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  1. I agree with this it is so easy to forget that so many people can see what we write and there is always someone who will take full advantage of it.
  2. Hi, I am building the Garfield as well. I have decorated all the walls and intend to hide my wires behind my fireplaces and run them under the false floor. As I haven`t finished it I am hoping this is the way to go.
  3. Hi Inga, Good Morning. May I ask where you cut the house to glue it back together. I have pondered this for quite a long time. But was not game to cut mine. I do think if we could cut it instead of gluing it, we could use a hook and eye. The small ones used for cupboards. To put it back together, so that it could but separated if we have to sell it or to move else where. If Dean could come up with a plan I think he would sell a lot more of them. I went to build it in my spare room and had doubts that I would be able to get it out through the doorway so that I could display it, I am not the only one who has had this problem. I had thought of separating it near the side door on the veranda and along the kitchen wall. I would really like your opinion on this matter?
  4. Hi, I do like your scene very much, hope we get to see more
  5. Hi Dreamer14, I`m sorry I did not ask you what part of your Garfield are you up to? Di
  6. Hi Dreamer14, I am building a Garfield and Yes I have put in different windows and doors. I am also moving the bathroom wall from the side of the staircase and moving it over about two and a half inches. Bathroom will be smaller but I will have a hallway so that the owners don`t have to walk through the bathroom to get to the library. It will also give me some vision into the front staircase area. I have drawn the bathroom interior onto paper and it looks fine to me. I am also thinking of adding a small room onto the back as it will allow the kitchen table to sit back into it and not clutter the kitchen ( instead of the little bay window that is supposed to be there). I have wallpapered and made all of the curtains, so I`m ready to start to work on the lighting and the gluing up of the walls. Hope we can discus our houses together. Di
  7. I used, Spray Easy Paint and Prime by British Paints on most of mine (Garfield) and I had no problems. As I`m not sure if they sell this brand where you are I`m pretty sure thay would have something similar.
  8. I have made the same house, although mine was made in China and had no name. Measurements are roughly the same as the Greenleaf Tennyson. I have just read that someone is going to trace these parts for you. Mine was in a similar box but mine was green and very basic instructions on back of box.... I think it was only sketches and numbers, this was my intro to dollshouses I didn`t know anything about them untill then. Hope you get to finish your house and as you can see from the photos you can make it as fancy as you like, Robyn`s is beautiful, don`t you think
  9. Hi Louis, Havana Holly is quite right your photos would be a great inspiration to the rest of us. I was looking at this photo and I was imagining all of the things I need to do to my house. It is a really clear photo of the inside. Thank You. Di
  10. Dianne A


    They are lovely and I would like to see the lady when finished, she is very pretty.
  11. Hi Tanya, I would like this very much. I started with great gusto but with so many family commitments I fell behind ( sudden stop) LOL. I need to start again, I will have to learn how to put my photos out there. Di.
  12. Than Hi Kathie B, I have just given up and yes he can wire it. BUT I still hate the plugs or am I being picky??
  13. Hi Louis, Havana Holly is quite right your photos would be a great inspiration to the rest of us. I was looking at this photo and I was imagining all of the things I need to do to my house. It is a really clear photo of the inside. Thank You. Di
  14. Thanks KathieB, I think I will have too. but I just didn`t want to have a heap of those white plugs all over the place. Anyway at least it will be done, won`t it. Di
  15. Hi Jeannine, I started my garfield a long time age but because of family commitments it came to a stop. I would like to keep up to you and chat about it if you like. 1.I have made my base floor and have made the timber floor boards to go over it. 2. I have painted , wallpapered , made the curtains put in the windows of course, But. 3. I have come to the electrics, and a stop. I have asked my husband to help me. But he would like to just wire it and I had planned to use the copper tape method and put it behind the fireplaces. I am now not sure what to choose? Can anyone help me by making sugestions? Thank You Dianne A.
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