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catching up




Having had a very full year. I wanted to do something totally for me for total enjoyment.

so I got my Arthur down from the shelf...gave it a good cleaning. I was going to paperclay the base of the porch but since most of it would be hid I decided to just sponge it. but of course I was glueing down the finishing touches when I realised ''''nope''''

the picture patrol forgot to take a before photo...but its there!

what makes this house so special to me is that I didnt want to build it really...but as I worked on it I fell in love with what it could become...not that I had any idea one day I would fill it with wonderful gifts and swaps from my friends all over the world! and that is what I have done.

I was soooo very low the day I recieved my get well box...those of you who have had major surgery and complications know how emotional you can feel and vunrable. but I was sooooo excited. I cried and my daughter was crying with me...see mom you have lots of people who care. I was so touched and am so blessed. that although the inside still needs a few finishing touches I want to dedicate my Arthur to Greenleaf who gave us this forum so we could grow as miniaturist but to also make friends and to all of those friends who I look forward to hearing from every day.

I hope you enjoy the photos....also if you dont see something dont worry...some of these items have been boxed up for awhile and Im just finding stuff...more will be added as it is found!


my house is so wonderful because of all of you!

nutti :whistle:




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Nutti your Arthur is looking great!! I love the exterior! and of course I love all the wonderful gifts everyone gave you as well!

EDIT: I LOVE the wallpaper in the living room! its perfect!!!

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Nutti, your Arthur is just gorgeous! The outside is sooo cute. I'm glad you found a place for them and you're right, they were made just for that room, for sure!! You've done a wonderful job and it's about time you did a house just for you!


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