I feel and really lifted my spirits. Thank you for sharing it with us!
  4. I believe Melissa's ideas for items in the lighthouse are right on! Additionally, not all Lighthouses had cottages for the keeper and his family to live in, so you could take it even further by adding a small kitchen & 1 or 2 small bedrooms. (Do you suppose they used outhouses, or the great outdoors??) Amanda, if you live on or near, one of the coasts there are a lot of Lighthouses open to the public that you can tour free of charge, or quite cheaply. You'll get a lot of inspiration that way, too.
  5. I gave my children cash when they graduated, but if you're afraid she'll go hog wild with it, you could get her a pre-paid credit/debit card. I've seen ads on TV by Visa and American Express for them, and she could use it to buy what she may need when she gets to college. Does she have a cellphone? There are pre-paid ones like Tracfone and I believe T-Mobile has a pre-paid one also. Since these require adding airtime every 3 months, you could add to it as the year progresses, and it would be a gift that keeps on giving!
  6. I just went to your Gallery and seeing your "Wake", I recalled a link my brother sent me awhile ago. They're RW items but if you wanted to, you could probably shrink them down into minis: http://www.casketfurniture.com/casket_furniture.php Imagine the possibilities!
  7. You got a fantastic deal, and I LOVE the whole thing. Can't wait to see it completed!
  8. Hello and :thumb: to the forum, Sarah! It's great to have you here and we look forward to seeing your progress!
  9. Jill! This must have been your luckiest day ever; it's GORGEOUS! I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun with it for many years to come.
  10. Hello and to the forum, Cheryl! It's great to have you here!
  11. The reason they recommend plucking the flowers the first year is so they won't go into fruit production. If allowed to flower and fruit that 1st year, it's a drain on it's energy and they really need the growing time for the roots to become vigorous and healthy. It's hard waiting a year, but it will be well worth it, believe me! Greg and Michelle are right. They are pretty hardy even in harsh winters. Most growers recommend mulching with straw for the winter, but I never have and mine come back every year - and then some! I find keeping up with the clipping "runners" the most time-consumi
  12. Happy Anniversaries Tracy & Monko101 :wish:
  13. Hello and to the forum, Renea! My goodness; you're certainly going to be a busy lady, but it will be great fun for you too! I'll keep my fingers crossed and hopefully someone will come through with copies of the pieces you need.
  14. I thouroghly enjoyed reading your tut Conny! I've also bookmarked it for future use, but am not sure what "brow's sandy litter" is. Would that be what we call "clumping cat litter" in the US? I also was amazed at your reproduction of the old fashioned street scene created by using the old photographs. I'm wondering if they were relatives of yours? Well, whoever they are they are now immortalized, thanks to your inspiring workmanship! Thank you for sharing your work; it was a real pleasure!
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